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post Posted: Nov 18 2007, 12:39 PM
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In reply to: datum on Saturday 17/11/07 06:23pm

thanks datum
i also have a few of these,thought it was worth a bet.
The bell IXl website doesn't give a lot of information on their assets but their nsx announcements indicate they own 20% of que which is asx listed,not sure what else they have in the way of assets.
I would like to know more about the Smart Ventures agreement with chp and what the reason for it is. Hopefully there will be some interesting news soon. I will continue to hold until I know what the big picture is or if there is one!

post Posted: Nov 17 2007, 06:23 PM
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i took a small position in CHP a few months back. CHP is like
backing a 100:1 runner in the melbourne cup.

Both CHP & Bell Ixl would make a good fit together. The reason being; both
companies are absolute rubbish. CHP is a tiny micro cap listed on the ASX.
Bell is a tiny micro cap listed on the NSX.

Both companies are claiming an NTA backing of around $3 million.
Bell Ixl have been trying to find a way to join the big boys club
(a listing on the ASX) for quite some time. They have failed dismally in all their attempts.
Its quite common for small micro caps such as CHP to be taken over and used as a
"shell company". This avoids an IPO & all the heavy ASX & broker fees that goes with it.

Bell Ixl , i believe do not have the money , expertise or ability to take over CHP.
They might try and attempt a merger of some sort.
Also, the NTA backing both companies are claiming is to be viewed with great suspicion.
CHP , for example have been trying to sell some property in Fiji valued at $1.5 million.
They have not been able to sell it for 3 years. if it was "marked to market" the value would be a lot lower.
I dont no what Bell Ixl are claiming as assets, but i bet they would be rubbish as well.

All in all, both companies are lowest form of listed vehicles you could find anywhere on the planet. Run by a useless bunch of turkeys.

The reason i bought CHP is their might in fact be a bit of corporate action & the s.p. might
creep back up to 5 or 6 cents.


This is not a bottom draw stock. This is a stock you take to the grave with you.
post Posted: Nov 16 2007, 01:27 PM
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In reply to: datum on Wednesday 04/07/07 12:59am

this thread has been quiet for a few months. Anyone still watching this one? now has Bell IXL investments as a substantial shareholder with 15.32% of the shares.wonder why they have bought in?Anyone know much about Bell? their website doesn't give much away

post Posted: Jul 4 2007, 12:59 AM
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This bit should be the middle of the last post,

Much further on in that link they have this............
These numbnuts dont no if they are arthur or martha

We are looking for an investor to either lend us the funds or come in as joint venture in some way or another to finalise the takeover on the publicly listed company in Australia. There are many ways of doing this, what ever suits the individual investor. This is a unique and once in a life time opportunity.

We can finalise the take over of Chapmans as an informal takeover just by purchasing 20% of the current shareholdings as we have friendly shareholders who control 31% of the company already. Having a majority control with the other 31% friendly shareholders or making a formal take over bid, we can move the company to the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), part of the London Stock Exchange, and raise a further £50 million pounds for working capital with the issue of another 100 million shares at 50 UK pence. This would put the company in good shape for expansion.

This is not a bottom draw stock. This is a stock you take to the grave with you.
post Posted: Jul 4 2007, 12:41 AM
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CHP the $1 billion company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the substantial holding notice on 29/06/2007 states that a company called
USA Weekly News Limited bought 8 million shares.
USA Weekly News is owned by International news limited , have a look what they have to say about CHP............

[i]We are planning to back door list the company into a listed public company in Australia called Chapmans Limited, which has taken an option to purchase 90% of International News Limited (INL). Chapmans Limited is a small venture capital company with its shares selling between 3c and 6c a share with an issued capital of about 90 million shares. The shares have gone as high a 50c in the past. The goodwill value of the newspaper mastheads and internet URL's, cartoon characters, television and movie concepts, manuscripts, scripts and books are placed on the books of INL at one billion dollars. With these assets which have been conservatively placed at $1 billion on the books of INL, moved into Chapmans Limited as a back door listing when they take up the option to purchased these assets for only 10 million Chapmans shares will provide a solid argument that Chapmans 100 million issued Chapmans should have a potential value of about $10 a share. Once the back door listing is completed, then the plan is to have Chapmans Limited listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London and issue a further 25 million shares at four British pounds a share thus raising a further 100 million pounds in working capital for Chapmans Limited for future media, entertainment, information and film expansion.

Much futhur on in that link they have this............
These numbnuts dont no if they are arthur or martha

The above is a partial copy from the website , click on the link to read more.
CHP is one flea bitten dog stock if ever i have seen one , high risk horror penny dreadful that could fall over at a moments notice. But , its certainly worth a punt, if you throw $2000 or $3000 at it & lose the lot , so be it. This stock could easily turn into a "10 bagger " overnight when the thundering herd get wind of this one

As for International news limited, to me the company looks like absolute rubbish, the website design is laughable. The company is probably run by a bunch of 24 year old numbnuts who think they are going to be the next CNN (the company i mean)
Any capital they raise will certainly help with the lease payments on their fleet of Lexus sports coupes they probably have .

Anyway , i recommend taking a punt on this , if only for the entertainment value you get from owning it.

This is not a bottom draw stock. This is a stock you take to the grave with you.
post Posted: Jun 20 2007, 03:58 PM
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QUOTE (Amberton @ Wednesday 20/06/07 01:48pm)

I see the stock recently got a substantial shareholder and had a book value of 3 cents pre stake purchase, so you may be onto something here Amberton .


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post Posted: Jun 20 2007, 03:07 PM
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In reply to: Amberton on Wednesday 20/06/07 01:48pm

Thanks for that . Certanly is a microcap but the new venture seems to be invested in interesting areas. I wonder if Mr Packer is aware of this one, considering they have interests in a Macau Casino and others . Maybe I should call him. Oh that's right he's getting married tongue.gif
I'll be looking closer later . Unfortunately I'm all invested atm . Hopefully I get time .

post Posted: Jun 20 2007, 01:48 PM
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Thought I should kick off this (rare) virgin thread!

CHP (a $2 million dollar shell) today announced that it will buy 10% of a merchant banking business by issuing shares at 6c… Share price currently 2.5c...


CHP share price: 2.5c
CHP shares on issue: 90,000,000
CHP market cap: $2 million dollars.
CHP assets: $3.7 million dollars.

Looks like this shell could start to move soon... backdoor listing of merchant banking business very lucrative in this climate!

The business which CHP is acquiring (Smart Ventures) has its fingers in all sorts of pies, including CO2 Emission Conversion, Nano and Wave Technology – Waste Oil to Oil and Ethanol, Solar, Wind, and Thorium Energy (see below).

Media and IT

Global Media and Communications Businesses Global
Integrated Blog Software and Technology Global
Graphic Interface for Mobile and Gaming Industry Japan
EAS and Security Systems Global
Integrated Media and Technology Systems Japan
Mobile Animation Japan
3G Mobile technology Japan

Gaming and Resort

Pachinko Groups Japan
Hotels Japan
Machine Manufacture and Distribution Global
Casino Operation Macau
Resort Casino and SPA Peru
Resort Fiji
Resort Sapporo Japan

Health, Beauty and Food Industries

Restaurant Group Japan & China
Health and Beauty – SPA and Machinery Global
Health and Beauty – SPA Japan
Health and Beauty – H40 Water Global
Dental Industry Consolidation Australia
Dental Industry – Software Japan
Hospital and Associated services Consolidation Japan
Bio Tech – DNA Japan
Sound and Energy Technology Global

Green Energy, Minerals, and Alterative Technology

Pyrolysis Technology – Waste to Oil and Gas Global
Nano and Wave Technology – Waste Oil to Oil and Ethanol Global
Pyrolysis Technology – Medical and Hospital Application Global

Alternative Energy Resource Group – Solar, Wind, and Thorium Energy

Organic Waste Decomposition Units Global
CO2 Emission Conversion Global

Merging Markets

Industrial Park for Environment Science & Technology China
Emerging Industries and Manufacturing China
Emerging Industries for Environment, Science & Technology India

post Posted: Jan 9 2005, 05:31 PM
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