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post Posted: Today, 10:27 AM
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In Reply To: PortugueseMan's post @ Yesterday, 10:55 PM

This is like some kind of bad joke that keeps going and going with NICE.

Another workshop. Why? All they have to do is negotiate on access or price. Now they want to go back and discuss with stakeholders. For what? This is undoubtably the worst situation Clinuvel has dealt with. Are they going to go through the whole process again and make sure they don't trip up on a technicality so Clinuvel can't appeal the second time around?

I find their behaviour offensive, given quite a few countries are onboard already including the US, soon to be Australia and perhaps China. I understand if the NHS is strapped for cash, but they should at least allow a managed access scheme. Patients are entitled to care, they don't deserve obstination, obsfucation and downright bureaucratic stupidity.

post Posted: Yesterday, 10:55 PM
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New update on the NICE website regarding Scenesse:

"04 June 2020
Following the announcement that will be planning a phased restart of paused guidance from 01 June, NICE will be planning a virtual stakeholder engagement workshop for this topic. The date of the workshop along with further timelines are TBC."

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post Posted: Yesterday, 03:43 PM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Interesting article from 2019 concerning PBMs and insurers. It gives an example where PBMs negotiate prices but donít pass on the rebate to patients. Suggests on average 30% discounts off the sticker price.

Drug pricing negotiation

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Johnny H
post Posted: Yesterday, 03:07 PM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Yesterday, 01:53 PM

My earlier post notwithstanding, drug pricing is different in the US than elsewhere. Every drug has a cash price, sometimes called a "rack rate", which bears little resemblance to the actual price paid. The cash price exists for 2 reasons:

-to start as a negotiating point with payors (not to be confused with payers). If the cash price is X, the payor will demand a Y% discount. Insurance pays the negotiated rate, not the cash price. If the cash price is 40k, the insurance might pay 20k. Pricing in the US is NOT transparent, so nobody knows what each insurance company actually pays. Pricing contracts are closely guarded trade secrets.

-as an accounting reference used for write-offs for uncompensated care. For patients who have no insurance and no means to pay, generally, orphan drug companies will simply give the drug away at no cost to the patient and take a tax write-off for the cash price.

Insured patient: 20k in revenue

Uninsured patient: 40k in tax write-offs

"In today√ɬĘ√Ę‚Äö¬¨√Ę‚Äě¬Ęs world some shareholders enjoy complaining to Board and management but then they do not sell their stock, they hold on and sometimes buy even more."

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post Posted: Yesterday, 01:53 PM
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In Reply To: macgyver's post @ Yesterday, 10:02 AM

As far as I can tell, the retail price is irrelevant. Itís the price you negotiate from

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G dawg Delaney
post Posted: Yesterday, 10:40 AM
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In Reply To: PunkassDerm's post @ Yesterday, 05:15 AM

Few points. rolleyes.gif

1- no not looking to steal your shares mate, I have plenty of my own only I donít have a head bigger then my phat ass about it and rarely feel the need to talk Sh1t like that tbh.

I find it incredibly funny (extremely immature??) when people brag online about their (alleged??) wealth, car purchases or amount of shares that, (donít get me wrong Iím not doubting itís just I seriously couldnít give 1 f@clk about what you or any other bigmouth has tbh) and how can you prove it to everyone here anyway?

Yella!! Show me the money bro! What in your mentality drives your kiddy need to crap on about BS like that?? Must of just gotten out of uni?? a 20 something punk dreaming of becoming a big franchise dermatologist one day ay?? wacko.gif

2- like I said in my initial post yesterday that got wiped (just one of about ten) when responding to (racist??) post involving persons skin colour when slandering them in online public forum, I normally wouldnít stoop to these levels ONLY the person slandering Clinuvels CEO was the ever sniveling, clueless grub **MACGYVER **that made the (colorist??) nasty comments, that every time I post something he/she has to make some kind of d1ckwad comment, SO I called said grub out on his racist ?? attack on the mans skin colour. thumbdown.gif and there you have it.

ďĒPW has been a ***well tanned slippery operator*** on a few occasions: FDA and EMA stumbles, now this.ĒĒ

3- Skin cancer is a killer and in epidemic proportions! Havenít you heard?? Same old rhetoric past 4 decades no?? Constant endocrine disrupting TOXIC Suncream application and NO life giving (carcinogenic??) sunlight is the only defence we have experts say in 2020!! wacko.gif What say you about this Punk??

Photo protection (potent enough to completely protect EPP sufferers from UVR overexposure) via a super safe long term proven US approved 40 year old peptide that supercharges our very own 100% natural (endogenous) Eumelanin ďTANĒ is 1000% revolutionary no?!?

Sorry to have to disagree with a punk professional BUT protecting ones skin from the devastation of skincancer is no ďlifestyleĒ choice. You of all people should clearly understand that cancer preventative photo protection is not a lifestyle .

Thatís dumbing the Scenesse situation down to a level that I thought a significant holder of many Clinuvel shares (a punk a$$ dermatologist even) would clearly understand is the main reason this great yet stigmatised drug has struggled to gain traction out there in this big bad world of ours

Protecting yourself safely from deadly skin cancer should be everybodyís right no???


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post Posted: Yesterday, 10:02 AM
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In Reply To: KRD's post @ Yesterday, 02:39 AM

Some folks from a select website have been quoted the $38k price. No doubt there is more to it than meets the eye: there could be costs involved that bump up the price when you compare with Europe i.e distribution and administering costs might be different. However, $38k is such a considerable difference it beggars belief that aforementioned costs would be that much higher in the US.

I was admittedly pleased that the language has changed regarding the global pricing policy, I'm all for an increase in price, though not at the expense of patients missing out.

post Posted: Yesterday, 05:15 AM
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In Reply To: G dawg Delaney's post @ Jun 5 2020, 11:18 PM

I hear lithium is good for manic episodes. Response is out of proportion and sounds very Wally-esque. Reincarnation of past character here?
Is this some sort of distraction? Are you looking to steal my shares on the cheap?

Calling Wolgen tan (because he is) I took as a dig:

a. Because he spends much time at leisure at his multiple domiciles, helicopter skiing etc.
b. Because he partakes of his own lifestyle medicine.
c. Both a & b
d. Rolled eyes emoji

Yes, someday it will hopefully be a lifestyle photoprotective drug.

wash and repeat

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post Posted: Yesterday, 02:39 AM
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A few thoughts/comments heading into the weekend:

1. Currency fluctuations between the AU$ and the US$ have now come back to the benefit of US investors. Today, one AU$ is worth $0.70 to the US$. On March 19th it had dropped to $0.57 which was a hit to those of us holding ADRs. The last time the conversion was $0.70 was early January.

2. There are some subtle changes to note in company publications over the last 3 weeks. In the May 19th Newsletter, under TGA review, it states, "...580 EPP patients - in controlled as well as real world use..". For the Jeffries conference that took place June 2-4, it reads on page 5, "with over 700 EPP patients having received one or more doses." On page 6 of the UBS presentation that took place May 18-20, there is this statement, "an increasing dossier, including real world data, of over 9,800 doses." That same statement is on page 5 of the Jeffries presentation except that it has been revised to "..over 10,000 doses administered,..". This leads me to believe that there has been a solid jump start on treating US patients.

3. The apparent deviation in US pricing compared to the "global uniform pricing model" touted so frequently by the company is baffling to me as well. Not an expert but one thought is that the $38k US price may be a published "retail" price but actual reimbursement made by Medicare and private insurers will be the $20k uniform price. In the US, Medicare and insurance companies rarely pay the retail price. An EPP patient without insurance would only pay the $20k with CUV providing a discount (?????).

Enjoy the weekend, great things to come.

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Billy Boots
post Posted: Yesterday, 12:13 AM
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In Reply To: G dawg Delaney's post @ Jun 5 2020, 11:18 PM

All very true, but I think Mac means well!

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