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post Posted: Today, 02:20 AM
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In Reply To: JVD1449's post @ Today, 01:41 AM

You would think clinuvel would be the safe haven in times like this .
Cashed up , no corona virus will hurt sales (epp) at all .
Usa patients lined up to use the drug in 8 months time ... Tga approval in 7 months time .
Side note .... the corona virus can cause Pneumonia in the lungs causing death .

Pneumonia Is “infection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs, which may fill with fluid”

Any drug companies out there that have an anti inflammatory drug ?

post Posted: Today, 01:41 AM
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In Reply To: Dr Wally's post @ Yesterday, 11:48 PM

I’m really glad I sold my shares on the run up! I did buy back in 11,000 shares at approval and am down 53% and have no problem with it because I believe in the product and company. But it is nice to have cashed out seven figures beyond the shares I bought back. I just couldn’t justify all of the exposure to one company that had appreciated 2500%. Maybe someday it will hit $100 as some on this board have speculated and If so 11,000 shares is plenty. If it goes to $5 then 11,000 shares is plenty. That’s the key, having the right number of shares to stay cheerful no matter what the stock does!

post Posted: Today, 01:39 AM
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The media is just trying to make people believe that they are still relevant. Their #1 way of doing that is fear tactics.

post Posted: Today, 01:25 AM
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I think the main driver of the stock plunge at this point is this Coronavirus BS. Bad timing that the misinterpreted half-year report coincided with this virus. Double whammy.

The media is playing up the hysteria on the Coronavirus when it appears to be no worse than the regular flu.

post Posted: Today, 01:20 AM
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US markets are still going down. If this holds, can we assume the ASX and CUV will drop again Monday then?

Dr Wally
post Posted: Yesterday, 11:48 PM
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Best possible outcome for Clinuvel is that possibly we might see some sales in the US by the end of 2020. FFS it never gets any better does it!

I waited for a few days to say all these things and I realise its not going to help anyone in the short term but TBH im only concerned about longs so sorry but im going to have to join the pile on now as things couldn’t get much worse anyway.

Oh well you know the old saying or words of advice that’s been doing thre rounds here for well over a decade now. Hey guys great time to buy cheap shares at these discounted prices noooooooooo waaaaaaayyyyy!. Sooooo true! This will be the last chance to get em at this price wont iiittttt????? Ok then!!!

Decades of waiting for FDA approval to eventually get it, only to see years of further nonsensical mind numbing delays. It just doesn’t seem possible that such sluggishness and utter idiocy could be possible here especially after the decades that have already been spent on a drug that has always shown a safety profile second to none.

End of 2020 best case scenario for some US sales. This has got to be a Fking typo surely!

Logic would suggest that the vast majority of EPP patient details would have been collected, I’s dotted and T’s crossed prior to FDA approval well and truly ready for the roll out. They’ve had years to organise this most basic of information so theres no way this should or could be a factor in further delays. ??

Hospital locations should have been organised well in advance of approval because they would have known that approval was a certainty. Explaining to a qualified doctor that an implant the size of a rice grain needs to be inserted subcutaneously shouldn’t be an issue, paperwork is most likely 10 pages long but should be fairly self explanatory and basic so shouldn’t take any more then lets say 4 months? .

2hrs per patient should be twice as long as you would need to do the minimally invasive procedure??

Logic would suggest that maybe a couple of months might have to pass before sales could begin but to have to wait more then 12 months from FDA approval for some sales to begin is nothing short of a F king retarded joke that hasn’t a skerrick of humour associated with it. Surely sales could begin from FDA approval date ?? If Clinuvel was organised somewhat in advance of approval no??

Logic would suggest that insurers might take a couple of months lets say 4 (at most) to organise paying for a drug that was FDA approved in October 2019 so this cant be the reason why its going to take till the end of 2020 to see some sales.

The end of 2020 is the end of another US summer. Scenesse was FDA approved inOct 2019 a few months before US summer 2019 the previous summer .

Is there any reason why PW couldn’t give some kind of explanation as to why/how it could possibly be that the US roll out at best will be end of US summer 2020 when FDA was given in Fkinh OCT 2019? Itll probably be delayed once again for non summer time reasons and the drug will only be available for the following summer 2021

Its rather obvious that the answer to my question is NO unless the reason for further infuriating Fking BS delays really is managements fault.

I realise theres so much other non Clinuvel BS going on right now but theres no f king way that the assh@le would be falling out of Clinuvel like it is if US sales had begun already( like they should have) or at least if sales were definitely going to be happening this US summer 2020 a few short months away.

Knowing that the best outcome is possibly some US sales possible at the end of US summer 2020 and knowing the track record of Clinuvel with dates and timelines Its no wonder people are getting out.

Remain calm and semi rational, hold, accumulate throughout 2020 at these insane low prices and hope for sanity and logic to prevail over the next 18 24 Fking months.

Number 1 word of advice: The drug is too good to fail and not see eventual widespread availability for systemic photo protection and billions per year in sales. My guestimation on this is possible US sales approx. 2035 maybe at this rate. FFS god have mercy on Clinuvel longs!

“” The discovery of the endogenous melanocortin agonists in the 1950s have resulted in sixty years of melanocortin ligand research.””

The never ending quest to have Afamelanotide (peptide) (SEMI) accepted for its potent ability to stimulate a natural photoprotective,cancer preventative, therapeutic “tan” was (SEMI) accomplished in 2019.

Regulator ignorance, bias, and stubborn resistance to Scenesse are the primary reasons behind this glacial journey. The evidence should be clear to all by now.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 09:48 PM
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Well Clinuvel was involved in this in some way, giving a grant to the British Porphyria Assosiation. Not sure if we’ve seen anything about this last year or if Clinuvel was physically present. But there’s two seconds of footage of younger people applying some skin toned cream to their hands. Most likely nothing to do with us.

Member of the “ALL-IN” club 2018.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 05:46 PM
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Single digit stock price in germany! Back to the roots

CLINUVEL's SCENESSE Potential: 1.)EPP 2.)Vitiligo 3.)SUN Protection and skin cancer prevention

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post Posted: Yesterday, 05:41 PM
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In Reply To: Freddy114's post @ Yesterday, 04:02 PM

Why have you put Tom Petrosky's photo on this?

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post Posted: Yesterday, 05:37 PM
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In Reply To: badass79's post @ Yesterday, 03:40 PM

Hi badass, I’ll have a go however I might miss something...

Yes (to my knowledge) basically like a Call Option with unlimited expiry (CommSec shows expiry as 31 Dec 2029).
Because there is no real time limit the Warrants feature a Stop Loss Trigger Level and to my knowledge that price slowly ratchets up over time to account for the interest you would need to pay for the leverage you are getting (nothing is for free). I found it very interesting that there were no CUV Short Warrants offered at the time and without sounding all conspiracy theorist it has not surprised me that nearly all the Stop Loss Trigger Levels have been reached (only CUVKOE remains $16.69). Is it a coincidence that NEA suffered a similar fate, mini warrants (only Long) issued and nearly all knocked out. (Waters will likely say I’m starting to finally understand that ‘all the world’s a stage’, this stock is following a script, etc and I must say I’m starting to see some pretty compelling patterns...)

You can read the full terms of the warrants in the link below.

I’m learning a lot through this journey with CUV and wanted to give a quick shout out/thanks to a few ppl wrt me learning about these Mini Warrants, see names/extracts below.

Thanks for finding these Mini Warrants before anyone else and sharing the info with the board.

Polyphemus (you have mail btw)
Thanks for sharing your insights
- Citibank will make a market in CUV Warrants - they will make a spread that allows traders to acquire and exit. To cover their position (which are all Call mini Warrants, meant for trading not exercise conversion to physical. They do not have an expiry date but can be exercised for Cash not stock.) Citi do not need to own CUV to hedge their exposure, but they can if they wish - they make money from the spread generally - but I have seen that securities with these warrants can have intraday flash movement that hit the warrant close out price a little too often.

Thanks for sharing your insights
The warrants are not backed by shares; the settlement is cash at the time of exercise.
Interesting that the warrants were at an all-time high the first week they were issued last November, and have been on the decline ever since.
Also worth noting that Citi only issued mini longs, which is effectively a short position.

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