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post Posted: Today, 09:31 AM
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Hiding in full sight? a positive article that looks dispassionately at CUV

The Business Models holding up in the Rout
The drug developer has achieved what the world wants a COVID-19 vaccine maker to do: get a treatment to market ahead of the expected timeline.

In Clinuvel’s case it’s a treatment for a rare light intolerance condition called EPP. The drug, Scenesse, was ticked off by the US Food & Drug Administration last October. The company expected to be selling the drug in the US by the end of calendar 2020, but as it happens the first commercial patients .... those with private health insurance ... will be dosed in April.

Clinuvel chief Philippe Wolgen attributes the swift progress to the company’s previous legwork in negotiating with the insurers. Post approval, the insurers’ pharmacy benefit managers had the paperwork in the bottom drawer.

About 80% of the 4000 EPP sufferers in the US are covered by private insurance. The next step is to seek Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement for the remainder. Dr Wolgen won’t be drawn on how many patients are likely to avail of the treatment, given some may be reluctant to go near a hospital while COVID-19 rages.

But the life changing nature of Scenesse means that most will try to access the drug, having endured a life of tissue damage and severe pain when exposed to even weak sunlight.

Dr Wolgen is also coy about the likely price of the drug but it’s not hard to work it out. To avoid accusations of price gouging, the company plans to maintain consistent pricing globally and in Europe the drug costs €55,000-85,000 ($US62, 000-96,000) a year (depending on the number of injections required).

Dr Wolgen said some investors had urged the company to spend more research and development to expedite development, but the board decided to preserve the cash (currently $58m) for a rainy day. The company spent about $185m developing Scenesse, which compares with $400m-plus for a typical drug that gets to market (and the majority of them don’t).

Amazingly for a biotech, Clinuvel is profitable from initial sales in Europe, where Scenesse was approved in 2014. In the 2018-19 the company reported a net profit of $18m on revenue of $18m ...and even dispensed a 2.5c a share dividend.

As always for a drug company, the US is the main prize. Even though EPP is a tiny ‘orphan’ market, the company stands to generate more than $US300m ($500million) if it reaches just half the US patient market.

The company is currently worth around $900m, having retreated from a peak value of $2.2bn after the US approval.

"Every long-term security is nothing more than a claim on some expected future stream of cash that will be delivered into the hands of investors over time. For a given stream of expected future cash payments, the higher the price investors pay today for that stream of cash, the lower the long-term return they will achieve on their investment over time." - Dr John Hussman

"If I had even the slightest grasp upon my own faculties, I would not make essays, I would make decisions." ― Michel de Montaigne
Fortescue Bullro...
post Posted: Today, 06:57 AM
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Fortescue Bullro...
post Posted: Today, 06:56 AM
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Melanie Trump is from Slovenia...

post Posted: Today, 01:50 AM
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In Reply To: PortugueseMan's post @ Yesterday, 11:49 PM

My man well done👍 A shard of light in these dark times🙏

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post Posted: Today, 12:02 AM
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In Reply To: PortugueseMan's post @ Yesterday, 11:49 PM

Will cash flow be impacted in the short-term as these are preordered?

post Posted: Yesterday, 11:49 PM
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Slovenian health authorities approved the reimbursement of Scenesse, since Jan 1, 2020 and with no end date! (Check page 223)

The price of each implant is 14.100,95 EUR. Maximum of 3 implants per year. Valid from 02/28/2020 ---» CBZ.SI (Original website)

Another European country on board!!!


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post Posted: Yesterday, 07:03 PM
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post Posted: Yesterday, 03:28 PM
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EPP in "Corona - times"

As we have learned from the board of directors from the clinics in Berlin, Chemnitz and Düsseldorf, everything is being done at the present time and conditions to guarantee the treatment of the patients. As the patients have learned from their practitioners, certain conditions apply, such as being “healthy”, wearing mouth and nose protection and keeping a distance, as is currently the norm. Furthermore, some hotels require confirmation that they undergo treatment on site and have to stay overnight due to the long journey.
Let us hope that no further political measures will make the trip to the clinics difficult or impossible, or that clinics will be forced to delegate the capacities of the medical staff to help corona patients suffering from the crisis. The current state of affairs in Zurich at the Triemli Hospital. No EPP patients currently being treated. To put it very clearly: this pandemic is an extreme situation and human lives are taking precedence.
What a fiasco in the beginning of spring and in this sunny weather, which could have spoiled us for days - so to speak as a counterpoint to the immense restrictions in everyday life. But this threatens to relapse into a very special life.
Our former 2nd chairwoman Verena - she receives no treatment - has commented on this. We are certain that in Corona times it is increasingly a matter of life or death, but people with "rare diseases" are particularly affected, because it is particularly about maintaining therapy and quality of life!

EPP in „Corona - Zeiten“

Wie wir vom Vorstand aus den Kliniken in Berlin, Chemnitz und Düsseldorf erfahren haben, wird zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt und den jetzigen Bedingungen alles getan, um die Behandlung der Patienten zu garantieren. Wie die Patienten von ihren Behandlern erfahren haben, gelten bestimmte Bedingungen wie: „gesund“ sein, Mund- und Nasenschutz tragen und Abstand halten, wie es zurzeit allgemein üblich ist. Des Weiteren sind für einige Hotels Bestätigungen nötig, daß man sich vor Ort einer Behandlung unterzieht und aufgrund der langen Anreise übernachten muß.

Wollen wir hoffen, dass keine weiteren politischen Maßnahmen die Reise zu den Kliniken erschweren oder unmöglich machen, oder Kliniken gezwungen sind, die Kapazitäten des medizinischen Personals abzuordnen, um in der Krisensituation erkrankten Corona-Patienten zu helfen. So ist momentan der Stand der Dinge in Zürich im Triemli Hospital, welches z. Zt. keine EPP - Patienten behandelt. Um es ganz klar zu sagen: diese Pandemie ist eine Extremsituation und Menschenleben gehen vor.

Welch ein Fiasko im beginnenden Frühjahr und bei diesem sonnigen Wetter, welches uns seit Tagen eigentlich verwöhnen könnte - sozusagen als Gegenpol zu den immensen Einschränkungen im Alltagsleben. Aber so droht der Rückfall in ein Leben ganz besonderer Art.

Unser frühere 2.Vorsitzende Verena – sie erhält keine Behandlung – hat sich dazu geäußert. Wir sind uns gewiss, in Corona Zeiten geht es zunehmend um Leben oder Tod, dennoch sind Menschen mit „Seltenen Erkrankungen“ besonders getroffen, denn es geht in einem besonderen Maße um Aufrechterhalten von Therapie und Lebensqualität!

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post Posted: Yesterday, 03:21 PM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Yesterday, 02:09 PM

Billy boots your left boot is arguing with your right, first you complain the company tells people nothing the you complain that they have informed us of the impending sales 15/4/ you are losing the plot.

Billy Boots
post Posted: Yesterday, 03:10 PM
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In Reply To: peachshare's post @ Yesterday, 02:47 PM

Sure am, but if you know the real reason the shorters are hammering this company right now I am willing to listen. (and learn)


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