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post Posted: Today, 07:34 PM
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One of the clinical trials that I have been most
interested in throughout the years is
CUV011 with 200 participants aimed to evaluate
Scenesse in AK/SCC in organ transplant recipients.

It had an end date in 2012 but results were never reported.
I’ve wondered for a long time if it was classic Clinuvel behavior
burying bad results or if there was indeed a strategic reason
for not reporting.

The principal investigator was / is Günther Hofbauer and in this article from
December, 2014 he states, that “studies are currently underway,” suggesting that
the trial was ongoing at that time.

With the renewed focus on DNA repair and general protection against skin
cancers the AK/SCC OTR trial could be a centerpiece, I think.

Was it a failure, was it a success, was it still ongoing in 2014, is it still ongoing
today, was it finished and just waiting to be published at the right moment ?
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the near future
post Posted: Today, 05:48 PM
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In Reply To: garthyd's post @ Today, 04:58 PM

As you said, it can not last

SP is a joke at the moment, very cheap

Big new investor might join the party soon

post Posted: Today, 04:58 PM
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In Reply To: the near future's post @ Today, 04:36 PM

In only a month, our 12 month low will be $21......which its pretty unfathomable to think we could be at 12 month lows after FDA approval......It can't last.

the near future
post Posted: Today, 04:36 PM
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In Reply To: garthyd's post @ Today, 03:16 PM

Nobody is selling, rather people are buying at this low sp price

the short sellers seems that they sold most of their shares, waiting to buy back

I hope we bottomed now, and short squeese will happen with any upcoming news

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post Posted: Today, 03:16 PM
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Gotta be one of our lowest volume trading days in months?

Fortescue Bullro...
post Posted: Today, 11:55 AM
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Just ordered 2k at market. Very encouraged by all I am reading the last few days, and LHFUD receding in the rear view mirror. Thanks sharelooker, waz and all here.
Got them at 26.038.

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post Posted: Today, 11:48 AM
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Friday 6th Dec on the ASX only 50,530 of the total volume of 164,852 shares sold were short sales. Some profit taking maybe?

post Posted: Today, 10:16 AM
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New director buying shares on market - bought at $27.43. Would be good to see more director buying on-market. Don't stop now.

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post Posted: Today, 09:03 AM
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In Reply To: IntiRaymi's post @ Today, 06:14 AM

My read is that CUV has in recent months sought to update and finalise this patent and a separate XP related patent. There appears to be some finalisation of the compound description in particular plus refinement over claims.

There is wide coverage in application and while these patents have been in progress some time this all seems to be a precursor to CUV getting cracking on the wider application of afamelanotide now that FDA approval is in place.

Finer points in PW's AGM and other recent monologues indicate the real action with the compound is now moving ahead. I am expecting this to occur on all fronts - Vitiligo, VP, XP and in particular DNA repair, where once ethics approval is obtained from the FDA the 20 person clinical trial can be agreed upon, populated and commence. I believe CUV already know the answer but obviously need the programmed clinical evidence to obtain the further approval needed for DNA repair compounds in treatment and prevention of skin cancers.

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post Posted: Today, 06:14 AM
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In Reply To: waz's post @ Dec 7 2019, 10:36 AM

I’ve been reading the ...text intended for grant - and trying to make sense of it.

Is this patent for extensions to the chemical formulation of afamelanotide and for extensions to the uses/indications of it?

I notice they talk about testing and efficacy in some different compounds. Are these compounds for which they’ve received patents something that we may see tested/brought to market?

I’m really not sure what I’m asking just wondering what the real significance of this patent being granted is?


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