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post Posted: Feb 6 2011, 08:43 AM
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In Reply To: XtRmSt's post @ Jan 12 2011, 06:16 PM

I am a holder and have an order in to add some more on Monday. I like the projects.
Good luck,

Disclaimer : Believe nothing I write .
post Posted: Jan 12 2011, 06:16 PM
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anyone holding/watching arx?
seems to be slowly rising with results due late jan


post Posted: Oct 10 2009, 01:02 PM
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In Reply To:'s post @ Jul 23 2008, 12:11 PM

little flag ,rights issue I think



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post Posted: Jul 23 2008, 12:11 PM
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Topic rename




post Posted: May 30 2008, 05:13 PM
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In reply to: andyjf on Thursday 29/11/07 04:24pm

I think we all got stitched up on this one. Oh well thems the breaks

post Posted: Nov 29 2007, 04:24 PM
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In reply to: ShareNovis on Thursday 29/11/07 03:37pm


I have held Austindo for a while now, and it is worrying just how close the company is to collapse. Even when they do reach the ore body there is still a ramp up stage, which can take several months to over a year. I think that 5 cents may be several years away, though odder things have happened.

I am a bit concerned with people putting a value to Austindo, I know that Hunter Hillcoat at Austock has a value of 3 cents which will need to come dowwn with future capital raisings. Luckily it hasn't gone below 1 cent which was the value of securities issued recently.

It may take a fair bit of drilling success and an uneventfull ramp up to commercial mining to see things look better.



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post Posted: Nov 29 2007, 03:37 PM
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In reply to: andyjf on Thursday 22/11/07 12:00pm


Given the price, when it runs, I reckon it will really run upto 5 cents in no time.

They released another statement today and they putting the building blocks together:-

It's as follows:-

Following the success of the Company’s recent Placement and Rights Issue, development
activities have resumed at Cibaliung. The Company is aiming to achieve gold production at
the earliest opportunity in 2008.
Highlights of the recent activity on site at Cibaliung are summarised below:
o Decline development is continuing with total development now in excess of 525 metres;
o Development to the ore body is being undertaken on two headings to enable a greater
volume of ore to be extracted. The remaining distance to the orebody is less than 120
metres on one heading and 75 metres on the other;
o Daily development rates over the last few months have not met expectations due
primarily to machinery breakdowns. In order to address this problem, the delivery of a
new jumbo drill rig and loader has been brought forward to early December 2007;
o Cover drilling will be undertaken as a precautionary measure to ensure that previous
workings by artisanal miners will not affect the long term integrity of the Cikoneng
Decline. This cover drilling is expected to take 2-3 weeks.
o Redpath of Canada has been engaged to provide further experienced mining supervisors
for the development of the decline and ventilation shafts. The first is on site with the
remainder of the team from Redpath expected to mobilise to site in January 2008;
o It is now envisaged that stockpiling of ore will commence during January 2008.
o Discussions with PT Petrosea to refurbish and complete construction of the gold
processing plant are well advanced. The scope of work, schedule and costs for the final
phase are currently in the process of being finalised.
o A revised financial model is currently being finalised to take into account updated
development and construction costs and schedules.
o The Company is in advanced discussions involving certain senior management
Details will be provided at the earliest opportunity.

post Posted: Nov 22 2007, 12:00 PM
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In reply to: ShareNovis on Wednesday 21/11/07 02:08pm

I was at the AGM, I was at the general meeting for Austindo. I have been a shareholder for a while now. My advice is be careful as there are over 1 billion shares on the market, any further dilution would be painful. Though it is indeed necessary.

From what management tells me is that Cibiliung is only one fifth explored. But developing it has proven problematic.

post Posted: Nov 21 2007, 02:08 PM
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In reply to: tuapui on Monday 19/11/07 05:40pm

price up 10 % today ... wooo hooo

post Posted: Nov 20 2007, 10:55 AM
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In reply to: tuapui on Monday 19/11/07 05:40pm

I think it is certainly worth a ride .....

Although dilution seems a bad word for investors, it is actually good (in the long run) that they are raising more funds to exploit what they find .... Eventually, the dilution becomes your best friend.

Also, If the directors are putting their money where their mouth is .... they have my full attention - it's the best inside information you'll ever get. It''s when the directors are divesting and dilution is happening ... that's when I start to worry and run.


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