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post Posted: Apr 30 2012, 01:54 PM
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In Reply To: snowball's post @ Apr 30 2012, 09:58 AM

I bought in a year ago at 29 cents after a brilliant presentation at the Sydney O&G. Plus I was determined to get some USA shale exposure especially in the oil window. This offer is very cheeky as some analysts reckoned it was worth $1. I will await proceedings as the company should be able to extract more. The market seems to think 45 cents is too low.

post Posted: Apr 30 2012, 09:58 AM
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Aurora on-mkt bid at 45 cents - eureka !!!
Been to the pearly gates and now back on this one.
Most logical bidder but offer ends 15 June so think no rush to flick out and hope the white knight gets flushed out at 60 cents plus, which will be more what are worth.
Unfortunately though will likely end up like ADE and BPT recent on-mkt bid with no white knight.

post Posted: Jul 7 2010, 02:59 PM
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In Reply To: Brendan's post @ May 5 2010, 09:33 AM

Well broke 16 and ran to 20...... holding nicely around 20 even in a world of doom and gloom

post Posted: May 5 2010, 09:33 AM
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Sugarloaf looks good... success was priced into the SP but in my opinion it still has some more to go.... if it breaks 16 a run to 20 isnt out of the question

post Posted: Nov 13 2007, 05:48 PM
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In reply to: yorick on Friday 13/07/07 06:41am

lmaosmiley.gif cheap cheap if SL & Kennendy does turn out to be a bonanza EKAO should well 10 fold from here

How many million do you hold now Yorick

post Posted: Jul 13 2007, 06:41 AM
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In reply to: jbmurc on Wednesday 16/05/07 06:37pm

Jb IMHO EKAO is the cheapest entry into what may become ''the sugarloaf bonanza''If you look at the stakeholders eka stands out. I hold Ekao and will buy more under 20c should the situation arise.regards yorick.dyor. biggrin.gif


post Posted: Jun 20 2007, 05:39 PM
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In reply to: jbmurc on Wednesday 16/05/07 06:37pm

we'll know soon enough

Eureka Energy Limited (ASX:EKA, “Eureka”
or “Company”)
Since our last report on the 24 April 2007, about 15,000 feet of the high
pressure liner used to test the deep target, in the Sugarloaf-1 well has been
successfully recovered and the well has been plugged back above 14,000
Cased hole wire line logging of the possible gas pay zones discovered
during drilling in Cretaceous carbonates, indicates that the cement behind
the casing is of poor quality and does not provide enough seal to isolate the
gas zones for testing. Remedial cementation, involving serial perforation of
the casing and squeeze cementing, has commenced and is expected to take
up to three weeks to complete.
Fracture stimulation and flow testing of each of the three zones of possible
gas pay will then be undertaken.
Eureka has a 12.5% working interest in the Sugarloaf-1 well through its
wholly-owned US subsidiary Hosston Oil & Gas LP.
Further details of the Sugarloaf Prospect and associated farm-in terms are
summarised on our website at which also
includes a brief review of the US gas market and fiscal terms.

post Posted: May 16 2007, 06:37 PM
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-Back into EKAO's only 40,000 13c but with all that's going on EKA could well be back to 60c+ high's if their secondary's are what some punters believe 100bcf + oil maybe more cool.gif

post Posted: May 10 2007, 06:28 PM
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In reply to: Broadside on Wednesday 21/02/07 09:50am

well well well...16 wells to be precise

Sugarloaf secondaries are looking better and better....EKA has raised fresh working capital for Sugarloaf yesterday and now EME makes this announcement tonight. I think EKAers have backed a winner.


RNS Number:3591W
Empyrean Energy PLC
10 May 2007

Empyrean Energy PLC

("Empyrean" or the "Company"; Ticker: (EME))

Increased interest in the Sugarloaf Project Area, ("Sugarloaf") Texas USA

* New Agreement signed with Texas Crude Energy Inc ("TCEI") covering a
sixteen (16) well program over Block A and Block B
* New working interest on any well in the 16 well program in respect
of Block A
* Working Interest increased from 6% to 18% on any wells in the 16
well program operated by TCEI in respect of Block B

Empyrean has entered an Oil & Gas Exploration And Development
Agreement with TCEI to participate in a new sixteen (16) well
program covering two projects, "Block A" and "Block B".

In Block A, TCEI has an interest through an Operating Agreement with
a major international oil and gas company ("Block A Operator")(name
undisclosed for confidentiality purposes and to preserve and protect
competitive advantage). In Block B, TCEI is the operator and
Empyrean already has a 6% working interest in this Block via a
previous agreement and its participation in the drilling of the
Sugarloaf-1 well.

The new agreement covers the next sixteen (16) wells to be drilled
on either Block A and / or Block B. The agreement provides for
Empyrean to pay 12.5% of costs to first production to earn a working
interest of 7.5% in wells drilled on Block A and to pay 20% of costs
to first production to earn a working interest of 12% in wells
drilled on Block B. Empyrean's agreement covering a pre-existing 6%
working interest in Block B remains unchanged and is in addition to
this new agreement.

The Block A Operator has drilled a first exploratory test well on
Block A and this well is a discovery well which it has been reported
flowed gas and associated condensate on test. This exploratory test
well does not form part of the 16 well program. On Block B, during
the drilling of the Sugarloaf-1 well Empyrean previously reported to
the market on the 29th September 2006 a 92 feet (28 metres) zone of
possible gas pay, interpreted from wire-line logs and gas shows in
Cretaceous age carbonates. Preparations are underway for testing to
be carried out on these possible pay zones.

It is estimated that wells in this program will have a total cost in the
order of US$5million each. Empyrean's agreement with TCEI is structured
on a well by well basis with the right to proceed or withdraw at any
stage. If Empyrean withdraws then wells earned to that date are
protected. It is also understood that the Block A Operator is preparing
for drilling to commence on the next well in Block A within the next 2

A further update will be provided as soon as confirmation of the date for
spudding the first well in this sixteen well program is advised by TCEI,
along with testing dates for the Sugarloaf-1 well.

Commenting today, Empyrean's Commercial Director, Tom Kelly said "Today's
agreement with Texas Crude Energy allows Empyrean to increase its interest in
the Sugarloaf Project Area and in particular the shallow potential pay zones to
be tested in the Sugarloaf-1 well. We look forward to testing these chalk zones
in the Sugarloaf-1 well and to the commencement of the sixteen well program".

The information contained in this announcement was completed and reviewed by the
Technical Director of Empyrean Energy Plc, Mr Frank Brophy BSc (Hons) who has
over 40 years experience as a petroleum geologist.

For further information:
Laurence Read/ Ed Portman
Conduit PR
Tel: +44 (0) 207 429 6605/ +44 (0) 7979955923

Empyrean Energy plc
Tel : +44(0) 207 182 1746

Rod Venables/ Cecil Jordaan
HB Corporate
Tel: +44(0) 207 510 8600

post Posted: Feb 21 2007, 09:50 AM
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In reply to: conman on Wednesday 31/01/07 06:29pm

absolutely smashed on negative lower Hosston result, but as others have pointed out the gas zone was in the upper Hosston, then there are the secondaries...but shows this stock is walking a tightrope with Turkey looking dubious...I hold EKA EKAO and ADI


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