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post Posted: Jul 3 2006, 05:18 PM
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In reply to: ABSOLUT on Sunday 02/07/06 09:53pm

Its 15cents up till 30th June 07. So todays move to 15 cents for the FP's takes PPPO almost into the money. There were quite a lot of sellers from .051 upwards but they all vanished and nearest seller is now .065. This stock has long rumoured as a takeover in the oils sector and the move to 15 looks bullish to me.

post Posted: Jul 2 2006, 09:53 PM
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In reply to: albion on Sunday 02/07/06 01:57pm

Hi albion when does PPPO expire and whats the strike price?



blackburn f.c
post Posted: Jul 2 2006, 02:26 PM
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In reply to: krisbarry1 on Sunday 02/07/06 02:11pm

You do get around Bazza... but then cutting and pasting doesn't take too long does it.

I could have sworn I read that post before somewhere... LOL

post Posted: Jul 2 2006, 02:11 PM
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Now with tax loss selling out the way and a new financial year, I will be awaiting a nice share price rise for LVL over coming weeks. LVL has a very good chance of being a 10 bagger in 06/07 financial year, as it moves into profitable company, and an expected increase in revenues from the Rewards Corp business

post Posted: Jul 2 2006, 01:57 PM
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In reply to: ABSOLUT on Sunday 02/07/06 09:40am

Have to agree with you on this one price looks silly, bet TAP would love to get their oily hands on it , just imagine where TAP would have been today if their failed bid for ARQ had come of.However, as far as gearing into making really big money I would have to go for PPPO before Taranaki drilling starts again in Sept. Not too much longer to get on board that one now.

post Posted: Jul 2 2006, 09:40 AM
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Fully Diluted Market Cap only $190 Million based on current share price of $1.36

compare that to the possible earning Below (in Bold) and thats even before the step up in production from puffin 8 and 9.

AED Trading at a forward P/E ratio of below 1

Ridiculously undervalued!!!


Timor Sea project has the good oil for AED investors
By Barry Fitzgerald
May 22, 2006

DAVID Dix and his tight-knit crew of employees and consultants at AED Oil enjoyed a modest celebration at a Southbank noshery on Friday night.

The get together included the singing of a song penned — with apologies to the Jackson 5 — by the towering Dix, the former Macquarie Bank and UBS investment banker who brought AED to market in May 2005 on the strength of its near-term oil production opportunity from the Puffin oilfield in the Timor Sea.

While there is still work to be done to get Puffin to the starting stalls, there have been some good reasons of late for the AED team to feel pretty pleased with themselves — a position reflected in the stock's run so far this year from the 80¢-a-share level to the $1.305 level it commanded on Friday.

Most significant has been successful testing of the Puffin 7 accumulation (14 million barrels reserves potential).

It has confirmed that when brought in to production, it would have an initial production capacity of more than 15,000 barrels a day, worth more than $1.35 million a day at current Australian dollar oil prices, or near on $500 million a year if you don't mind.

Earlier this year, the company also notched up an oil discovery with the drilling of the Puffin 9 accumulation that makes for a bigger production profile and struck a deal for the conversion, supply and operation of a floating production storage and offloading facility that is expected to be ready to go early next year.

While all that is behind schedule from what was originally planned, AED is no more immune from the intense competition for the full suite of oil-sector services required to get a project such as Puffin flying than are the Exxon Mobils of the oil exploration and development world.

What is known is that the banks are happy with AED's progress, with Westpac and Commonwealth Bank providing a $US53.25 million ($A70.4 million) project-financing facility — considered by AED to be sufficient to get to the stage of first Puffin production.

And AED has backed itself home by hedging 600,000 barrels of oil for various 2007 delivery dates at an average price of $US71.30 a barrel — a $US42.7 million position that is currently $US1.6 million in the money following the recent retreat in global oil prices.

If all goes according to plan, AED will be producing oil at a daily rate of 15,000 barrels from the first quarter next year at Puffin 7 ahead of a step-up to 35,000 barrels a day (including Puffin 8 and 9) from the end of next year.

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post Posted: Jun 27 2006, 11:34 PM
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The time is coming for VCR at last

post Posted: Jun 22 2006, 10:36 PM
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In reply to: paulhart on Friday 09/06/06 09:34am

I agree totally with paulhart that SLA will be a great stock. However, I do disagree with her/him about the timing, i.e. I think that SLA will only do really well by about the second half of 2007 (if not later). Of course, I shall take success earlier if it comes. Have bought a lot of this stock and just keep holding for the good times ahead - whenever they come...

post Posted: Jun 22 2006, 07:50 PM
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In reply to: favshare on Friday 09/06/06 09:29am

Probably PSD 50c, check which stocks he is most active posting in.

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post Posted: Jun 22 2006, 06:48 PM
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INL has me interested, but still researching it.



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