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post Posted: Sep 25 2008, 01:17 PM
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In reply to: aristo on Tuesday 20/11/07 01:07pm

Not sure why you would want to have a look at it. Check out this post on another site about AAS and the rubbish they offer.

"Hi Guys, Integra Pro is the renamed version of Star Trader. It is a black box for share trading. Although I have never used Integra Pro, I can tell you a lot about the program is came from, Star Trader. I bought Star Trader and used it for about 2 years and found the program to be useless, even in a bull market where you would think you could get some decent results. It is an overpriced piece of software that basically scans the market by using about 4 indicators from memory. To anyone who is thinking about getting this software, in my opinion DON'T waste your money like I did. Just think logically, if the software was any good the company that sells the software (Asia Pacific - stock code AAS) wouldnt have Administrators appointed to try to sort out the financial mess that they are in. The stock is currently suspended from trading and has has been for a while now. I mean surely, if the program did what it claimed to do, then they would be able to use it to make money to prop up their business In my experience it does not do what they claim. Again, I would like to stress these are my opinions that have been formed by using Star Trader and dealing with the company. If the above is not enough to convince you not to buy, think about this; The company and the software seem to keep changing names, why would they need to do this if what they were selling was any good?"

"I've just posted the same message to the thread called 'Integra Pro?'

we wish we weren't so naive ...
we bought the program in May 2007 after an eager persuasion by a sales person with 100% money back guarantee if we didn't make the money back we spent on the purchace ($6900) within 13 months.
the program didn't suit us, we were told it only requires 15 mins a day to profit from but it was far more complicated for us to understand and utelise.
accordingly we claimed the refund 13 months later, then they replied that our claim was being processed. we didn't hear from them for a few weeks so asked them how our refund was going then got a reply saying they required 1 month written notice but it was on its way. after more than 1 month later from the time we made the claim, we received an email saying the company was under an external administration and we had to prove the debt that the company had with us...... and the refund is not looking promising at all.

we are not knowledgeble at all of the relating laws regarding such case and puzzled by this. $6900 is a lot of money for us and we only spent so much because they guranteed 100% money back if we didn't profit from the product. We are feeling so ripped off but absolutely lost where to turn to.

I have just read the PDF file (MS LAW's case at Victorian civil tribunal) posted above, maybe we can seek help in similar way in QLD, although I don't really know where to start, how much it will cost at this stage...

Any comment/advice would be appreciated."

post Posted: Nov 20 2007, 01:07 PM
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Anyone had alook at the stockmarket game they
are promoting in Malaysia called BURSA PURSUIT
apparently 50,000 followers at the moment

post Posted: Nov 20 2007, 12:54 PM
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A little bit of action today
post Posted: May 9 2007, 10:33 AM
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Topic rename




post Posted: Apr 23 2007, 10:38 AM
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In reply to: Arctic Aussie on Thursday 29/06/06 03:06am

WAKE UP PEOPLE.....!!!!!!!
time for this baby to come alive..........directors been workin hard....i reckon some interesting announcements comin soon.....get on board for the change will also be benificial......lets get this one goin...back to the glory af a 45c stock.....

Arctic Aussie
post Posted: Jun 29 2006, 03:06 AM
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QUOTE (lawian @ Thursday 29/06/06 01:51am)

I am afraid so,

What a disaster the SP is for this co. puke.gif

HOWEVER now with the SP this low, it does represent excellent value for the data stream alone. For as long as you hold the minimum 5000 shares, the data stream is free.

I am afraid the SP would be a lot lower than the current 16 cents if it were not for this fact alone. sadsmiley02.gif


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post Posted: Jun 29 2006, 01:51 AM
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does anyone still own these, have been on website and can't find anything to do with Black Box

post Posted: Dec 11 2005, 09:13 AM
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Director selling too - according to Saturday's SMH.

post Posted: Dec 10 2005, 09:47 PM
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& the story hasn't got any better One Up since then. The share price is now plummeting to depths not seen since early last year.
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One Up
post Posted: Oct 20 2005, 09:14 PM
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Yep. But really Leggy all you did was make a passing comment with zip to back it up (nice graphic tho).

Have found out (too late) that there were major problems in the UK. Inparticular, a website owner took issue with the company's "crappy" product and "misleading" advertising. Several major newspapers including the Guardian published "do not buy from these shady people" kinda articles. Their UK subsidiary well known in the country but for all the wrong reasons! Comments by management that there was a marketing campaign that failed is not telling the full story.

Might recover (and they're claiming sales are improving in the UK) and will hold but I'm not adding to my investment in this company.


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