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post Posted: Dec 22 2010, 08:28 PM
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In Reply To: shaunt's post @ Mar 7 2007, 07:12 PM

i would have thought some smart punters would have worked out that this could be a mulitbagger again from here

what is the nta of 23 million clr shares 23 x 1 dollar/60 million = 38c

how much cash?

what is the value of their tenement next to bhp coal mine the market says nothing

current price 27 c

EV negative 10 million

easiest buy i have ever seen

ho ho ho

post Posted: Mar 7 2007, 07:12 PM
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In reply to: anne on Tuesday 30/01/07 06:01pm

Hi Anne,

Why wouldnt you rate management as #1? They seem to have performed relatively well, or at least, not made any mistakes? Have I missed something?

Really, on the whole it looks like quite a promising company. I'm still looking into it...


post Posted: Mar 1 2007, 06:03 PM
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In reply to: anne on Monday 29/01/07 10:54pm

Anne WAL has held up well in the current movements and I think it will take another annual result to get that push to 38C. I think CGF is good buying at present. Remember how Macquarie Bank started well CGF is gearing up (just bought more in HomeLoans and also took over a $2 Billion annuity book from Metlife) to do something like and in a couple of years I am confident it will be good buying now. Cheers wink.gif wink.gif

post Posted: Jan 30 2007, 06:01 PM
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In reply to: snagage on Tuesday 30/01/07 01:58pm

Hi Snagage

I think you bought a t just the right time. Hopefully you won't have to sit around watching WAL do nothing for months and months like I did!

You certainly couldn't rate management number one but as far as value goes, WAL is hard to beat. And today the chart looks really good- it hit 25c, which is its highest price since Dec 2004 and closed at its highest day close of 24.5c in two years too.

We just need the sellers to disappear!

Cheers Anne

post Posted: Jan 30 2007, 01:58 PM
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In reply to: anne on Monday 29/01/07 04:08pm

Thanks for the heads up Anne.

I got in today. It was too cheap to ignore. Revenue and profits seem to be on the turnaround. But with a $10mil warchest it can go out and buy profit growth. For a $15mil market cap company, the potential acquisitions will have a large impact to the bottom line.

post Posted: Jan 29 2007, 10:54 PM
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Hi Superstar.

Fancy your first post being on little ol' WAL. No-one ever posts on WAL!

I hope you're right about it going for a run soon - all the way to 38c would be nice!

What other stocks do you see as good value at the moment? EZE is good value. CGX is ki nda good value.

Cheers Anne

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post Posted: Jan 29 2007, 07:22 PM
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Yes I agree that Wavenet is great value at present. Using a conservative PE ratio the value should be around 38cents. Watch this one run. the company has been successfully operating for some years and has markets assets and orders. A real opportunity and certainly a better option than speculative miners.

post Posted: Jan 29 2007, 04:08 PM
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In reply to: carefully on Friday 21/10/05 02:05pm

WAL has to be the best value on the market.

Why am I the only one who thinks so? What is the catch?

At today's closing price they are capitalised at $14m. They a have $10m in teh bank and no debt. They reported today earning an operating cash flow profit of $2m for the quarter.

They make boomers and wombats and flog them to the amercians! I wish one of those big successful US companies who love their boomers and wombats so much would just take WAL over!

WAL appointed some firm to find them some new businesses to buy with all their loot - that was months ago. WAL should just put themselves up for sale.

Cheers Anne

post Posted: Oct 21 2005, 02:05 PM
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In reply to: carefully on Friday 21/10/05 01:54pm

The Company has for the second year running sustained its
solid operating performance, whilst maintaining significant
investment in the research and development of new
products, and consolidating its top-selling Boomer III range
of modems in the marketplace.
Sales for the period were $6.418 million, up by 5% from the
previous year’s revenues of $6.397 million. Importantly, the
Company has achieved significant increases in revenue
deriving from the sale of modems, which this year rose to
38,700 wireless modules valued at $5.25 million. This
represents a substantial growth in sales volumes of 50%,
up from 25,900 modems sold last year generating $5.0
million in revenues.
The balance of revenues was generated from ordinary
activities relating to professional fees charged to clients for
non-recurring research, development and engineering
The Company has reported a small net loss for the year of
$214,925 compared to last year’s maiden profit of $78,413.
This, however, is not representative of the overall
performance of operations for the period, as profitability
was significantly affected by substantial customer
shipments crossing the end of the financial year.
Accordingly, the Company commences the new financial
year with an effective order book of deliveries due by 31
December 2005 of $4.5 million.
The operating result is also affected by the Company’s
on-going research and development programme, which for
2004/2005 amounted to $0.26 million (not including labour
resources devoted to the R&D programme), and in
accordance with the policy of the directors, has been
expensed to ensure a balance sheet reflective of the
tangible worth of the Company. This investment positions
the Company at the commencement of 2005/2006 with a
strong new product pipeline and initiatives to further
penetrate the market, in addition to the solid order-book.
The Company has retained its strong liquidity position with
cash reserves of $5.5 million held at 30 June, including
$707,000 in secured deposits (underwriting manufacturing
letters of credit) due for release at the end of August. This
represents a marginal decline on the previous year’s cash
reserves of $5.6 million (including $2.97 million in secured
The Company has used its strong liquidity position to build
up modem inventories during the year, and enable faster
processing of small-quantity orders. This is reflected in the
net increase of $400,000 in stock held in inventories to
$890,000 at 30 June 2005.

Our baseline revenue for this last financial year was again strongly supported by
our Boomer range of wireless modems for the DataTAC and Mobitex networks,
where we continue to be the dominant supplier. It was also pleasing to see solid,
recurrent orders from key customers like Velocita (previously part of Cingular
Wireless), Lipman and NetworkCar. We have also extended the reach of our
Mobitex product range with versions available for the UK, Europe and Australia
and we are working with carriers and partners in each of these regions to
capture upcoming sales opportunities.

WaveReaderâ„¢ Time and Attendance Solution
The WaveReader is a handheld device that is directly targeted at the time and
attendance market. Essentially this product provides proof of attendance of a
user at a specific location.
The initial version being trialled in the market, utilises i-Button tags to
identify a location which it then reads and sends along with a date &
timestamp to the server. Future versions of the WaveReader are planned to
include barcode and RFID tags reader functionality.
Wavenet has developed not only the hardware product but also the back-end
database software that manages the wireless transactions and allows
configuration of the device, user and location information. It is strong
evidence of Wavenet moving up the value chain towards true end-to-end
solutions focused on high value, niche markets. We are working closely with
our existing distribution partners including carriers in the US and UK to take
this product to market.

The team at Wavenet is motivated and excited about the upcoming financial year. We are proud of our position in the global
wireless market and of our achievements to date, but also clearly understand the need to deliver shareholder value from
the company.
We enter this next period with our cash preserved and a strong order book. We will no doubt experience challenges as the
wireless technology market continues to accelerate, but we strongly believe that Wavenet is extremely well positioned to
address and benefit from these challenges. Whereas in the previous financial year we essentially were a well respected
component modem supplier, we have now moved beyond this and have a range of modular, flexible high value wireless
solutions that will allow us to move up the value chain towards improved revenues and profits.
Our louder and more direct marketing stance is already resonating with customers and partners and allowing us to reach
and address these higher value markets. We are looking forward to production of our GPRS and Wombat product-sets that
allow us to address a global market and to future launch of the WaveReader solution during this upcoming financial year.
The goal of the marketing and sales team is to double sales revenue for the upcoming 2005/2006 financial year.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wavenet’s employees for their commitment and hard work over this period as
well as our customers who have supported Wavenet during the last 12 months. In particular, I would like to sincerely thank
you our shareholders who have steadfastly supported Wavenet through this period and to assure you of the commitment of
the Directors, management and employees to delivery of tangible value to all shareholders during this next financial year.

directors report
During the financial year, Wavenet International Limited paid a premium of $39,750 to insure the directors and other officers
(any past, present, or future director, secretary, officer or employee of the Corporation, or any natural person who by virtue of
any applicable legislation or law is deemed to be a director or officer of the Corporation) of the consolidated entity. The
liabilities insured are for the costs and expenses that may be incurred in defending civil or criminal proceedings that may be
brought against the officers in their capacity as officers of entities in the consolidated entity.
11 December 2003 30 June 2007 $0.30 1,250,000
In addition to the above options, 1,250,000 were issued in February 2000 to E H Stroud (Non-Executive Chairman). These
options had an exercise price of $1.00 and expired on 31 August 2004. The options were exerciseable from the date of issue.
Due to the terms of these options there is no impact on the directors remuneration for the 2004 or 2005 financial year.
Options are granted under the plan for consideration. In the event that an option holder ceases to hold office as a director for
any reason, any options whose exercise period has not yet commenced at the date of cessation of office as a director will
automatically lapse. Any options whose exercise period has already commenced at the date of cessation of office as a
director will be retained by the option holder.
The assessed fair value at grant date of options granted to directors is allocated equally over the period from grant date to
vesting date and the amount is included in the remuneration tables above. Fair values at grant date are independently
determined using a Black-Scholes option pricing model that takes into account the exercise price, the term of the option,
the vesting period, the impact of dilution, the share price at grant date and expected price volatility of the underlying share,
and the expected dividend yield and the risk free rate for the term of the option.

Tax consolidation legislation
Wavenet International Limited and its wholly-owned Australian subsidiaries have decided to implement the tax consolidation
legislation as of 1 July 2003. The entities also intend to enter into a tax sharing agreement when the consolidated entity is
expected to be in a taxable position.
As a consequence, Wavenet International Limited, as the head entity in the tax consolidated group, will recognise current and
deferred tax amounts relating to transactions, events and balances of the wholly-owned Australian controlled entities in this
group in future financial statements as if those transactions, events and balances were its own, in addition to the current and
deferred tax balances arising in relation to its own transactions, events and balances. Amounts receivable or payable under
the tax sharing agreement will be recognised separately by Wavenet International Limited as tax-related amounts receivable
or payable. The impact on the income tax expense and results of Wavenet International Limited is unlikely to be material
because of the proposed tax sharing agreement. This is not expected to have a material impact on the consolidated assets
and liabilities and results.
There has been no impact in the current year as the tax consolidated group is in a tax loss position and there are no current
or deferred tax balances recognised in the statement of financial position.

post Posted: Oct 21 2005, 01:54 PM
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In reply to: mrmiyagi on Tuesday 16/11/04 07:48am

Wavenet signs exclusive supplier agreement with Lipman
Initial order for 7200 units, annual expectation for $2,500,000
Perth, Western Australia (21 Oct 2005) - "Wavenet International Ltd (ASX: WAL) today
received a purchase order from Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE:
LPMA) for an initial order of 7200 units as part of a new Exclusive Supplier Agreement for
Mobitex Modems.
The agreement initially covering 2005 and 2006, will see Wavenet supply Lipman with
modems on an ongoing basis with recurrent monthly orders expected to exceed 20,000
modems per annum contributing some $2,500,000 in annual revenue. Deliveries under this
agreement are scheduled to commence in Nov/Dec 2005.
Lipman manufactures Wireless Point of Sale terminals and is one of the leading players for
these terminals in the USA market. Over the last 18 months, Wavenet has shipped over
30,000 Mobitex modems to Lipman.
“We are very pleased to have signed an exclusive supplier agreement with Lipman as they
are one of the leading suppliers of Wireless Point of Sale terminals to the USA market.” said
Steve Metlitzky, Wavenet’s CEO. “Having a top tier customer in this important market
providing us with recurrent, ongoing business is a vote of confidence in the Wavenet team
and we value this relationship highly” said Mr. Metlitzky.
About Wavenet
Wavenet is a leading edge telecommunications company that develops and markets
innovative wireless solutions and extensible modem architecture. The Company is publicly
listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (WAL) and is based in Perth, Western Australia. For
further information about Wavenet visit our website at
About Lipman
Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: LPMA) develops, manufactures and
markets a variety of handheld, wireless and landline POS terminals, electronic cash
registers, retail ATM units, PIN pads and smart card readers, all under the NURIT® brand
name. In addition, Lipman develops technologically advanced software platforms that offer
comprehensive and customised transaction processing solutions for its customers. Lipman’s
corporate headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Israel. Lipman also maintains
subsidiaries in the US, Turkey, China, Far East, Latin America, Spain, Russia, Italy, Canada
and Latin America.


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