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Fortescue Bullro...
post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:30 PM
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In Reply To: Fortescue Bullrout's post @ Oct 9 2019, 04:27 PM

And my congratulations and sincere thanks to all here. For a pickup band, we make some fine music.
To PW and all at Clinuvel, simply, well done.

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Fortescue Bullro...
post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:27 PM
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Topicals and sunscreens: a number of product lines, Very secretive approach, we won’t educate our competitors. “The novelty is holding up” .To clinical trials within a year.

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post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:19 PM
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In Reply To: NewToCli's post @ Oct 9 2019, 03:31 PM

I think everything important has already been posted smile.gif

post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:17 PM
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Champagne cracked let's just enjoy the day yeeehhaaah

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post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:13 PM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Oct 9 2019, 04:10 PM

Nor mine.

Don't like that "selected questions only" approach.
Despite that, today was still a good day.

Dr Wolgen is a magician.
His end game for Scenesse will impress, or even amaze.
En route, along with glimmers of truth, there will be distractions, illusions, sleight of hand and misdirection.
Enjoy the ride.

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post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:13 PM
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VP still at concept stage. Vitiligo progression sounds more promising with FDA discussions to follow concerning clinical program.

VP still up in the air. I'm betting this may change to another indication. I put forward a question about off label use, it got thrown in the bin. After today's rally, I forgive you PW.

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Johnny H
post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:10 PM
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I guess they didn't want to answer my question.

Clinuvel until my bowels release for the last time.

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post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:09 PM
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No mentioning of the VP trial that was supposed to begin last spring. But they are working on a strategy.

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Dr Wally
post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:08 PM
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Jaye- what’s next? Hahaha! 🤣🤣🥳🥳🥳

After today’s action I’d say 1 or two strong alcoholic beverages. Woohoo!

Onwards and upwards doesn’t quite do the situation justice. 😎

Serious question: what do you guys (that weren’t too keen) think of our management now?

The Clinuvel information and communication age has begun.

“” The discovery of the endogenous melanocortin agonists in the 1950s have resulted in sixty years of melanocortin ligand research.””

The never ending quest to have Afamelanotide (peptide) (SEMI) accepted for its potent ability to stimulate a natural photoprotective,cancer preventative, therapeutic “tan” was (SEMI) accomplished in 2019.

Regulator ignorance, bias, and stubborn resistance to Scenesse are the primary reasons behind this glacial journey. The evidence should be clear to all by now.

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post Posted: Oct 9 2019, 04:08 PM
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Priority review will be requested in Australia.
But FDA approval doesnt directly impact the australia review process.

But w.r.t. Japan:
They are right now developing a strategy to moving into Japan.

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