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Gold, Discussion
post Posted: Mar 8 2004, 10:56 AM
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Time to get out a list of Aussie gold producers as DRD stated they want to acquire more companies after Emperor to boost production. I'm not an expert here, so who can start us off with a few names?

[b]Later, Flash[/b]
post Posted: Feb 17 2004, 08:10 AM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY saxien, Tue 06/01/04 10:29pm   [READ POST]

"the US currency has to devalue"
I think most agree, so I have been looking at the US Dollar Index as a yardstick measure.
I just noticed that it COULD could have the potential for a double bottom at 84.80 on 12 Jan and at 84.74 on 13 the Feb.
Chart still in downtrend but this signals a caution warning for a change. Not that I expect a quick uptrend but a lot of sloppy sideways action could be on the cards, which would have their effect on all commodities in general.
Just a warning sign for a possible change in trend.

post Posted: Feb 7 2004, 09:29 AM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY happychappy, Mon 12/01/04 04:55pm   [READ POST]

Hi Rotuma,

I'll add my two cents:

High potential growth for consideration:

1) Intec (INL) - recently graduated to gold producer - not yet on everyone's radar since recent 50/50 purchase of Hellyer project (Approx Au$1.6b in inferred metals) in Tasmania. Ivanhoe Mines owns the other 50% of the Hellyer Project. Intec, over many years, have also developed and patented mineral processing technologies for gold, copper, etc. Their copper process is proven. Their patented gold processing technology (Intec Refractory Gold Process - IRGP) is suited to approx 30% of the world's gold. Intec recently completed a pilot plant which will demonstrate their process. The first project through the pilot plant is Ivanhoe's, the second will be Hellyer gold. Intec will be targeting the above ground metals contained in the Hellyer's tailings dam (no digging required). There is much, much more to Intec's growth potential and I recommend a visit to their website @ - Trading approx 12.5-13c

2) Michelago (MIC) - Interests in China - watch very closely for additional good news. Trading approx 12.5c

3) Crown Diamonds (CRD) - Acquiring another significant diamond mine - under due diligence - watch for confirmation of acquisition.

Also consider ...

Croesus (CRS) - Have been around for a long time. Nickel assets recently vested in NKL through IPO last year - CRS maintain a majority shareholding. CRS paid a 1.5c (30% franked) dividend last year. Trading approx 50-52c

As always; the higher the potential return, the higher the risk so your own research is a necessity.


post Posted: Jan 12 2004, 04:55 PM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY rotuma, Sat 10/01/04 09:57pm   [READ POST]

Hi Rotuma - the choice of company depends a lot on the risk/reward balance that you are after.

If you looking for a possible 10x bagger return (and can accept the risk of a 50-90% loss) then KCG, SMO would fit. There are lots more speccy gold stocks in this category than I can follow - but AMG, GBG come to mind as two that are worth looking at.

OXR/BSG are lower risk, higher quality, and valued accordingly.

Other good lower risk stocks would include GRD (for exposure to Oceania gold float) & SED (emerging gold producer - see also the posts by Redned71 on Asxboard and ozestock).

I also like ADU a lot, but the price has moved sharply upwards recently.


post Posted: Jan 12 2004, 04:36 PM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY rotuma, Sat 10/01/04 10:57pm   [READ POST]


Another tack you could take if you want exposure to gold and are thinking medium-long term (1year+) is to buy gold outright.

The symbol GOLD represents 1/10 of a fine troy ounce and I hold a small quantity of this as part of my investment portfolio.

More info can be found on the ASX site

This way I am exposed to the rising gold price, and do not need to worry about company mining or production expenses eating into profits, company hedging policies (as I can take care of this myself) nor executives granting options or doing similar and destroying shareholder value in the process.

I agree with the bullish comments elsewhere on this forum and believe that for the reasons outlined including the US currency fiasco due to their 1/2 trillion dollar deficit that gold will be above US$700 within 24 months.


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post Posted: Jan 10 2004, 09:57 PM
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I would like advice please from experienced gold investors ... unsure.gif

I am seriously considering putting money into two gold companies (approx $4 000 each company).

I am looking at the following companies:

OXR, BSG (junior producers)
KCG, SMO (junior explorers)

atm, I'm leaning towards BSG and KCG ...

Q1: Which is the better of each category? (or are their even better options???)
Q2: Or should I look at the BIG gold producers? (eg LHG etc)
Q3: Is this gold rally long-term? (I believe so ...) or am I buying at the top, and setting myself up for a big fall???
Q4: Are there any indications of a short term retracement in gold price? Or just buy now? Perhaps TA people can help here? Last thu/fri drop to $420 was a buy opportunity. Now that gold is back around $427, I cringed, as I knew I wasn't getting funds til mon/tue! sadsmiley02.gif

Thanks guys for your help ... wink.gif

"More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has ever been taken from the Earth ..." Napoleon Hill

post Posted: Jan 7 2004, 01:19 AM
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Golds and Silver is definitely the place to invest.

Five, most probably ten years, if it reaches fifteen, get burying those krugerrands in the desert.

Do your own research as I could rant on, but I wouldn't say "Saxien is far from the truth."


People who follow me are bigger fools than I.
post Posted: Jan 6 2004, 11:18 PM
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Silver is also motoring along in gold's footsteps. We tend to forget about gold's ugly sister, but we could see some interest in companies with silver potential.

Kitco is showing silver at $6.33 compared to only $5 not very long ago (ie a 25% increase), which is of the same size as gold's increase from $340 to $425.


post Posted: Jan 6 2004, 10:29 PM
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Like it or not, we are now entering a currency driven gold rush not seen for at least 15 years, as the US currency has to devalue, (and quick) due to it,s self inflicted policy of being the planets policeman, they are now in the process of reflation, to correct their huge currency imbalance, which China will now have to address urgently, having refused to do so earlier by US requests, the Euro, reflects this standoff, but will soon correct, in the meantime aussie golds will have their day in the sun, but don,t get caught, the men in black are at it again, and they, in the end, will win the day, if by some quirk, they let this bubble go too long, you won,t have a job.

post Posted: Dec 15 2003, 11:28 PM
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That was a very good post Redned.

I have a feeling that the Aussie dollar will move back down the ladder as we have a massive debt problem as well as the U.S
I also think that if Gold goes for a run on a falling USD then our currency should peg out at at .80 This is the interesting part when we want to see how far the lacky band stretches.

I think the the run on Gold will actually be caused by a run on Silver, interesting times ahead.


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