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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 09:30 PM
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Hopefully my post about the cash ban and the few scraps that have appeared in the MSM have got some peoples attention on this forum.

If any of you who think the "powers that be" have gone and are going too far with their monetary policies please sign this petition. It would be great if more people would contact their local members but i understand not everyone sees this the same as i do.


This is a battle against international conglomerate banks like HSBC who are petitioning the government to lower the amount to well below $10,000. They have vested interests in seeing this through.

These banks, governments and financial institutions play monopoly with real peoples livelihoods and lives. NO MORE. The next GFC will come because of these scumbags and everyday people will suffer. They are vying to set up the monetary policies around the world so that they can keep playing these games!


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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 09:23 PM
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In Reply To: LevelHeaded2000's post @ Aug 20 2019, 06:42 PM

Judging by the relatively large sell orders appearing out of nowhere today which were snapped up in due haste, I don’t think these guys are worried. Of course it’s good to see them buying on the market but this is far too robotic to be coincidental. My investment is at the mercy of professionals’ whims. Such is life...

post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 07:29 PM
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What a non news newsletter again. Why don’t they just save their ink. Talking about that the fda still hasn’t studied everything and then talking about potential further delays? Wtf is this ... direct distribution, nice, but pls don’t take again 2 years to get started...

post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 07:18 PM
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In Reply To: LevelHeaded2000's post @ Aug 20 2019, 06:42 PM

Agreed. I was spewing last night thinking they had got out of it without having any effect on actual buy pressure. That's around a weeks worth of volume. Looking forward to the day they do have to buy back.

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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 06:42 PM
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Very glad to see the short decline was a data error. It was disappointing for those shorts to not have to cover on the open market. Hopefully the trend has now reversed and those shorts will have to make some very serious decisions about their investment soon.

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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 03:31 PM
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In Reply To: Verharven's post @ Aug 20 2019, 03:08 PM

AVH is the same. 20m shorts, then down to 11m, then back to 20m in 3 days. You'd have to question the accuracy of the data!!!!

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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 03:24 PM
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In Reply To: Verharven's post @ Aug 20 2019, 03:08 PM

CUV vs NEA graph since mid June. Extremely correlated with each other as opposed to the general ASX200 trend. Definitely seems like technical trading.
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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 03:08 PM
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As for minute, we're back up at 5.46%!! And noted NEA also jumped as well to be just above where it was two trading days before so it's technical games being played.

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post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 02:33 PM
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Dr Wally
post Posted: Aug 20 2019, 01:26 PM
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In Reply To: LJS's post @ Aug 20 2019, 12:52 PM

“I gather it's not an easy sign off for the signatory authority in the FDA but they better have some good reason”

The multi billion dollar question. Why do you feel it WOULDNT be an easy sign off for such a safe, effective and essential drug like Scenesse with decades of nothing but positive data to show??😑

50+ on or before PDUFA... GLTA that have seen the future and kept the faith. 😎 Scenesse 100% will be approved. Too safe, too beneficial to the health of millions. Logic and community pressure will eventually prevail over regulator ignorance.

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