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post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 08:13 AM
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Spook can you send me a link?

post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 08:13 AM
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That made The New York Times? that would be a very good thing!!!

post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 07:38 AM
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In reply to: go2thebeach on Friday 01/04/05 05:35am

Yes we need more PR and i have said that for a long time so PR,PR wakey wakey PR.

post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 06:23 AM
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Small caps line up for London's alternative market

April 1, 2005

London: One company's top product is a numbing aerosol spray, which it says can help improve sexual performance for some men. Another's business involves stripping abandoned cargo from sunken ships. And a third says it plans to explore for oil in a field the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, a former rebel group, claims it controls.

None of the three has ever made a profit, but they have all gone public recently on London's Alternative Investment Market, the British small company stock exchange. The market, known as AIM, bills itself as "the most successful growth market in the world", and it has been living up to the catchphrase. In 2004, 335 new companies were listed on AIM, more than double the 2003 number. More than 100 of these came from outside Britain. The exchange's market capitalisation reached $US60.9 billion by year end, outstripping Tokyo's small-cap market, its closest stock exchange competitor, by almost $US30 billion.

Stock exchanges for small companies are often shunned by mainstream investors, who view them as speculative and unregulated markets. Similar markets in Germany and Vancouver started out well and then failed or had to merge to survive. But the investor frenzy at the decade-old AIM shows no sign of slowing this year.

Among those seeking to join AIM with a £15 million ($37 million) raising is Epitan, an Australian company developing a fast-tanning treatment for people at risk of skin cancer.

Epitan wants to use the cash to fund clinical trials over the next 18 months.

Its product, Melanotan, makes patients brown without exposure to the sun.

The company says this can guard against skin cancer by protecting patients from sun damage. The treatment is given as an implant beneath the skin.

The New York Times

post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 05:35 AM
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Oh...i forgot

"TAN" #of hits on Google 19,800,000 Nineteen million hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are only at 5,870? We need some serious PR

post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 05:32 AM
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Hits on google:

Dermatology 3,970,000
Palatin 131,100
Psivida 22,800
Skin Cancer 7,650,000
Epitan 5,870

No wonder are stock is in the one knows who we are


post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 04:58 AM
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In reply to: endymion96 on Friday 01/04/05 03:38am

I'm not too concerned with the present events. I kind of like tha fact that the stock price is dropping like a rock. When it drops a bit more I'm going to buy that last 10,000 shares I've been wanting. My timeline still has not changed. I bought in 2 years ago expecting a substantial payback in 2009. Nothing has changed that makes me think different.

post Posted: Apr 1 2005, 03:38 AM
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After reading the report, I think going it alone was Epitan's game plan all along ... although they put the word out to the Big Pharma's to see if anyone would bite, but ONLY on their terms.

As was stated, Epitan has the data to back up Melanotan's claims. I see this move as a smart decision and of course they had to do due diligence and go fishing early in the Big Pharma pond. Unfortunately, no takers (again, they must be pushing for some pretty strong terms for the shareholders because they KNOW they have a winner). This is a chess game ... they are still leaving the door open for a Big Pharma to come in "before, during, or after" Phase III trials, but they are definitely sending a message with this announcement. If they didn't have a leg to stand on, they'd have taken the first offer that came around.

The SP is plummetting right now because some investors have been holding their breath waiting for the JV partnership that as we now know is not going to be. When the cat jumped out of the bag, these investors frickin' panicked. Why? In my opinion, its because they are morons or needed their money back (in which case they shouldn't be investing in speculative stocks in the first place). Of course, other investors wish to invest in stocks that have more of a potential for gain in the short term, and they are taking their money out now with an eye to get back in later. All of this contributes to the lower SP at the moment, but I am still not seeing any danger signs - just more waiting.

However, now that Epitan has revealed their cards they must raise the capital to continue. It is my contention that they will be putting forth some pretty awesome news over the next year as to what this drug is capabale of. I would expect nothing less than astonishment. I would also expect the Pharmas to come around in due course.

post Posted: Mar 31 2005, 11:21 PM
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Just reading the report
- have the Phase III trials been pushed out a year - I had thought they were scheduled for 2005 ??
- table on page 9 is of note for the short duration of treatment to date - although I have raised that issue in a previous post
- they talk about less adverse effects with implant than liquid injections - presume they are referring to mild nausea and facial flushing with the liquid injections. Implants seem better with lower dose and less side effects.

post Posted: Mar 31 2005, 11:12 PM
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agreed poly. Even if insto's raise this and there are only 10 clients who cares.. how many retails on the other side? thats the point!!!


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