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post Posted: Sep 26 2007, 10:36 AM
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We need a positive announcement of some sort to churn over more volume so the seller can run out of shares to sell.

Any notice of the other phase II trials starting, IND, patents or phase 3 trial updates will do.....

Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.
post Posted: Sep 25 2007, 10:32 PM
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In reply to: ad0304s on Tuesday 25/09/07 06:11pm

Don't know about today but several years ago CLVLF could not be traded electronically in the US. In order to buy or sell you had to contact a broker who in turn would contact a market maker overseas and the transaction would be handled over the phone (at high commissions).

In contrast CLVLY can be bought or sold electronically like any other stock at low commissions.

post Posted: Sep 25 2007, 06:11 PM
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In reply to: ezinameriadu on Tuesday 25/09/07 01:33pm

That makes me have more questions than I had before. smile.gif

Which exchanges are they traded on? And the reason for the greater volume is its "greater liquidity?" Isn't that like saying the reason the volume is greater is because more people trade it? Well, duh. I wonder why more people trade CLVLF, especially since it's supposedly the less desirable of the two. And why do you regret buying CLVLF, ez? I still don't really understand what's better about CLVLY, other than it's harder to trade. tongue.gif

post Posted: Sep 25 2007, 01:33 PM
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shares) are traded on different exchanges and therefore can not be exchanged for one another. For example,
I would have to sell my CLVLY shares before purchasing the same number of shares of CLVLF. The reason for the much greater daily trading volume with CLVLF is its greater liquidity. Information provided by
TD AMERITRADE. I wish I had known this before buying shares of CLVLF.

Long Haul
post Posted: Sep 25 2007, 01:24 PM
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I came across this....

This was posted on a New Zealand TV show on September 12, 2007....

Simon Shepherd of TV3 reports on what the Melanotan II peptide is and how it has tanning effects as well as libido enhancement and appetite suppressing characteristics. The video shows a well tanned doctor who takes it herself as well as the doctor administering the peptide to a young woman who hadn't tanned since she was 8 years old but suceeded in gaining a tan using Melanotan.

Link to video



post Posted: Sep 25 2007, 12:12 PM
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An up-date on ACM :
25 September 2007 11:34 Home

AbCap founder sells his remaining stake

By Danny Fortson
Published: 25 September 2007

The hedge fund manager Florian Homm has sold most of his stake in Absolute Capital Management at a massive discount just days after he dramatically left the firm he founded.

Mr Homm agreed to sell 10 million shares at just 32.5p per share to Andreas Rialas, AbCap's co-chief investment officer, last Friday, according to an announcement from the Mallorca-based fund yesterday. The £3.25m that Mr Homm netted from the sale pales in comparison with what he could have pocketed. A week ago AbCap's shares closed at 390p, valuing his stake at £39m.

That was before the astonishing turn of events last week that began when Mr Homm, AbCap's co-founder and chief investment officer, unexpectedly resigned. His exit via an open letter highly critical of other AbCap executives sent the group's AIM-listed shares spiralling down more than 85 per cent. An impromptu review of the firm's $3.2bn (£1.583bn) in managed funds then revealed that seven of its eight equity funds were incorrectly valued, prompting investor demands to take their money out. AbCap froze the funds and introduced a restructuring plan to allow it to unwind illiquid positions in an orderly fashion.

After the share sale, Mr Homm retains a 4.77 per cent stake in the firm. Mr Rialas, who came to the company last year when AbCap bought his hedge fund Argo, now owns 19.5 per cent of its shares. AbCap shares staged a mini-rally on the news, ending up 8.9 per cent at 55p.

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post Posted: Sep 24 2007, 02:22 PM
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In reply to: ad0304s on Monday 10/09/07 09:46pm

Hi ad0304s,

I also am well aware of the great difficulty in purchasing large quantities of shares of CLVLY. In Dec. 05 and
Jan. 06, I had to break down my$investment into 3 smaller quantities of shares. It took me about 3-4
business days each to purchase 2 large quantities and around 7-8 business days for the 3rd purchase. The
daily volume with CLVLY,as you noted, is pitiful. On Friday, Sept. 21, the vol. on CLVLF was 3.8 million, while
CLVLY had only 162,000 individual shares(not the 10-share bundles one has to buy). On Sept. 13, vol. with
CLVLF was 1.9 million, while CLVLY had only 61,000 individual shares. The 50-Day Average Volume was
531,308 with CLVLF. CLVLY didn't have this information. When it comes time to sell, I do not want to have to wait days to complete the transaction. I'm still a tyro investor compared to most of you, and I am having
so much trouble getting accurate information re differences between CLVLY and CLVLY. My son in AL e-mailed
Clinuvel at about 10 days ago and still hasn't received a response. He just e-mailed
them again stating that they could at least have had the courtesy to reply and to refer him to someone who
could answer his questions. Friday, I e-mailed Colin Mackie, Head of Corporate Development(Clinuvel),
at and hope he will respond. In addition, does anyone know whether my internet
broker, TD Ameritrade, could handle the change from CLVLY to CLVLF, if I do decide to do so? I e-mailed
TD Ameritrade and Jonathan S, Apex Client Services, didn't even try to answer any of my questions re
the aforementioned matter, and merely told me to contact Client Services and ask to speak with a Canadian
broker. I have no idea why, but he seemed to think that I wanted to trade on the Canadian Exhange. I will
call Client Services tomorrow, but I'm not optimistic that I'll get satisfactory answers. If that's the case, I'll
call a regular broker that my brother has used for 30 years who has served him well.

post Posted: Sep 24 2007, 02:03 PM
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In reply to: console on Monday 24/09/07 10:36am

In a post of ACM last friday I read also that they have no intention to sell there assets against every price they can get, there are limits. Perhaps these .50 level could be a support for us . Does anyone know perhaps at what level ACM bought CUV?

post Posted: Sep 24 2007, 01:10 PM
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At this site you will find a discussion about ACM.

The latest news (last sunday) on this forum:

Partner buys Abcap

FLORIAN HOMM, the hedge-fund manager who last week hammered the share price of Absolute Capital Management by resigning, has sold a 14.5% stake in the business to Andreas Rialas, one of the firm’s partners. Rialas, who runs Argo, the hedge fund owned by Abcap, bought 10m shares from Homm on Friday. Rialas now controls 31% of Abcap and Homm owns about 4%. Hedge fund hero jumps ship, page 11

Today Sunday
tomorrow Monday the market can react to the news Andreas Railas has another 10% and from the positive reaction and positive postings from BillPrince/mahfouz/kurafu-san regarding that information i think others will feel the same,

i feel the market will also act positive,
then information on Wednesday to shareholders will further improve sentiment,
and from meetings last Friday, all of this will help to make the shareholders feel more positive, then the feedback on information will take a few days, and the management meeting with fund managers will help,

what surprised me was so little information in the press at the weekend,
i worked in the newspaper industry for over 15 ,and i think they will have stories that were spiked about ACMH but now on file, everyone wanted Bank of England and Northern Rock stories in the papers,

If Andreas Railas gets the backing from his fund managers then i think this will be the last time we see low 50p share price, if they decide they do not want Andreas Railas, then ACMH and the money i put in are finished.

I will be able to judge by the share price on Monday and all next week.

post Posted: Sep 24 2007, 10:36 AM
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The big test will be to see if the selling stays limited to 50c as the volume drops off or if they will start selling lower.

Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.

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