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post Posted: Oct 19 2009, 10:59 PM
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In Reply To: dlux's post @ Oct 19 2009, 10:38 PM

After some further dd - I found this -

"Well, every single company with tenements near SFR's has jumped into SFR's "Discovery Bandwagon", except GLN, (Gleneagle Gold) which has some large land to the North and North West of Sandfire."

ALY is also on watch after recent retrace.

post Posted: Oct 19 2009, 10:38 PM
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In Reply To: Trading4Success's post @ Oct 19 2009, 11:00 AM

Quite so T4S - I had a chance for 3.2 but let it slip. Took off just after that.

It seems another deal is in the wind - either that or the biggest con since the rabbit warren.

post Posted: Oct 19 2009, 11:00 AM
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In Reply To: dlux's post @ Oct 19 2009, 10:27 AM

howdy dlux

i suspect the next announcement will be a speeding ticket.

now up 65% on 7.3mm traded.

on the opposite side the all ords down 1.02%.

doesn't make sense..something must be afoot.

FYI..I trade the Technicals NOT the Fundamentals.
post Posted: Oct 19 2009, 10:27 AM
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In Reply To: Trading4Success's post @ Oct 19 2009, 10:20 AM

Perhaps they are closer to a new 'project' or as mentioned in announcements 'other opportunities.

post Posted: Oct 19 2009, 10:20 AM
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GLN have set a bit of a cracking pace this morning.

up 23% or .06cents 2.3mm volumn.

2 month daily chart.
Attached Image

FYI..I trade the Technicals NOT the Fundamentals.
post Posted: Mar 15 2007, 10:31 AM
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GLN is more popular in Frankfurt than here. It always trading higher volume and higher price than on ASX.


post Posted: Mar 2 2007, 02:14 PM
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In reply to: exberliner on Friday 02/03/07 08:20am

Good analysis exberliner.

I bought some opts yesterday, and would like some more today if they drop further. The price seems to have come off a double bottom on the chart, with a decent volume spike. The drop off was quickly bought up again on Wednesday and continued yesterday a little.

The main concern here would be a "dead cat bounce" as it's called, but the prcing seems to be solid around the current levels.
They do seem a good play, similiar to HLX, in terms of the options running point for point just have a slighty longer ex date.

The next couple of months should be interesting for GLN anyway.

Good luck smile.gif

post Posted: Mar 2 2007, 07:20 AM
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In reply to: exberliner on Tuesday 27/02/07 09:31pm

Also posted on HC by me....

This an attempt to try and work out some values for GLN – I have entered 2 sets of figures to take into account the forthcoming placement and the maturity of the options in June of this year.

So currently GLN has:

113.6mn shares in issue
21.4mn placement subject to approval raising $3.8mn
15.8mn 20c options maturing June 07 which will raise $3.16mn on conversion.
5.5mn options convertible between 25c and 60 at various dates between 2008 and 2011
18.1mn options at 20c to be issued subject to shareholder approval maturing in Jan 09

All figures above taken from the Chairman’s presentation at the RIU conference in Freemantle on 21.02.07

So for the purposes of this exercise

I will use 135mn as the undiluted total
And 150mn as the diluted (the5.5mn options maturing 2008 – 2011 and the 18.1mn options maturing in 2009 and not yet issued I have excluded for the moment).

__________________________________________________ ______

December 06 Quarter

Production fell below expected levels as there were some issues with the processing plant. These issues have now been rectified and the company started 2007 with all systems go. Even then the December quarter figures were certainly useful:

Production of 7,228 ounces of gold of which 5.870 were sold at $898 against a production cost of $833 per ounce for a

Quarterly profit thus $381,550

Plus 1,358 ounces produced but not yet sold (worth around $1.1mn)

__________________________________________________ _________

For the March Quarter

Production forecast at between 10,000 and 11,000 ounces (let’s take 10,500 as an average)

Production costs reduced to $780 as volume increases

As GLN runs a hedge book we can expect $898 per ounce for sales
Gives a profit for the march quarter of $1.2mn + the 1,358 ounces from the last quarter already produced but not sold $1.1mn gives us $2.3mn for the March quarter.

__________________________________________________ __

June Quarter

Average forecast of 13,500 ounces

Production cast now down to $600 per ounce

Again taking hedged sales at $898 per ounce we get

A profit of $4mn for the June quarter.


The recent placement will pay down debt; the company is positive on cashflow and profits – not at sometime in the far distant future but now with this rising to at least $4mn a quarter by June of this year.

As production goes up the costs per ounce naturally fall – thus as the company increases production it will lose its “high cost producer” tag. The higher fixed costs only really relate to the start up phase which is now over

In addition there are some other very positive developments:

• JV with OKLO to develop Uranium interests on the GLN tenements.

• Doolgunna project returning 299 g/t AU rock chip samples over a 400m strike length – more to come on that one…

So we have a gold producer that will be producing $4mn+ profit per quarter by June of this year. A successful placement to pay down debt and increased buying volume very apparent over the last few days.

This company was around 50c in November. With all the problems now solved and a string of profitable quarters coming up I would argue that back to 50c is where it is going.

Someone show me another junior miner with a profitable mine, its own processing plant and an undiluted value of $31mn / $34.5mn diluted.

Don’t forget they will be making $4mn per quarter from June.

Or potentially $16mn per year.

At current market prices we get a forward p/e ratio of 2.

Wouldn’t a p/e of 10 make more sense??

I bought more of these on Wednesday and will sit back and watch now.

A junior miner with a pe ratio....whatever next :-)


post Posted: Feb 27 2007, 09:31 PM
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In reply to: busylion on Monday 19/02/07 11:27am

2nd biggest % riser in the market todat on GLNO - relentless buying all day...this compant represents greatvalue imo...

They will be making quarterly profits of around $3 - $4mn by the June quarter....

and only worth about $'s action showed I am not alone in this thought...

Kepp the oppies on your watchlist - still offering 4X leverage.


post Posted: Feb 19 2007, 11:27 AM
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A Huge placement at a very generous price Causing a large dilution.

Gleneagle Gold Limited (“Gleneagle”) is pleased to announce it has agreed to place 36.5 million ordinary shares at an issue price of 18 cents per share, with a one for two free attaching 20 cent option exercisable by 31 January 2009, to raise approximately $6.56 million (pre costs of the issue).

It is more that 35% of dilution excluding new 36.5 million options (pre-placement the number of shares is about 98 m). It is cheaper than most recent placement & SPP at 25c in November / December 2006 (21 m shares with no option).

A company with a huge potential but with a poor capital management WILL create a poor performance in its share prices.

anyone still following it?



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