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post Posted: Jul 25 2005, 03:18 PM
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In reply to: brickwalls on Thursday 05/02/04 10:40am

Knocking on $4's door.

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post Posted: Feb 5 2004, 10:40 AM
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Outlook - from Qrt Rpt
"Most market commentators are generally expecting improved economic performance in the second half of the 2003/2004 financial year. As a result, the market generally has an optimistic view of earnings growth and anticipates rising share prices. There are, however, a number of issues which may detract from the optimistic scenario, in particular, the possibility of rising interest rates, both here and abroad, in a bid to correct economic imbalances. There is also particular concern in Australia about the prospect of a continuing strengthening A$ relative to the US$. While positive for importers and overseas travellers, there are many other areas of the economy viewing this strong rise as an unwelcome development.
Other issues which may affect the current benign outlook would be any significant deterioration in the global security situation, terrorist disturbances or some other unexpected shock. While such events may have a temporary impact on equity prices, they may have another side effect of increasing the level of volatility, which affects option prices.
Given the current medium to long-term optimism regarding the major resource companies noted above, we have been continuing to add to our holdings of these stocks in our portfolio. The recent weakness in bank stocks has also given us the opportunity to add to our holdings in these companies as we have been somewhat underweight in this area of market."
Currently @$3.67
Top 20 Investments - Ordinary securities $ million
66.4 NAB National Australia Bank
46.4 CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia
39.7 BHP BHP Billiton
38.4 TLS Telstra Corporation
37.6 NCP The News Corporation (a)
30.3 ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
19.6 WBC Westpac Banking Corporation
15.7 WAN West Australian Newspapers Holdings
14.3 WPL Woodside Petroleum
14 RIO Rio Tinto
13.4 TOL Toll Holdings
12.7 TCL Transurban Group
11.9 WOW Woolworths
11.5 AMP AMP
11.4 AGL The Australian Gas Light Company
10.8 CML Coles Myer
10.4 FGL Foster's Group
10 AMC Amcor
9.2 BIL Brambles Industries
8.9 AWC Alumina
Total 432.6
As % of Total Portfolio Value ($594.4m) 72.8%
(excludes Cash & Bank Bills)

post Posted: Dec 23 2003, 11:57 AM
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icon13.gif Worth a look for consistent returns 6-8%% FF div.
Dec 03 NTA $2.98 vs sp $3.40 [$3.48current]
NTA has fallen a little on previous years most likely due to 29% of holdings is in the banking & finance sector. But that will recover as usual and they have minimal exposure to property.
Pretty much tracked the all ords for last 2 years [as expected due to their portfolio - note annual post tax EOY dip] but has fallen a way a little in last 6 months may rise soon before 1/2 year div.

Get last Annual report @ <>
pp53-55 has full list of holdings, notes and securities.


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