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post Posted: Apr 4 2006, 12:09 AM
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In reply to: yan on Saturday 28/01/06 02:33pm

Well its all over. Very dissapointing really. The company had the potential to in the future be a one stop shop for small business' utility needs of all types in this country and the management sold out. Very Disspointing.

I can't help but think the 1 million break free had something to do with the liberman family not choosing to either block the bid or bid itself.

It will now become part of an inefficient government conglomerate who was taking them over to defend their queensland territory as much as anything else.

Very Sad

post Posted: Jan 28 2006, 01:33 PM
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In reply to: roddombo on Friday 23/12/05 10:54am

New substantial holder notice.
Don’t look like it end with Queenslander, Roddombo should feel happy about that, someone else agree with you with their money.

For me unfortunately had sold out mine, bad decision

post Posted: Dec 23 2005, 10:54 AM
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In reply to: roddombo on Friday 23/12/05 11:48am

Dissapointing Price. I am not happy and feel sold out. Th problem is the directors are keen to sell etc

post Posted: Dec 23 2005, 10:48 AM
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In reply to: roddombo on Wednesday 21/12/05 02:28pm

Australian Energy Limited (ASX Code: AEN), trading as Powerdirect (AEN) has entered into
an agreement with Ergon Energy Pty Ltd (Ergon Energy), a Queensland Government owned
electricity company, in relation to the acquisition of all outstanding shares and options in AEN.
As announced at the AGM on 16 November 2005, the company had appointed Credit Suisse
First Boston to conduct a strategic review of the company following certain unsolicited
approaches regarding the ownership of AEN. That process has resulted in a proposal being
submitted by Ergon Energy for AEN to undergo a Scheme of Arrangement for cash
consideration of $1.95 per share. This proposal represents a 16.1% premium to the closing
price of $1.68 on day prior to the most recent trading halt.
The AEN directors unanimously recommend that shareholders and optionholders vote in
favour of the proposal from Ergon Energy in the absence of a superior proposal. The
proposal is to be implemented through Schemes of Arrangement which are expected to be
put to AEN shareholders and optionholders for their approval in March 2006. The timetable
and terms for the Schemes are governed by a Transaction Implementation Deed entered into
between AEN and Ergon Energy. Full details of the Schemes are anticipated to be provided
to shareholders and optionholders in February 2006.
AEN Chairman, Alan Castleman said, “The proposal recognises the great success of
Australian Energy as a rapidly growing electricity retailer in a strongly competitive market. It
is no surprise that Australian Energy’s operations, people and strategy of targeting small to
medium enterprises have prompted an attractive proposal from a significant industry player”.
The Transaction Implementation Deed is subject to a number of conditions. Certain terms of
the deed are summarised in the attachment to this Announcement.

post Posted: Dec 21 2005, 01:28 PM
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In reply to: kiril on Thursday 01/12/05 04:14pm

the trading halt should reveal all

post Posted: Dec 1 2005, 03:14 PM
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Interesting to see Abel Investments/ JGL Investments- the vehicle for the Liebermen family....has taken a position this year in this stock.

Could BNB be looking to bag this stock for a trust or energy investment vehicle......all will be revealed me thinks.



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post Posted: Nov 25 2005, 12:40 AM
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In reply to: One Up on Thursday 24/11/05 08:01pm

Reading into the address you may think a takeover was in the wings either by aen or, less likely, for aen. If they can aquire 40,000 retail customers on the cheap then thats excellent.

All pure speculation.

Either way without any action in that regard I still will not be selling my shares below $3 in the next year or so.

I have also expected a rise before this information in the address due to the inevitable comparisons between aen and the new agl retail electricity business bringing greater levels of attention.

One Up
post Posted: Nov 24 2005, 07:01 PM
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Well done all holders.

post Posted: Nov 24 2005, 06:20 PM
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Finally, we have got our reward.

post Posted: Nov 24 2005, 05:55 PM
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In reply to: One Up on Monday 19/09/05 07:15pm

At $1.80 today. Great leaps in the last 2-3 days.

"Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits." Satchel Paige

"No road is long with good company." Traditional

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