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Special Guests - Talk Shop And Take Stock With Market Experts

Lovell's Landscape

Tom Lovell is independent strategist, trader and advisor with boutique advisory firm Pulse Markets. Click here to scour Lovell's Landscape.
Abernethy's View

Clime's John Abernethy has over 25 years experience in funds management and corporate advisory services. Click here to view Abernethy's View.
Forex Focus

Greg McKenna has spent the past 2 decades in Financial Markets with a number roles including Head of Currency Strategy at the NAB and WBC. Click here to put FX in focus.
Barratt's Brief

Jonathan Barratt has been involved in the financial markets for the last 25 years with experience in the Australian, London and HK markets. Click here to view Barratt's Brief.
Rudi's Message

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck has been a journalist for nearly three decades, of which nearly two decades in finance. Click here to view Rudi's Message.
Vas's View

Vas Kolesnikoff is the chief executive of the Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA). Click here to read Vas's View.
Dr. Super

John McIlroy is known as one Australia's leading authorities on superannuation and self managed super funds. Click here to join the conversation with Dr. Super.
Safe As Houses

Michael Ramsay is based in Melbourne and has operated his buyer's agency business Michael Ramsay Property, since 1998. Click here to talk real estate with Safe As Houses.