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What's in a name..., What does that username really mean?
post Posted: Mar 24 2005, 11:04 AM
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Been thinking of this concept for a few weeks. Re-edited to this version today.

China accepting a 70% increase in the iron ore price is simply a step in the chinese chequers business mind strategy of long term positioning for their real estate valuations and cash flow to increase.

(Their real estate has little iron ore -so don't care about iron ore price or contracts- just develop rappore for partners to speed up magnesium integration. Next future tactical chequer step is for others to accept an increase in magnesium price, being 40% of Chinese commodity real estate and the next new 40 yr industrial building products growth cycle, when the majority of building metals will be alloyed with magnesium for twice the strength and twice the lightness)

what's in a name? - the future modifications.

post Posted: Mar 24 2005, 10:47 AM
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I'm waiting for 'The Flasherman' to post on this thread !

What's the story, Flash ?

R / DaJ. (boring initials)

post Posted: Mar 24 2005, 09:25 AM
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In reply to: tastarga on Thursday 24/03/05 08:03am

ahhh the Targa Tasmania-of course....
This is an interesting thread, damn Im boring..... Kathy-Katherine nothing exciting or imaginative in my choice sad.gif just my name.....

Have a great Easter Break everyone
Kathy smile.gif

post Posted: Mar 24 2005, 08:58 AM
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Posts: 1,642
Thanks: 16 the listened to a kiwi who told you to jump off a would be the first ocker I know to do that! LOL....must have been the thin air huh? grommit

post Posted: Mar 24 2005, 08:39 AM
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I first went to Switzerland 14 years ago to work as a whitewater raft guide and saw for the first time people floating around in the sky, they were actually FLYING, I couldn't believe my eyes as they floated around for hours - I was looking at a new phenomonen called paragliding.

I knew I had to do it and one of my rafting buddies (a Kiwi) who had no more than 10 flights himself (therefore NO experience or idea!) but owned a paraglider took me up a mountain strapped me in and said RUN! I did ! And somehow survived that first flight.

I fell in love with Switzerland, became hopelessly addicted to paragliding, went through the whole Swiss liscencing process to get a commercial liscence (6 years) and continue to work there in summer taking tourists flying off the Alps.

My favourite style of flying is called Cross- Country where you take off from a mountain and simply fly as far as you can. Catching thermals you can rise up to the clouds (my highest was over 4000 meters or 13000ft) then you glide out to the next thermal and rise up to the next cloud and just keep going. Sometimes we rise above the clouds and sometimes we can fly through tunnels and canyons in the clouds. It really is surreal and amazing and very beautiful.

Anyway, hence the name , cloudwalker

post Posted: Mar 24 2005, 08:03 AM
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Named after the race for lunatics who run around the bush at breakneck speed over some of the most prospective geology in the world -yet still barely explored (Mt READ Volcanics West Coast Tassie).
For those that know me, I don't muck around, I work in an environment reliant on mining, and I like Tassie (even though I am Victorian)-a lunatic?maybe.


post Posted: Mar 23 2005, 11:33 PM
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My wife's nickname for me. She's an Italian teacher and my Bella. wub.gif

john constantine
post Posted: Mar 23 2005, 10:37 PM
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before the movie,john constantine was a 'work made for hire' series,the property of d.c.------it was worked on by some of the group of imported british creative talent that made the 'vertigo' imprint something special. some of these blokes wrote about being young,poor irish and drunk in thatchers england ,some just about the one of those things they held dearest to their a 'work made for hire' title though,the company could prostitute it off to highest bidder for film rights,putting the screenplay through enough rewrites so it would be marketable.-------i haven't seen the movie,just heard enough about it to give it a miss.--------constantine with a gun?,he does his most horriffic work up close and personal with a broken pint glass in a pub--not a 'cowardliness of the long distance kill' bloke our john. constantine with a love interest?------well alright,he has a string of ex-girls,but that is the point,they pick him up to prove that under the hard cynical drinking smoking 40 year old [yes 40 +] exterior is something a woman can work with. every one of them that lives long enough finds out that he is the same man all the way down.-----in the original he is 40 odd smoking still after the lung cancer [silk cuts] ,still conning ,building and collecting on debts,high functioning alchoholic,magnet for mentally ill rigid angry control freak women,[come back kit,all is forgiven] and through life has picked up enough magic to have an edge------knowing always that the price for using magic/prayer to do something is higher than it would be to just do it.-the series is an insight into the human condition if you are a bloke like me,and the movie shafted it.constantine is a man that life consistently feeds with stool sandwiches---he just has enough of an edge to be able to choose the type of bread they are made from.

Need Money
post Posted: Feb 22 2005, 09:26 PM
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Hi ,

My nick name is derived from the constant question I have faced for the last 6years.
If you have not guessed it ..I am a mortgage funder/manager helping people organise their dream. I also thought why not use it as a nickname in my share trading..LOL we always need money I guess.

I know where to organise it.

Need Money.
post Posted: Feb 22 2005, 09:17 PM
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This is a great thread. Kosmo, you are one funny dude. tongue.gif


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