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post Posted: Mar 8 2004, 03:06 PM
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Actually called GPE now. Formerly EEL but under new management. GPE has patented technologies regarding renewable resources and has recently commenced with a 5mw plant on the Gold Coast having relisted on Friday. Extremely bright future with this one IMO, as company has secured a 100 million dollar debt facility to build 5 plants and plans to have numerous plants using supplied waste materials to create power. On current estimates using the figures from their announcements which I suggest people have a look at, company profit could be inexcess of 90 million dollars in a couple of years (include China venture) A 20MW plant going on current based price according to figures given will generate revenues of about $14 million dollars - profit of $4 million dollars. GPE plan to have plants generating nearly 400MW in the next few years. Share price at present around 29 cents with 270 million (approx) on offer.
Worth a look at with a long term view hold IMO. Please do your own research before buying.

post Posted: Mar 8 2004, 01:22 PM
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