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Billy Boots
post Posted: Today, 07:59 AM
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Instead of us all whinging (with good reason) is there some way we can lodge a complaint through ASIC as a group. We are all being held to ransom by Phillipe Wolgen, and this does not seem HONEST to me. We are not being told the whole truths by this company?? Just a thought. We stand to lose a lot of money or with honesty gain a lot!!

post Posted: Today, 07:16 AM
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Just curious...has anyone on this board actually been inside the Melbourne office and met any employees? I think Verharven mentioned he lives nearby.

I'm from the U.S. and actually went to the Melbourne office when I was there last month on vacation. No one was home at the time I visited, which seemed odd.

post Posted: Today, 06:54 AM
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In Reply To: Klomp's post @ Today, 06:24 AM

Yes, I agree the whole thing stinks. The share price clause overrides the market capitalization criteria in the event of a recession. So, yeah, they're trying to make it easier for PW to get his shares whether it be by the share price outperforming the indexes or simply giving him another year to meet the market capitalization criteria. It's all BS.

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post Posted: Today, 06:24 AM
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In Reply To: xlnja's post @ Today, 05:29 AM

There is a performance criteria in the awarding of the performance rights linked to the share price. That's why they are doing this. Have the starting position really low to maximise the chances of exercise. I don't think it is the extra year they are after (although it certainly helps). Its the starting share price that is most important.
The Board was meant to ratify the performance package "as soon as practicable after the meeting". Hence, the whole thing shows a distinct lack of corporate governance, and the fact that the Company and Board is now very much under the control of PW.

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post Posted: Today, 06:02 AM
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In Reply To: royco's post @ Yesterday, 08:29 PM

i wonder why there has been an announcement regarding setting up a new laboratory at all. Since taking 100% of Vallaurix, they already had premises that were supposed to have laboratory facilities etc and be well into researching formulation etc. Now it looks like they are just starting to set all that up now. Thats the trouble with this company, they give the impression that they are moving on all fronts, but actually they are only giving hints at what might come in the near future. Another example of this could be the OTCs that were supposed to come out in July last year. Are we now to assume that, because they have just announced setting up this new laboratory they may now begin preliminary formulation work on the fabled OTCs? Far fetched? I don't think so, given the history of this company.

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post Posted: Today, 05:29 AM
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In Reply To: johnnytech's post @ Today, 05:26 AM

It should only add up to 1 year extension since it must be granted within 12 months from last AGM.

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post Posted: Today, 05:26 AM
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In Reply To: royco's post @ Today, 02:47 AM

>> "The CEO incentive plan recall is most welcome".

Wait, I thought our position was that it was suspicious because it adds 3 years extension to PW's timing window?

post Posted: Today, 04:16 AM
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In Reply To: royco's post @ Today, 02:47 AM

R&D won’t factor into negotiations. But I think the price is fine I’d rather they focus on expanding to 6 implants a year when needed. A higher price makes negotiations harder and there is already pushback from some European countries there. And once more indications are approved the price is going to drop anyway so this would just be a short term fix.

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post Posted: Today, 04:10 AM
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In Reply To: royco's post @ Today, 04:02 AM

The solution for the winterdip should be the coming US sales.
There are quite a few states which are very sunny throughout the year inclusive winter and there will be propably 6 implants for those patients.
This is a guess, but I think a plausible guess.

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post Posted: Today, 04:02 AM
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In Reply To: arjan1972's post @ Yesterday, 06:57 PM

Clinuvel knows for years that there is little implant demand this season.
The cost restrictions were self-imposed and kept results from sliding too far of the mark.
This year with the "unfortunately late" timing of the fda approval and the cost increases following cuv got hammered with thick double digit profit decrease.

They should find a solution for thiswinterdip.
Nobody wants to live through another kebab_store like sales season (courtesy to our wallstreet online friends clinuvellians).
This is a pharma company and a business, the management should come with solutions ASAP to have a more steady revenue stream.
No so called biotech high risk company growth company can afford this kind of (planned) drop in already minuscule profits without the markets taking action.

At the same time solid US sales report in the short term could send this sp back into the stratospheric market cap regions.


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