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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 07:44 AM
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The new Mt 7117 trial has a few updates:

- 1 pill per day taken in the morning
- trial will begin in August.
- 12 US sites

That's all I have

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 07:21 AM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Mar 14 2020, 03:36 AM

"The practical effect of this action is to require most short sales to be covered." though this comment only refers to naked shorts.

From what they did in 2008. Obviously the technicalities could vary this time around if another ban is introduced, but it's interesting history to be aware of.

More detail here:

if you are keen.

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 06:58 AM
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Good to know!!

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 06:54 AM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Mar 14 2020, 04:32 AM

Well shorts being banned combined with significant US rollout news would be fun to watch, panic buying. We might even get back to our FDA approval value, fairly quick. My new daydream. rolleyes.gif

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 04:45 AM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Mar 14 2020, 03:36 AM

I would expect shorts to want to close out if they can't count on pushing th emarket down.

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 04:32 AM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Mar 14 2020, 03:36 AM

If they ban shorts, I'm going to start buying.

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Johnny H
post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 03:36 AM
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Question for the Aussie finance/accounting guys:

If ASIC bans shorting, does that only apply to future trades, or will traders be required to close out existing shorts?

I don't know what the answer is, but I sure know what I want it to be.

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 03:31 AM
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Front. Med., 27 June 2019 |
The Importance of Melanocortin Receptors and Their Agonists in Pulmonary Disease

ARDS, the fatal aspect of Respiratory viruses
Regulation of cytokines, seems to be part of innate immunity


Melanocortin agonists are ancient neuropeptides that have steroidogenesis and anti-inflammatory properties. They activate melanocortin receptors (MCR), a family of five seven-transmembrane G-protein coupled receptors. MC1R and MC3R are mainly involved in immunomodulatory effects. Adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH) and alpha-Melanocortin stimulating hormone (α-MSH) reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in several pulmonary inflammatory disorders including asthma, sarcoidosis, and the acute respiratory distress syndrome. They have also been shown to reduce fibrogenesis in animal models with pulmonary fibrosis. By understanding the functions of MCR in macrophages, T-helper cell type 1, and T-helper cell type 17, we may uncover the mechanism of action of melanocortin agonists in sarcoidosis. Further translational and clinical research is needed to define the role of ACTH and α-MSH in pulmonary diseases.

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 03:11 AM
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TN lecturer submits research on reducing COVID-19 impact to ICMR
Published: Feb 29,202007:30 AM by Tharian Mathew

A lecturer attached to the government Thanthai Periyar polytechnic college here has sent to the central government’s Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) details of a study on biophysics undertaken in his PhD research that reportedly deals with drugs to reduce the virulence of the present novel coronavirus epidemic. His research is now reportedly being perused by NIV scientists.

Ravikumar Chandrasekar
Vellore: Talking to DT Next, Ravikumar Chandrasekar said, “I approached the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) website through which I informed those concerned about my computational analysis on drugs to reduce the virulence of coronavirus.”

When asked how being a lecturer in physics he was researching drugs related to the medical field, Ravikumar said, “My study is in the area of drug discovery and crystallography in the field of biophysics. I have submitted my thesis to Anna University.”

In a letter dated February 20 from ICMR’s Dr Nivedita Gupta, Ravikumar had been informed that his research studies on molecular docking was being shared with scientists in ICMR’s Pune-based National Institute of Virology (NIV) lab.

In his study, Ravikumar mentioning an earlier statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that it would take two years for a coronavirus vaccine to be formulated, stated, “The alternative is to use existing drugs to reduce the infection’s virulence so that death could hopefully be prevented.”

The 13-page document ends with stating that existing drugs, including Daptomycin, Afamelanotide, Tetracosactide, Lanreotide, Ceruletide and Pasireotide “could control or reduce infection, including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, pneumonia, ARS (Acute Respiratory Syndrome) kidney failure and even death” as had been reportedly proved by computational studies.

Ravikumar is now awaiting a response from the NIV. His guide at the government polytechnic College is Dr S Murugavel.

In my opinion, SC should be even more effective than afa due to its long-acting technology!

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post Posted: Mar 14 2020, 03:10 AM
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Italy and Spain ban shorting

Short-selling restrictions were also put in place for some Asian markets, with South Korea’s Financial Services Commission going the furthest by banning short-selling of shares listed on Kospi, Kosdaq and Konex for six months. In Thailand, short sales were not banned, but rules are being adjusted for current market conditions, according to the President of the country’s stock exchange.

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