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post Posted: Oct 12 2004, 06:34 AM
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THE KING says NOT to worry they will work it OUT.. king.gif

post Posted: Oct 11 2004, 08:07 PM
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In reply to: bloodclot on Monday 11/10/04 07:36pm

The word 'coalition" is important. The Liberals may want to see TLS sold, but, the Nationals will require that rural Australia is covered. I suspect that to provide a reasonable service to rural Australia is not possible if Telstra is seen as the only provider.
Expect the new governmebt to provide 'incentives" to other telcos.

post Posted: Oct 11 2004, 07:36 PM
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Obviously Krauts don't have bush voters LOL. Though incumbent government more leftist than Aussie Labor. Wonder if Peter will show this to John tomorrow?

Germany to cut stake in Deutsche Telekom
Germany’s government is to sell off up to €4bn of shares in Deutsche Telekom (Xetra: 555750.DE - news) , the country’s former telecommunications monopoly, in a bid to keep national dedebts within European Union limits.

The sale, which includes up to €3bn of shares and a greenshoe or over-allotment option of 15 per cent, was announced by on Monday morning by KfW, a state-run development bank, which holds part of the government’s stake in Deutsche Telekom.

KfW said it was also issuing warrants totalling up to €1bn which can be exchanged into Deutsche Telekom shares.

The warrants warrants will be offered in up to three tranches withterms of six, 12 or 18 months according to market demand.

If the placement goes to plan, the government, which currently owns 43 per cent of the company, will reduce its stake by about 7 per cent.

Germany is following in the footsteps of other European governments which have recently sold assets to help bring debt within the EU’s limit of 60 per cent of gross domestic product.

post Posted: Oct 11 2004, 07:33 AM
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I'm just happy that we got through the Election without a terrorist attack.

As for Telstra, I think you're all correct; It should go up short term.

However, long term Telstra has a serious problem with VOIP services, this is why Ziggy is buying companies like "the trading post" to try and diversify cashflow streams from areas other than communications.

Once the mass public start making their phone calls using the internet, it will take a massive chunk of revenue out of their balance sheet.


The above comments are just my opinions, do your own research before deciding to buy or sell.
post Posted: Oct 10 2004, 10:04 AM
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In reply to: michaelirish on Sunday 10/10/04 07:29am

Certainly a positive for TLS - however wouldn't expect a return to T2 pricing anytime soon.

Depends how much of a "services to the bush" anchor TLS has to drag to ensure votes of National Party senators.

Maybe could even convince the Greens to support the sale if it was tied to the environment (not) - LOL.

One thing is for sure - there will be less Senate committees convened in Canberra smile.gif

post Posted: Oct 10 2004, 07:29 AM
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In reply to: theking on Sunday 10/10/04 07:15am

The Coalition has 38 seats in the Senate from July 2. I seat to the FPP and they are favourable to the Coalition.
I expect the price to rise.

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post Posted: Oct 10 2004, 07:15 AM
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THE KING says all of TLS will now be SOLD.. king.gif

post Posted: Oct 10 2004, 12:00 AM
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Will we see a jump on monday?

post Posted: Oct 9 2004, 10:14 PM
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looks like the lib/nats will have 38 of the 76 senate seats and need only one to pass legislation from when the senate chages on July 1 next year.

Thye will get their extra one from the independant who is really alib (name escapes me at the moment)

Given this, expect to see Telstra with "for sale" signs in the second half of next year.


What suitable strategies do posters percieve for TLS, knowing the above and the current/foreseeable state of the company?

At what price will T3 be offered?

My early thoughts are either long dated ITM (in the money) options (quite high cost), perhaps balanced out as a spread of some sort or ITM installment warrants with at least 2years to run.

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post Posted: Sep 6 2004, 09:18 AM
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Telstra’s national media inquiry line is 13 1639 and Media Centre is located at:

Telstra today announced it had signed an agreement to acquire leading business solutions provider Damovo Australia for an enterprise value of $64.3 million, positioning it well in the fast growing IP Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) sector.
Damovo is a large national multi-vendor CPE maintenance provider covering leading
CPE brands including Ericsson, NEC, Fujitsu, Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, Siemens and Alcatel. Damovo also resells PABX and IP enabled PABX products and applications for Ericsson, Mitel and other leading vendors and also provides call centre solutions for large and medium sized companies.

This acquisition underpins Telstra’s strategy to deliver growth by offering business
customers the ability to source the full range of telecommunications and IT services
through a single provider.

Telstra Business and Government Group Managing Director, David Thodey, said Damovo provided Telstra with additional capability to provide PABX services as a part of an integrated telecommunication solution and also the provision of services such as voice and call centre solutions that Telstra manages on behalf of our customers.

“Additionally, as businesses consider IP in the coming years, Damovo will give us significant CPE maintenance and product capability alongside our industry leading IP networks and applications such as telephony and multi-media.”

Telstra’s Business and Government Managing Director, Business segment, Christine Holgate, said Telstra’s ability to package IP CPE with carriage and applications was critical at a time when many businesses were upgrading their CPE. “Damovo allows Telstra to tailor end to end communication packages for small and medium businesses that provide them with the productivity and competitive advantages of new technologies,” Ms Holgate said.

According to analysts, Frost and Sullivan, IP PABX is expected to make up more than 50 per cent of the CPE market from the current 35 per cent by 2007. Damovo is well positioned to take advantage of this trend as a leading provider of CPE equipment and maintenance services supported by a well-respected national dealer network. “Telstra will have a strong platform from which it can benefit as many businesses commence upgrading their CPE capability in 2005 when the six year life cycle for PABX systems finishes following Y2K upgrades,” Ms Holgate said. “Telstra will complement its core strength in telecommunications with Damovo’s capabilities in designing, installing, maintaining and managing customers’ CPE
requirements using its well established sales and maintenance businesses and dealer networks.

The acquisition recognises Telstra’s customer feedback that they want a single point of contact for all CPE and network related issues.” Ms Holgate said customers were seeking a staged transition to IP environments that maximised the use of their existing PABX equipment. “The move to IP has been supported by significant investments in PABX functionality and this has ensured that both CPE and network based IP services remain important solutions for customers,” she said.

The acquisition met Telstra’s investment criteria providing operational control, being EPS accretive and cash flow positive in year two and was consistent with its capital management strategy. The acquisition price represents an EBITDA multiple of approximately five times Damovo’s latest management forecasts.
Damovo currently manages more than 4000 business customers including ANZ Bank, Australian Taxation Office, and Department of Foreign Affairs. It also partners with Telstra on several of its largest services contracts including National Australia Bank. Completion of the transaction is subject to some contractual conditions and Telstra expects to complete the acquisition in the coming weeks.
Telstra media contact:
Warwick Ponder
02 9298 4619


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