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post Posted: Today, 02:18 PM
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In Reply To: GoldenCondor's post @ Today, 02:04 PM

Thank you for your kind words GC. biggrin.gif I liiike!

You buy PW tanning drug? wacko.gif

Ok Pharma, I agree it’s a Yahoos paradise.

My advice fwiw. Don’t take things (or yourself) too seriously around here, scroll straight past the garbage and know in your heart that this great cancer preventing drug will ONE day hold legend status, hopefully before the patents run out no!

post Posted: Today, 02:10 PM
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Hi guys, its been a long time in the wilderness, but I'm back to spread the zest. Peace my fellow investors!

Seek and destroy rampers, eliminate idiocy, conquer with logic.
post Posted: Today, 02:04 PM
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In Reply To: Ozdronetech's post @ Today, 12:38 PM

Hi, Ives been reading your posts some while now. In my country we have saying, do you know about the phrase "Cow with big udders not always full milk?" I think this applies your great posts. Please, keep filling wub.gif

post Posted: Today, 12:38 PM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Today, 11:32 AM

No problem. cool.gif

And you dont sound a day over 71 Billy. wink.gif

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Billy Boots
post Posted: Today, 11:32 AM
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In Reply To: Ozdronetech's post @ Today, 09:19 AM

Thanks for such an inspiring reply, maybe I might be inspired to keep holding my Clinuvel stock a few more years if I can live that bloody long? Most people know my age, I certainly haven't hidden it.

post Posted: Today, 09:19 AM
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In Reply To: FarmaZutical's post @ Today, 02:14 AM

Yahoo?? Really??

Not once have I mentioned politics, Trump or Biden or predict that the SP would end the day @26.00 or 26.20 and Ive never wished cancer or a painful death upon anyone’s family member.

I just have a strong opinion that there’s other illogical forces, paternalistic to the point of stupidity causing way more harm (corrupt even) not just PW incompetence, thats been holding this great drug progress down to a painful crawl, stopping it from safely preventing cancer, disfigurement, financial difficulties and pain in millions of sufferers for at least a decade now. That’s all. sad.gif


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post Posted: Today, 02:14 AM
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It’s official. ShareCafe is the new Yahoo board 😅

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post Posted: Yesterday, 09:08 PM
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“Skin cancer is one of Australia’s most common cancers, with data showing almost a million cases of skin cancer in 2015.

Skin cancer is primarily caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, causing DNA damage to skin cells. If this damage is not repaired by the body’s internal DNA repair machinery, then faulty cell replication can occur – triggering the abnormal growth of cells – which eventually become cancers.

People with pale skin types are more vulnerable to skin cancer and, broadly, the more sun they are exposed to – and the greater the intensity of the UV radiation – the higher their risk.

Cutaneous malignant melanoma is the most aggressive skin cancer claiming more than 1,700 lives in 2016. Squamous cells carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma are far more common but far less life threatening. Despite being very amenable to treatment if identified at an early stage, squamous cells carcinomas still caused 560 deaths in 2016.

International comparisons highlight the extent to which we and our Kiwi friends are undisputed world champions in skin cancer. Unfortunately, we’ve long occupied gold and silver on the skin cancer Olympic podium.”

“A conservative estimate of the cost of treating melanoma in Australia exceeds A$270 millionannually. If we add non-melanoma skin cancers (now called “keratinocyte cancers” after their cell of origin) and the bill is likely more than A$1billion a year.

Why us?
Most Australians (and Kiwis) have the wrong type of skin for their environment. Basically, through migration, our two countries have been populated by many people with fair skin whose ancestors come from much less sunny climates. Lack of protective pigmentation leaves skin cells especially vulnerable to the DNA-damaging rays from the sun.

During human evolution, our early hominid ancestors in Africa lost their covering of body hair and developed pigmented skins, presumably as protection against the harsh tropical sun. With subsequent migration out of Africa into Europe, the protective benefits of dark skin became less important for survival and were likely a hindrance to effective vitamin D production. There was selective pressure for less pigmented skin with more distance from the equator.

In contrast, those who migrated out of Africa to Asia, Australia and the islands of Melanesia were constantly exposed to sunlight. So they retained their protective pigmentation. This explains why the recent European migrants to the Americas and Oceania arrived in the “new worlds” with skin types poorly suited to their new environments. This was in stark contrast to the well-adapted skin of the indigenous inhabitants.

***While melanin provides protection against the damage caused by exposure to UV radiation, it’s not a “suit of armour”. Melanoma rates are far lower in people with pigmented skin such as Aboriginal people, but not non-existent.”***

If ever there were a substance that could be considered or described as “a suit of armour”, Scenesse (EUMelanin) would literally be it.

Notice the downplaying in the statement above, of the incredible benefits of melanin?


Deadly melanoma rates:

2.6% (1 in 38) for whites, 0.1% (1 in 1,000) for Blacks,

Just 0.1% chance when you protected by a dark skin tan (1-1000) compared to people with light skin.

It’s a fact that more diseases and disorders are seen in those that receive LESS sunlight exposure than more sunlight exposure, even those that have received many years of constant, excessive exposure. More NMSC though.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 07:59 PM
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In Reply To: schlitzo's post @ Yesterday, 06:04 PM

It should be pretty obvious Schlitzo, it’s not like my opinion of the sordid situation has changed at all as I’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed of, but If it isn’t obvious to you does it really matter?

Just judge me on my opinion in regards to why this super safe and incredibly effective, cancer preventing, proven beyond any doubt drug HASN'T been picked up and championed by the government/s (years ago) to end the skin cancer epidemic that they crap on about every year, spending millions of donated suncream industry coin every year, telling us how bad even the slightest amount of sunlight is every year, yet the rates of cancer continue to grow every year, killing thousands unnecessarily every year. Is there any way in which to end all the death and untold misery I wonder!!!

It’s a complete and utter scandal that there’s seemingly no interest in this special benign drug from authorities. Insane would be more apt.

I’m not here to troll anyone or fight with anyone. I’m not here saying one thing and in reality doing another for my financial benefit either. I’m long as of 2010 and have sold a measly 1000 after approval.

If I’m not mistaken, 90% of us here are in the same (long) boat and we just want to see this life changing/saving (safe) drug doing a sh1t load of good in the world like was envisioned decades ago. Is it really too much to ask after all the decades of stunningly positive data.

I believe it will be within a few years though. The horrid skin cancer rates (growing) and Scenesse safety will demand its acceptance and widespread use.

post Posted: Yesterday, 06:04 PM
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In Reply To: Ozdronetech's post @ Yesterday, 03:11 PM

If you were trolled here for years, may we ask who you were before you were Ozdronetech?

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