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post Posted: Apr 1 2009, 11:11 AM
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In Reply To: crayfish's post @ Mar 11 2009, 12:41 PM

Silly me completely forgot another important reason for lack of interest by the Chinese or anyone else with regards to a takeover:
Any such move is effectively blocked by the large holdings of Lion and HRR combined.


post Posted: Mar 11 2009, 12:41 PM
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In Reply To: frankmal's post @ Mar 10 2009, 10:45 AM

Looking good, frankmal. Pity production is still 2 years away. Look how quickly AGO got up & running. Maybe if an offtake agreement were to surface things would happen sooner? Major shareholder Lion is, after all, a steelmaker. Pity they havent jumped in to secure Carina production for their steel mills........yet. The Chinese dont seem to have shown much interest in POL, maybe due to the relatively small tonnage proven today. If the Weelamurra (?) tenements were as advanced I'm sure they would be sniffing..........
Ah well, whats another couple of years?


Said 'Thanks' for this post: frankmal  
post Posted: Mar 10 2009, 10:45 AM
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10 March 2009

Highly Encouraging Carina
Metallurgical Results

Yilgarn Iron Ore Project

• High lump recovery of up to 68%
• Excellent calcining potential to >65% Fe
• Physical and thermal properties typically better than
industry standard requirements
• The ore quality and properties of the Carina product are
comparable to other Australian iron ores making it readily

post Posted: Jan 15 2009, 09:35 AM
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A bit of optimism for a change...

Some Positives For Iron Ore

FNArena News - January 08 2009

By Chris Shaw

link to article is here:

Some Positives For Iron Ore

post Posted: Sep 4 2008, 10:37 AM
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Hi polsters

There was a time when a report like this would have stirred a little buying!!!


post Posted: Jun 26 2008, 12:19 PM
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In the announcemnt of 10 April Mr. Lea said "A prefeasibility study on the YIOP is ongoing and is planned for completion by June 2008".

Hopefully we will see the result in the next day or so although it could be argued that it is nearly a month overdue.

I will happily stand in the corner if it has been released and I have missed it.

Regards to all,


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post Posted: May 28 2008, 08:27 PM
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the current chart with my doodlings. POL surprises me with the price variations. The price may not get better to buy up to the placement, but then again strange stuff happens.



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Commander C
post Posted: May 9 2008, 09:42 PM
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In reply to: carneius on Friday 09/05/08 12:19pm

G'day Carneius

Looking at my old notes and reading the announcement I get this conservative scenario (by which I mean this is what a 'low case' may look like, not I think we will only get the low case):

Bungalbin East - eventually classed out of bounds after green protests:)
J5 - out of bounds
Vela - out of bounds ???
J4 - 10Mt @ 58% potential
J4 Extension - is there such a thing???
Carina - 20Mt @ 56-57% = 2.5Mt pa for 8 years
Chamaeleon - ~20Mt @ ??% potential
Musca - ???

So potential for unopposed 50Mt would imply perhaps potential ~6Mt pa for 8 years (incl. Carina) in the conservative case
[Johnston Range had no encouraging news in last QR, and I think there is DEC rare flora at Evanston.]

~12Mt CID target potential or 1.5Mt pa for 8 years

Weelumurra & Caliwinga Creek
250-310Mt target potential

So say >4Mt pa, plus Pilbara exploration.

Does that make it FRS FerrAus size? year ago FRS fully diluted market cap was ~$100M; now with placement fully diluted market cap will be ~$200M (I think)
...with share price from 80c to >120c

POL(O) fully diluted market cap will be about ~>$100M post placement (I think)

hmmm does give food for further thought

post Posted: May 9 2008, 01:29 PM
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Hi stix and carneius,

Today's news is a positive outcome. Investors have shown their approval, reacting favourably. For the benefit of forum members here is the POL- PMM announcement:


Website: http://

9 May 2008


Polaris – Portman Dispute Settled
Yilgarn Iron Ore Project

• Polaris and Portman have executed a Deed of Settlement in respect of the
Bungalbin tenements.
• Polaris now has confirmed tenure over Bungalbin East, J4 and J5
deposits – total resource potential 80Mt at 58% Fe.
• Polaris moves to 100% ownership of the Mayfield DSO and magnetite
Polaris gains important haul road access to nearby rail infrastructure.
• Mutually beneficial tenement rationalisation completed in the region.

The Directors of Polaris Metals NL (Polaris) are pleased to announce the final resolution
of the Bungalbin tenement dispute with Portman Iron Ore Limited (Portman), which
provides Polaris with unfettered ownership of three important iron ore deposits. *1

The settlement relates to ownership of tenements in Polaris’ Yilgarn Iron Ore Project
(YIOP) area, 60km north of Koolyanobbing in Western Australia.

Settlement Details

The key aspects of the agreement are noted below and shown in Figure 1.
• Polaris has secured unencumbered 100% ownership of the iron ore rights over
the Bungalbin tenements that contain the Bungalbin East, J4 and J5 deposits.
• Polaris has been assigned Portman’s 60% ownership of the iron ore rights of the
Mayfield tenement, giving Polaris 100% ownership of tenements with significant
resource potential for both direct shipping and magnetite ores.
• Polaris has assigned its direct shipping iron ore interests to Portman in a number
of tenements groups - (Perrinvale area and Mt Jackson area), while retaining
magnetite iron ore rights, and assigned the Gibbings Island tenement
Polaris has been granted access to Portman’s haul road from Windarling to
Koolyanobbing in limited circumstances under specific commercial terms and
conditions which ensure that Portman continues to operate without

The agreement delivers ownership of several iron ore targets:
* Bungalbin East, resource potential 60Mt with 58% Fe.
* J4, resource potential 10Mt at 58% Fe.
* J5, resource potential 10Mt at 59% Fe.

As part of the YIOP resource evaluation, efforts will now continue to further drill test and
establish Mineral Resources. Bungalbin East and J5 are subject to the proposed
expansion of the Mt Manning Nature Reserve, with Polaris given three years by the
State Government to quantify respective economic and environmental values.
Polaris Managing Director Jonathan Lea said, “Having Polaris and Portman sit down and
negotiate win-win commercial outcomes that have simplified previously complex
ownership arrangements is a great result for the respective shareholders. Polaris
considers this is a significant milestone in progressing the YIOP and for the future mining
development of the region. All stakeholders in the region should be encouraged that the
two companies have been able to reach such sensible solutions.”
“Polaris’ access to the Portman Windarling-Koolyanobbing haul road subject to capacity
availability means Polaris has a direct road haulage route to the rail infrastructure for
some of our planned iron ore operations. ”

For and on behalf of
Jonathan Lea
Managing Director

*1 The Deed is subject to the necessary consents and approvals under the Mining Act for transfer of tenement titles

post Posted: May 9 2008, 12:19 PM
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Hi Polsters

I must be missing something, todays announcement apart from the swapping of tenements with PMM and the uncertainty of Bungalbin as regards proposed Mt Manning nature reserve. Todays announcement gives POL access to PMM roads enabling POL to get its ore to a non private railway. This is a sticking point with just about all other iron hopefuls including AGO, a company I like to compare with POL, that don`t have such access.

POL are cum rts one for five @ .45c have interests >50% SXG and >25% NTU, have a market cap of around $2.50/ res tonne compared to GBG round $12.50 and MUR around $22.50 / res tonne ( see broker presentation co announcements).

Its a bargain unless of course I have missed something, it might get better once the rts issue is out of the way and with a bit of broker support from Patersons might start to head North.



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