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post Posted: Mar 17 2019, 04:06 AM
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I'm comfortable there will not be a willing take over before 150. After doing that exercise in my last post, PW needs 150+ to buy a mid+ soccer club like his native Danish home team Ajax. And he also probably wants another +25 share price on top of that for his own cash flow.

Companies that are built from the ground up with the long-term business strategy to eventually sell out the company, simply do not act and behave as Clinuvel has for the last several years.

1. Absolute terrible marketing until just recently.
2. Building a worldwide organic distribution network instead of outsourcing.

A forced takeover is the only real option, and those are kind of a thing of the past. I'm pretty certain nobody has to move to Puerto Rico before 170.

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post Posted: Mar 17 2019, 02:54 AM
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In Reply To: mrdax's post @ Mar 17 2019, 02:50 AM

If there's a takeover, who's moving to Puerto Rico with me?

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post Posted: Mar 17 2019, 02:50 AM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Mar 17 2019, 12:37 AM

Sure, and ps=per share.
Xray is constantly talking about a takeover, he seems obsessed with the idea ☺️

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post Posted: Mar 17 2019, 01:03 AM
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In Reply To: xray's post @ Mar 16 2019, 03:00 PM

Would you take the offer or expect in a few years an even higher SP?

post Posted: Mar 17 2019, 12:37 AM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Mar 16 2019, 10:29 PM

T/O = Takeover?

Billy Boots
post Posted: Mar 16 2019, 10:29 PM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Mar 16 2019, 09:14 PM

And who is xray??

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post Posted: Mar 16 2019, 09:14 PM
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In Reply To: xray's post @ Mar 16 2019, 03:00 PM


post Posted: Mar 16 2019, 03:00 PM
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T/O $81ps Sept/Oct

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post Posted: Mar 16 2019, 01:55 PM
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In Reply To: Dr Wally's post @ Mar 16 2019, 12:48 PM

Honestly the process seems pretty simple and straight forward. A big buyer drives the price up until he finds a big seller. Again, the only question would be, is there more buying lined up or more selling?

Stay tuned and we will all find the answer...

Pretty sure it is Fidelity on the sell side. We will now come April 1 when Morningstar is updated. The bigger mystery is who is this buyer? Takeover possibly coming...

Regardless, big volume coupled with a big share price increase is a really good thing. No arguing this...

Dr Wally is not a doctor at all. He's a dentist.

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post Posted: Mar 16 2019, 01:26 PM
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I am not sure if any of you were watching the CSPA action and the total number of shares that came on the market was close to 1.2 million. Due to mismatch in bid and offer the whole lot could not be executed by 4.10pm and was sorted out after the market close.

So after the market close the remaining 733533 also changed hands!!!! Not sure if the volume will show up.

Is anyone able to see and confirm this??


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