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ICE, iCetana Ltd
post Posted: Jan 6 2020, 11:05 AM
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iCetana was formed in 2009 to commercialise technology developed by researchers in the School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Curtin University. The research and technology allows for the efficient analysis of very large data sets to identify anomalous activity and events outside normal patterns.

iCetana has successfully commercialised the technology by developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted video surveillance software using machine learning techniques to provide automated real time anomalous event detection (iCetana Solution) for use cases including security, loss prevention, theft and health and safety. The iCetana Solution integrates with existing video surveillance systems or can be deployed to directly interface with surveillance camera feeds.
The software 'learns' activity patterns (not object or facial recognition) for fixed-field-of-view cameras and creates a model of 'normal' movement patterns and activity. After the learning phase, the software then reports anomalous or unusual movement patterns and activity in real-time, through a user interface that highlights those anomalous events and activity. Security operators, typically based in operations centres, can review the unusual events or activity and determine appropriate responses.

The Company has commercialised the iCetana Solution and as at the Prospectus Date has over 20 Active Customers with operations in over 35 locations supporting in excess of 10,000 video surveillance cameras globally.

- IPO in Dec 2019 at 20c. Now 19c

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