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post Posted: Today, 01:33 PM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Today, 12:03 PM

Clinuvel is a low liquid stock. It's share price always will be 2 steps forward 1 step back. The drops don't mean anything as long as the longer trend is up. The future looks bright. 70% chance I think to enter ASX 200 in march, but not guaranteed. It will definitely enter in June if not March.

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Billy Boots
post Posted: Today, 12:03 PM
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In Reply To: rabbitrun's post @ Yesterday, 11:11 PM

Anything known $1 drop?

post Posted: Today, 06:19 AM
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In Reply To: johnnytech's post @ Yesterday, 12:50 PM

I believe it will continue onwards and upwards, but I did sell 2000 shares just to get my original investment back. All the rest is house money and I'm letting it all ride. However, there is a twinge of pain on what those 2000 shares might do in the future and what I might have lost out on. Its kinda like the guy who bought a pizza with 100 bitcoins back in the day, d'oh! This is what years of holding have done to me ... and years of watching the prior track record of the SP. I should have known better but played it conservative. I'll still make out very well in the end though.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 11:11 PM
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In Reply To: xray's post @ Yesterday, 01:23 PM

Shkreli...that bastard.

post Posted: Yesterday, 08:04 PM
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According to market data the Rockefeller family office seems to be a small shareholder of Clinuvel.
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post Posted: Yesterday, 06:23 PM
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In Reply To: rabbitrun's post @ Yesterday, 08:31 AM

NICE is set up to be a meat slicer, not a patient vehicle. Their role is to ration healthcare.


post Posted: Yesterday, 01:23 PM
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In Reply To: juxtaposer's post @ Yesterday, 01:18 PM

Late August
The usual supsects

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post Posted: Yesterday, 01:18 PM
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In Reply To: xray's post @ Yesterday, 01:10 PM

Who, when, what multiple do reckon X-Ray?

post Posted: Yesterday, 01:17 PM
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Whatever any member is thinking about this stock I would suggest that any member here has so much more knowledge about CUV than anyone out there in the financial sector. This board has been amazing on the research investigated be it legalities, medical expertise and history. This is pure focus.I personally believe this stock is going big. That this is so far very very early development. They have plans, they are focusing on a very particular expertise ie sun and skin.....a very rich field both medically and cosmetically. Still growing. Still an amazingly large field to grow into.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 01:10 PM
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In Reply To: LRR's post @ Yesterday, 12:47 PM



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