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Orthocell - OCC.ASX, 12 Month human nerve results due this month
post Posted: Jun 4 2021, 08:42 AM
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For those who don't know of OCC best take a read of the last couple of announcements as some huge news due over the following 4 months from human trial results and probable Johnson and Johnson collaboration agreement/equity stake at a premium to current prices.

OCC is about to hit the ASX radars and with some breakout action yesterday post the nerve wheelchair rugby advert etc.

4 things to keep an eye out for that makes me so confident OCC will be $1 plus before years end.

1. 12 month human trial nerve results
2. ACL collagen rope trial results due next quarter
3. Distribution on already TGA,FDA and europe approved bone and dental distribution agreement for Striate product
4. August/September Johnson and Johnson ORTHO-ATI tendon study results and probable collaboration agreement plus equity stake at a premium to current share price.

That plus TGA approval for the Celgro nerve repair that was submitted 30/7/2020 could land anytime from July 2021.

Almost $19,000,000 cash in the bank and a pipe full of news and close to FDA approvals, lodgment's OCC will and should be on your radar/in portfolio sooner than later.

GLAH am interested in others views


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