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post Posted: Jun 8 2007, 01:27 PM
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In reply to: wllmtrish on Friday 08/06/07 02:54pm


Still good buying at that price (21c) in my opinion.

Best wishes,


post Posted: Jun 8 2007, 01:12 PM
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In reply to: wllmtrish on Friday 08/06/07 12:54pm

I hate to be the one to tell you this wllmtrish but conversion of options is 8 pence not cents.

Works out to about 19 cents.

I don't know which online broker you use but sanford still have conv. price @ 8 cents after 2 emails sent by me pointing this out. Very misleading.

Anyway all the best and hopefully THR will pick up soon.


post Posted: Jun 8 2007, 12:54 PM
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laughingsmiley.gif Just grabbed the 63,000 THRO's at 21c. Seems a good buy, as the expiry date is june 2009 @ 8c. Time will tell.

post Posted: Jun 7 2007, 05:04 PM
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Nice to see THR up 8% on little volume on this down day, maybe some news on the way on the Moly or U :-)) I put in bottom drawer rolleyes.gif

post Posted: May 12 2007, 10:53 PM
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In reply to: watchmaker on Friday 11/05/07 08:58pm

Even though its very early days, the upgrades at Molyhil and the rock chip samples at Hale suggest that this may be the beginning of something very special.

Everyone's looking for the next multi-bag U play and I reckon we'll get a good indication in 8 - 12 weeks as to whether we've found it here.

post Posted: May 11 2007, 08:58 PM
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You could add- Drilling commences on the 13th of May at Hale River

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post Posted: May 11 2007, 08:26 AM
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hi all

of interest dated 10th may

Thor Mining plc is listed on AIM, Frankfurt and the ASX, with ticker symbol THR and market capitalisation of £20 million or US$40 million. The company specialises in exploration and development with a focus on tungsten, molybdenum and uranium. Properties are located in the Northern Territories of Australia, namely Molyhill, Hatches Creek and Thring Creek with respect to tungsten and molybdenum, along with a number of project areas that are prospective for uranium mineralisation in an area with a history of exploration and proximity to existing discoveries. The tungsten and molybdenum projects are the further advanced and the latest news relates to Molyhill.

Thor owns Molyhill through its 100%-owned subsidiary Sunsphere Pty Ltd. The project covers 829 square kilometres and is proposed as an open-cut operation with a processing facility envisaged at 300,000 tonnes per annum, producing scheelite and molybdenite concentrate for sale. A definitive feasibility study has been completed and the Mineral Resources and Ore Reserve estimate is JORC-compliant. The latest drill results come from a 25-hole programme that was designed to focus on the indicated and inferred parts of theYacht Club resource. The drilling programme was completed in March this year.

To date, 16 holes have returned results, of which 13 intersected mineralisation with combined molybdenum sulphide and tungsten trioxide in excess of 1%. These samples, are of sufficiently high grade for the company to send them for check sampling and the company has said that if these results are verified then the potential will be confirmed for a rapid capital payback.

Examples of the intersections included fourteen metres (from nine metres to 23 metres in depth) grading 3.23% WO3 and 0.17% MoS2; one metre (from 28m to 29m in depth) grading 3.62% WO3 and 0.13% MoS2, two metres (from 31m to 33m) grading 0.11% WO3 and 1.29% MoS2; one metre (77m to 78m) at 0.10% WO3 and 0.76% MoS2.

The Ore Reserve estimate currently stands at 1.094 million tonnes at 0.21% molybdenum and 0.625 tungsten and a two-staged pit design has been recommended, providing 202,621 tonnes of ore grading 0.26% molybdenum and 1.28% tungsten, along with 892,237 tonnes of ore grading 0.20% molybdenum and 0.47% tungsten. The stripping ratios are 8.0:1 and 7.4:1 respectively. Mining is planned to be a conventional truck and shovel operation under contract mining arrangements. Testwork has indicated that this will recover 889 tonnes per annum of dry molybdenite concentrate (77% recovery of molybdenum) and 1,511 tonnes per annum of dry tungsten concentrate (67%) recovery of tungsten trioxide at saleable specifications.

The company has calculated an estimated net present value of A$88 million (US$73 million at prevailing exchange rates), giving an internal rate of return of 111% and a capital payback of seven months. The sensitivity to metals prices means that a 15% reduction in sales prices would reduce the NPV to A$56 (US$46 million) with the RIR dropping to 74% with a payback period of eleven months

The prices used for the calculation were for a constant molybdenum price of US$25 per pound less 20% discount and a constant tungsten price of US$255 per metric tonne unit less 20% discount.

post Posted: May 9 2007, 11:20 PM
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In reply to: money4me on Wednesday 09/05/07 10:12pm

Thanks money4me :-) also a good post on HC by Olympian @ 1702 that always makes a good read. This lot in SMSF so a put away long term, good fortune to all long term holders rolleyes.gif

post Posted: May 9 2007, 10:12 PM
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Good buying skiddy

wont be long to it hits the 40's again. good announcement today and more to come.

Still a cheap share and plenty of vaule left in it!!

post Posted: May 4 2007, 01:34 PM
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To add a little support just picked up 100k THR @ .3375 had to put proceeds of BSG somewhere :-) rolleyes.gif


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