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General Moderator Discussion
post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 07:53 PM
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A warm welcome to you mosaic and cris! tongue.gif

bbq... being prefect, house captain, etc etc is only being a slave to the school (good experience though). Dont worry, you didnt miss out on much ;-)

Being a moderator is much, much better biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


With regards to off topic posts..... the general advice I can give you about what is ok or not, is this. If the off topic discussion that is happening in a thread can be alternatively MOVED to the off topic chat forum, or the investment chat forum, then it needs to be moved there.

There is always bound to be a bit of off topic chit chat happening in the threads, and not only is this is unavoidable, but it is not really too bad since it brings people together and builds the friendly community atmosphere.

Off topic chat like "hey john, its good to have you back, how was your holiday?" is fine, as long as it doesnt continue on for 3 or more posts. If it does continue on and on, then we advise members to use the fantastic Private Message system to chit chat to other members.

In every aspect of moderation there is a limit to what is ok, or not.

Off topic discussion are an issue when
1. It is a line of conversation that can be taken to a new dedicated topic.
2. It seems like there will be a number of relpies and more off topic chat following on from that first off topic post- therefor a need to move it elsewhere, or delete it.
3. There is any sort of ramping or cpmpletely off topic discussion of another share (not the share that the topic is named after). Its totally fine to compare PSD to PTD in a PSD or PTD thread. But when you are saying "I think PTD is a strong buy" in a totally unrelated thread- that is conversation which needs to be made in PTD and PTD only.

In the case of off topic conversation that seems mostly harmless, (has not got into any personal/agressive content, and is not a blatent ramp), a quick warning via the warning panel is required. This is for the admin to check if there is a past history of off topic conversation by that member.

For anything seriously disturbing, deletion and a warning.

In almost all "off topic conversation" cases, its entirely harmless, and people just having some fun. We ask, if you feel comfortable, for you to quickly post in that thread where harmless off topic conversation is happening, and say "Hey guys, this thread is for discussion of PSD. Feel free to take your discussion of XYZ to a new topic in the off topic chat forum".

A message like this educates as well as moderates, and lets people know that there are other outlets for off topic conversation (some may not know about the difference between the share code topics and off topic chat topics).

I hope this answers your question.


I will make up some examples of TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and BORDERLINE POSTS in the next 24 hours.

Thanks again guys.

P.S. To keep up to date with new happenings on the moderator forum, please click on these three links below. They will subscribe you to email notifications when new posts are made in this topic and the current issues topic, and will also notify you when a new topic is added to the moderators forum.

post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 07:33 PM
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Hi All,

Glad to be able to, and selected to contribute to this 'great' forum as part of the L-plate moderator team. Certainly the posts on the threads that I follow are of a very high quality.

Re. Warning for Off Topic Posts. I assume that this relates to multiple posts that drift off topic rather than 1 or 2 posts were two or more members touch base on another topic. An exception may be when the off topic is clearly a ramp for another stock.

Would it be possible to place a few example of unacceptable posts in the Moderator area. Some examples of post that are OK, but borderline may be useful as well.

post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 07:26 PM
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A hearty and warm thank you. Really happy to be here guys and gals.

No questions at this time - just looking forward to abusing my new power - devilsmiley.gif he he!

Agree with all. This is a great site worthy of a little of our time to help keep it that way.

Looking forward to conversing when I'm more awake,

post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 06:21 PM
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Great to hear everyone!

It is a great credit to you, to have been hand picked as moderators- based on your posts and character.

We truely appreciate your support. Your sign of willingness to help out is one of the greatest shows of appreciation you can give to the board.

The original admins and moderators have volunteered 1000's of hours into making this site the very best it can be in such a short period of time. I'm sure you will agree that it has been an exciting and impressive few months...... and it will only get better.

Im sure there are a number of questions you would like answered. Please feel free, we are only too happy to get you on the road with moderation.

Q: How much of a commitment is being a moderator?
A: You have been hand picked because you are already an active user of ShareScene. Since you already log in to ShareScene on a regular basis, being a moderator is truely not much of an additional commitment. If you choose to visit ShareScene more regularly and for longer periods of time as you are now a moderator, that would be fantastic, but not mandatory.

Q: How often will I need to perform moderations?
A: From our experience, moderation of posts occurs in short occasional bursts. There may be 4 days where not a single warning needs to be given, and no posts need to be deleted. On the other hand, after a 4 day break, 3 warnings and 3 post deletions may need to be performed on a single day. Since you are part of a team of moderators any workload is spread over the team. As a rough average, you personally would likely need to perform 3 increase warning actions and one post deletion each fortnight. This may not seem like much, but when these warnings/deletions occur they are valued extremely highly and make a huge difference to the short and long term quality of the board. SPEED and AWARENESS are the key.

Q: Other than using the warning panel to increase a members warning status, and deleting posts, what else is there a moderator needs to do?
A: If there is anything at all that you think needs to be discussed with an administrator, such as the structure and workings of the forum or any improvement or new features, we are happy to hear from you. Your input is highly valued. We also ask that you use this moderator forum to discuss any issues and or concerns you have with issue members or the forum in general. This moderator area is also a good place to ask for advice on a moderator action from an admin/head moderator. As you prove yourself to the admins and head moderators, we are happy to expand your member benifits and responisbilities, if you wish.

Q: Any other sugestions?
A: As a moderator you are our eyes and ears. The faster we the team pick up on an issue the better. The longer an issue post stays on the board, the more likely there will be multiple additional abusive posts, and that is where it gets tricky. Speed and awareness is the key. We strongly encourage you to use the Last 25 feature as much as possible so as to expose yourself to a variety of posts and address issues as quickly as possible.

Q: Who are the current admins and moderators?
A: Admin1 and are the two main technical and moderation administrators. When you use the warning panel, or delete a post, one of these two admins will double check the post, and decide to keep the warning or not (a retraction of a warning is not a sign of bad moderation on your part). Colaiscute and Mminion are head moderators, and have been moderating for over 5 months. There are around 8 trial moderators at the moment.

Q: What do I do if I am unsure whether to delete a post or not?
A: If you see a post that is causing you ANY issues, whether it looks agressive, you dont like the tone, or it is erratic, or possible copyright breach, etc etc, it is better to alert an administrator/head moderator, than to let it go unchecked. If you feel very confident that it is unacceptable, delete the post and increase the members warning. If you feel moderately confident, only increase warning, and the admin will decide if it needs to be deleted or not. You can also create a new post in the "current issues" topic, in this moderators forum. To repeat, it is better to alert an admin or head moderator, via warn panel, moderator forum, or even a quick PM, than to let a post that gives you concerns you go unchecked.

On behalf of all the admins and moderators I warmly welcome you aboard, and look forwards to working together with you all, to ensure ShareScene's continued growth and success.

Best Wishes,

Admin1 (Geoff).

Please find attached a copy of the moderators HOW TO document.
Attached File(s)
Attached File  mod.doc ( 92.5K ) Number of downloads: 115


post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 03:46 PM
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I also second that BBQ & jbeatty, I will try and live up to the position and Look forward to working with all of you!
Cheers/Moosey smile.gif

All posters Please note, the decision to either buy or sell this share is entirely the individuals choice, I am not authorised to give investment advice, I post here to discuss the merits of technology as I see it, which may or may not be correct? and any information here is worth what you paid for it! the moose is loose
post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 01:39 PM
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I second all that BBQ.

I made form captain at school once. lol! graduated.gif

Look forward to working with all you chaps and chapesses cool.gif

regards: jbeatty

post Posted: Apr 7 2004, 01:33 PM
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Posts: 147

Cheers Admin...thanks for having us. I always wanted to be a prefect at school...but alas...never made the grade...but things are looking up biggrin.gif

You guy's have done a fantastic job here...and I hope I can be of use and play my little part in keeping up the tradition.

Thanks BBQ

PS: Admin....the wine rolled up the other day....thanks once again...Easter weekend looks like the best time to open and enjoy it hypocrite.gif

post Posted: Apr 6 2004, 03:52 PM
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A hearty and warm welcome to you.

Feel free to introduce yourselves to the other trial moderators, and pose any questions you have about being a moderator.

We are only too happy to help.

All the best



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