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Home Brew(sanity juice)
post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 02:12 PM
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Hi all.
Important thread. About time.
There's lots of homebrew shops where you can buy PET bottles, keg systems and the like-check the Yellow pages and/or Google the web.
For lazy people there are the microbreweries-cost a bit more, but you do less work and you make a decent No. of bottles in one hit (100 or so I think)-just don't stuff up with the sterilising like a friend did!
For the 23 L a time homebrewer like me, the best bit of advice I can recommend is to buy a second fermenter and a bit of plastic tubing and 'rack off' the beer from one fermenter to the other after the initial ferment. I then add the settling agent (gelatine) to the fermenter and bottle a few days after that. The racking off leads to a much clearer, cleaner beer, with a lot less yeasty taste. I tend to add bits and pieces in addition to the standard kits.

post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 01:11 PM
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In reply to: balance on Sunday 23/01/05 02:06pm

I know what you mean balance ... it's a dangerous recipe:

more beer + lower cost + great taste + thirst = wacko.gif + bigger gut!!

cheers & beers

Have a crack, ... and let life decide.
post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 01:06 PM
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In reply to: kosmo on Sunday 23/01/05 10:40am

Hi kosmo, a mate of mine uses a keg in the fridge with a hole drilled in the side of it with the appropriate tap on it.Nice.Works very well.

Gonna be a popular topic!!

I dont brew ( consumption meeting brewing capacity = problem sadsmiley02.gif ) but happy to taste test. smile.gif

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post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 12:42 PM
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I KNEW IT!!! biggrin.gif
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regards: jbeatty
post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 12:31 PM
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QUOTE (BSA @ Sunday 23/01/05 03:41am)

HI everybody!!!
(read with accent of Norman on The Simpsons)

An ex home brewer also!!
But just about to get back in been as well PET bottles seem to halve the cleaning, can be sealed after cleaning, and I dont have to buy crown seals - thats a winner

I have been saving bottles for a few weeks, does anybody know if you can just buy the buggars somewhere, I figure I need about 4 brews of stock so i can age appropriately the 'juice', actually maybe even more, because it might be good to have enough stock to get through the colder months without brewing (the biggest hassles I ever had were re starting a brew that got too cold, actually no thats a lie, the BIGGEST hassle was bottling one I didnt know had stopped - bought an alcohol thingamejig after that debacle)

sign of an alcoholic tight arse when you start drinking the stuff you only bottles a week ago!


post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 09:40 AM
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In reply to: BSA on Sunday 23/01/05 03:41am

hey BSA,

have you thought of going that one step further and getting yourself a keg?

I used to hb but don't atm for "pragmatic" reasons (read "too bloody lazy"!). I reckon if I was going to get back into it ... to make it worthwhile I might look into getting a small cheap fridge stick it somewhere out of the way, get a keg. No more bottle washing etc.

I'm sure someone on SS must have contacts, ... someone who knows someone who knows someone who's got a keg or could get one from someone else who knows someone cool.gif

... or not.

anyway, good luck with it, and ...


(is it too early for a brew now? ... must be arvo somewhere in the world?)

Have a crack, ... and let life decide.

john constantine
post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 09:28 AM
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the best part about using the plastic bottles is the ability to use heaps of sugar,then screw the tops on hard---------the bottles might swell up tight,but you don't get the 'pop,pop,pop' of exploding bottles in the aussie summer.

post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 07:58 AM
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I used to make quite a bit of the stuff, and some of those brew kits make quite an acceptable product, I gave it away as I found consumption would somehow allways rise to meet my production levels, if the end I found I would drink less if I paid full price for the stuff. Have a friend who makes spirits (Still is legal in NZ) which looks appealing, but the prospect of unlimited & cheap spitits is too dangerous for me to try. Basically you ferment a brew, then distill the alcohol, the home brew shops sell a concentrated flavouring, so your clear alcohol would be converted to whatever you wanted (Rum, Whiskey, etc)

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post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 05:34 AM
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Hmm...I note you posted the thread at 2.41 am , which even allowing for time differences could be indicative. biggrin.gif

Also I note that you wrote of the 'banmter" . Now normally I would think that it was just a typo and not even mention it - but again , in this case , it could be indicative...[I will not mention "recieved" ]

So what do these possibly indicate ? Well , that either your brew is stronger than you think or that the number you had 'downed` is considerably more than 3..

Anyway Alpha , when you finally come to.. errr wake up , may I suggest that a bottle [or 3] of Dom is the way to go. cool.gif

Happpppppy Tradinggg

post Posted: Jan 23 2005, 02:41 AM
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Hi all,

From the banmter on the PTD thread it would appear a Home Brew thread was appropriate.
I have just started to play with brewing again (3rd brew down tonight) , and from the PM I recieved from Wolve it would apprear I'm very inexperienced.

I have just been using the supplied brew kits from my local brew shop,...basically lazy(what else would you expect from a technical trader biggrin.gif )

So any tips thought etc etc appreciated.

Does anyone know if one can buy a beer in king brows with a crown top for re use? as it would appear from what i am told that they are almost non existant now.
I am using the PET(plastic) bottles at the moment but it just dont feel right!




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