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Soybeans + US Stocks, Discussion
post Posted: Jan 28 2004, 03:14 PM
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A very knowledgeable person in a chat group I've been in for a while
has just posted the following.

I asked for and received permission to reproduce as I thought it may
help others.

(I don't trade US stocks and i don't chart so I am unable to answer
any questions relevant to the posting.)

I can say I have respect for this person, but as always, it is wise to
manage risk by doing your own research as this is just one person's


For those interested here are US Stocks that have just triggered Sell

AMCC Just pulled back from a 50% retracement
CSCO Pulling off an old high
EIX Just Pulled back from 50% Retracement

Soybeans has also just triggered a sell signal.

For the FA Traders the reason is that the Brazilian crop looks great
and it comes on line in a few weeks, this will flood the world market,
also Argentina is a new player here.



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