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post Posted: Today, 06:15 PM
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In Reply To: CUV88's post @ Today, 05:24 PM

I remember that the US label is advising an implant every 2 month, which equals 6 per year.
In EU, there can be prescribed 4 implants max with the possibility to get more if requested by the prescribing doctors.

That, together with much sunnier climate throughout the year in most US states, should lead to more implants per patient in the US.

Pretty confident, that we will see this in the sales numbers.

post Posted: Today, 05:24 PM
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Regarding price: in europe the patients get up to 6 implants. If advice in US is still 3-4 implants, they could have argued the yearly price per patient and year is the same? ( regardless of quantity )

CLINUVEL's SCENESSE Potential: 1.)EPP 2.)Vitiligo 3.)SUN Protection and skin cancer prevention
post Posted: Today, 03:14 PM
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In Reply To: FarmaZutical's post @ Today, 03:06 PM


But did the man who shall remain unnamed really think US pricing would remain confidential? Actually, come to think of it I shouldnt be surprised...

post Posted: Today, 03:06 PM
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In Reply To: PunkassDerm's post @ Today, 12:07 PM

Indeed. I have no issue with Clinuvel doubling the price. Its still reasonable considered its an
orphan drug. The question remains, though, if they intend the jack up the price in
Europe as well, to preserve the uniform pricing model ? I guess the British wont like that.

I think this is the reason why the person who cannot be named is so
keen on shutting down access to patient testimonies. Its not about
privacy. Its about avoiding talk about the price difference.

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post Posted: Today, 12:07 PM
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In Reply To: FarmaZutical's post @ Today, 11:49 AM

The beautiful thing is that drug is being covered, patients have been treated.

Why is there no press release or news clip proclaiming this milestone? That would be fantastic to see.
EPP sufferers no more, happy tears at a beach or a family picnic.
Shadowchasers no more.

For Patients, freedom under the summer sun
For Clinuvel, US rollout a success en route to new indications
For Shareholders and stock price, soon to follow.

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post Posted: Today, 11:49 AM
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From the official, open, accessible for everyone and hence
totally legit to link to APF FB:

Again, how does the company explain a US price range of 38k - 48k per implant ?
Do they still stand by the uniform pricing strategy ? And how is a more than
double price per implant not material and price sensitive information ?

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post Posted: Today, 11:43 AM
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PW and team should be moving heaven and earth to get Scenesse into the hands of patients in Columbus and Boston.

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post Posted: Today, 11:09 AM
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In Reply To: PunkassDerm's post @ Today, 09:04 AM

I give you a like just for quoting John Adams!

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post Posted: Today, 10:04 AM
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I wonder if wed get in trouble for contacting Joe Rogan and Richard Hammond to let them know about a revolutinary vitiligo treatment....

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post Posted: Today, 09:48 AM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Today, 09:12 AM

When I first invested it was owned by epitans and when it changed over to clinuvel, the stock changed to clvlf.. should I change them to clvly? I did call clinuvel back when the change took place and the person I spoke to said f was no different than what I previously owned.. maybe y wasn't available yet?


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