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post Posted: Yesterday, 10:48 PM
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In Reply To: odi01's post @ Yesterday, 08:42 PM

To my knowledge this is the same patent that was granted in Nov last year, good to see the Swedish patent office recognising it though!

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post Posted: Yesterday, 08:42 PM
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Site 40.....?

(51) C07K 14/685 (11) 3 288 967
(21) 16729054.3 (45) 2019-11-06
(32) 2015-04-28 (33) EP (31) 15165537.0
(54) Pharmaceutical compound
(73) VALLAURIX PTE. LTD., 15 Hoe Chiang Road no. 12-02
Tower Fifteen, 089316 Singapore, SG
(51) C07K 14/685 (11) 3 288 966
(21) 16727839.9 (45) 2019-12-25
(32) 2015-04-28 (33) EP (31) 15165536.2
(54) Pharmaceutical compound
(73) VALLAURIX PTE. LTD., 15 Hoe Chiang Road no. 12-02
Tower Fifteen, 089316 Singapore, SG

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post Posted: Yesterday, 06:05 PM
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In Reply To: the near future's post @ Yesterday, 04:46 PM

22,794 was actioned over 80 parcels @the 4:10auction close price $23.75A further 1,324 was reported late at the $23.75
Total volume for the day 185,484 @vwap $23.24
5 Day avg volume is 176K at $23.50
20 Day avg volume is 151K at $22.93
50 Day avg volume is 195K at $21.63
100 Day avg volume is 267K at $22.121One set of software I have has resistance at 23.85 however my view is it is 24.04. I doubt this uptrend will be broken. Short term indicators are a buy. Medium term indicators are a sell. I would back the fundamentals vs the technicals on this stock. From what I have been reading on this board re US sales, they have covered the dip in Europe sales. Although it sounds as if Europe was not as bad as expected based on the April sales report.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 05:09 PM
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Has taken a while for the shorts to be updated for today (normally done by 1:30pm) and just in on the ASIC site, so not on shortman yet. But open short positions as of Friday May 29 when we had the big after-market SP price and volume increase is now at 9.29% so shorts increased on that day from 9.15% so the price action for that day wasnt due to shorts closing out.

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the near future
post Posted: Yesterday, 04:46 PM
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In Reply To: juxtaposer's post @ Yesterday, 04:17 PM

How big? have not seen taht

post Posted: Yesterday, 04:17 PM
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! Big trade after close.


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post Posted: Yesterday, 02:14 AM
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In Reply To: Fortescue Bullrout's post @ Jun 2 2020, 09:26 AM


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Johnny H
post Posted: Jun 3 2020, 03:10 PM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Jun 3 2020, 01:58 PM

I'll email both of you later.

Yet another WTF moment. My field of f@ks in which to give grows more barren each day.

"In today’s world some shareholders enjoy complaining to Board and management but then they do not sell their stock, they hold on and sometimes buy even more."
post Posted: Jun 3 2020, 01:58 PM
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In Reply To: investek's post @ Jun 3 2020, 11:58 AM

That was the most idiotic trigger Imaginable. A recession was inevitable, the short attack destroyed value. All he has to do is not kill the company to get the bonus.

G dawg Delaney
post Posted: Jun 3 2020, 12:01 PM
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h "photo protective, cancer preventative natural tan"

Thats exactly what this great drug does so so well yet its exactly the reason its maligned by so many fools for various reasons either corrupt, overly paternalistic or straight up ignorant, and why we crawl forwards towards complete acceptance and understanding of what it is, actually does and how beneficial that "photo protective, cancer preventative natural tan" will be for millions that suffer from skin cancer, and thats just the beginning.

Like I said, anyone that claims Clinuvel management is at the heart of this multi decade long saga (that continues to see resistance in the face of incredibly safety and health benefits) is attempting to trick people surely.

And Ive never claimed management are perfect either. Balanced semi honest discussion is key to getting your head around this company/drug no??

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