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post Posted: Jun 28 2004, 11:55 AM
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• Nice uptrend since December 03
• Changed in to very bullish uptrend in May
• Approaching 12 month highs, could be some reistance around there
• But trend is your friend till bends at end

Financial Stats:

ndustry Group Construction Materials
15102010 Shares on Issue 914,937,149

Price (previous close in cents) 214
Market Cap ($) 1,957,965,499
Last Annual Report Data and Ratios
Earnings (cents per share) 17.1
Price To Earnings 12.51
Dividends (cents per share) 11
Yield (%) 5.14
Asset Backing (cents per share) 113
Price to Assets 1.89


24 Jun 2004 16:25:18 CSR Change of Director's Interest Notice ASXH
24 Jun 2004 16:25:00 Change of Directors Interest Notice PDS
24 Jun 2004 16:24:58 CSR Change of Director's Interest Notice ASXH
24 Jun 2004 16:24:39 Change of Directors Interest Notice PDS
24 Jun 2004 16:10:18 CSR Change of Director's Interest Notice ASXH
24 Jun 2004 16:09:58 CSR Change of Director's Interest Notice ASXH
24 Jun 2004 16:09:50 Change of Directors Interest Notice PDS
24 Jun 2004 16:09:40 Change of Directors Interest Notice PDS
24 Jun 2004 16:08:32 CSR Change of Director's Interest Notice ASXH
24 Jun 2004 16:08:08 Change of Directors Interest Notice PDS
18 Jun 2004 11:07:20 ASIC Form 484 - Cancellation of shares PDS
16 Jun 2004 08:30:35 Proxy Form PDS
16 Jun 2004 08:30:33 Notice of Annual General Meeting PDS
16 Jun 2004 08:30:32 Annual Report 2004 PDS
15 Jun 2004 12:11:12 Change in substantial holding PDS
11 Jun 2004 08:30:42 Daily Share Buy-Back Notice PDS



Last Updated 25/06/2004

GICS Sector 15: Materials
GICS Industry Group 1510: Materials
GICS Industry 151020: Construction Materials
Head Office Level 1, 9 Help St, Chatswood, NSW, 2067
Telephone (02) 9235 8000
Facsimile (02) 9235 8044

First Listed 31/03/1962
Balance Date 31 March
AGM 15/07/2004

Dividend Reinvestment? Suspended (Suspended)

CSR Limited (CSR) is an Australian diversified group of companies with three
main businesses in Building Products, Aluminium and CSR Sugar. The company has
operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. In April 2003 CSR split from
heavy materials group Rinker Group Limited.

CSR BUILDING PRODUCTS: The division manufactures plasterboard, fibre cement,
clay bricks and pavers, aerated lightweight concrete, roofing tiles and
services, glasswool, rockwool and foil insulation. The division makes up 44% of
revenue and also undertakes shipping, distribution and landfill. CSR building
products holds a suite of brands including Gyprock plasterboard, Monier concrete
roof tiles, Wunderlich terracotta roof tiles, Bradford insulation and PGH bricks
and pavers.

ALUMINIUM: CSR has a 70% interest Gove Aluminium Finance, which owns 36.05% of
the Tomago Aluminium Smelter in NSW. A $75.7m upgrade to the Tomago smelter near
Newcastle NSW was announced for 2004. Total yearly production will increase by
70,000 tonnes to 530,000 tones estimated to cost $210m.

CSR SUGAR: CSR is the largest producer of raw sugar in Australia producing
approximately 2Mtpa of raw sugar. CSR sugar makes up approx. 34% of revenue. CSR
produces and markets sugar in New Zealand through the New Zealand Sugar Company
Joint Venture. CSR Sugar has a 42.5% investment in Czarnikow Limited, the
world's largest sugar broker. Operations consist of 7 raw sugar mills, 3 sugar
refineries and 2 distilleries. CSR plans to build an A$100 million electricity
plant in North Queensland. The plant is to be completed by June 2005 and will
have a generating capacity of 63 megawatts. Electricity generation is fuelled by
sugar cane waste fibre produced in the milling process. Similar projects at
three other mills are being considered. CSR has entered into a 10-year power
supply agreement with Queensland Government-owned electricity retailer Ergon
Energy Pty Ltd.

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post Posted: Jun 22 2004, 12:45 PM
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THE KING says CSR is showing its true colors now with lots of buying though the buy back thus making the scrip less this will continue and count your DIV`s. king.gif

post Posted: Jun 17 2004, 02:13 PM
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THE KING says this is a great stock very rich and very quite in the bis of off beat products we all know Suger,Allum, building products and its latest Electrity Generation from the suger mills a $100 milion deal and a comming goer for 2005. With the now current buybacks hard to price the share but there is a marjin for the cool player, a BUY and SELL product. Regards king.gif

post Posted: Jun 17 2004, 12:49 PM
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CSR reached 2.19 in 10/03 and low 1.74 in 11/03. Since then there has been the sugar indusry bailout package by the government. The SP now stands at 2.05 which is at its highest point sine 10/03 with a good upward trend occurring. This is also on the back of ex- dividend payment of 6c.
Has anyone got any thoughts where this stock is heading as i am thinking about selling at around 2.10 and buying back lower should it occur.



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