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Dr Wally
post Posted: Today, 01:44 PM
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Hello guy, its Hans here from Hungary. I've been reading SC with great interesting for over 15 years this day. Thanks to you guy and your thorough detectives working over the year I decide to invest my life to Clinuvel and now speak here.

I come here to learn here but find through bigtime long friend HonestJoe1965 that pill tan better then plant. He say that any teaching of this at his café will see banning so I dare not. I receive IM from a penguin but thought completely no to this also.

Oh sh1t!..... wrong account !!! ph34r.gif

On a serious note, wishing all a merry Christmas and a spectacularly successful new year in ***2020*** wub.gif

No need to thank me either Guy. I feel the love, especially from you X you big old hairy beast of a man you!

The never ending quest to have Afamelanotide (peptide) accepted for its potent ability to stimulate a natural photoprotective,cancer preventative, therapeutic “tan” was accomplished in 2019.
post Posted: Today, 11:39 AM
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In Reply To: frootloops's post @ Yesterday, 05:45 PM

It does look like there have been holiday/new year rallies in the past

Dr Wally
post Posted: Today, 10:05 AM
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In Reply To: endymion96's post @ Today, 08:14 AM

“”One 'S' to rule them all, Scenesse"“

Nice one ! cool.gif

One day soon it’ll be Slap Sloppy Sunblock Silly this Summer with SCENESSE !!

Slip into you local chemist (drug store for you mate biggrin.gif ) and Save your Skin this Summer from SCC and other Serious Skincancer with Sensational Scenesse!


“””Call 7 news”””

I may as well call Ignorerammass! 🤣

It’s fairly obvious that these guys are only interested in idiotic sensationalism. They’ve already done their annual summer rehash of “the barbie doll drug” with it’s ””dangerous and deadly side effects.””

There’s no point letting the truth or facts get in the way of a sensational story now is there!

The other main channel ran their own obligatory version of summertime stupidity a few days earlier.

Nothing like a pre summer barbie doll drug story to get viewers shaking their heads in disbelief at people sub Q ing MT2 for cancer preventative photo protection.

The same couch dwelling head shakers will be suffering from severe sunburns and looking like cooked lobsters multiple times in a few days over the Christmas break more than likely. grrr.gif

The never ending quest to have Afamelanotide (peptide) accepted for its potent ability to stimulate a natural photoprotective,cancer preventative, therapeutic “tan” was accomplished in 2019.

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Billy Boots
post Posted: Today, 10:00 AM
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In Reply To: frootloops's post @ Yesterday, 05:45 PM

Train about to leave the station? Can tell you after working for 40 odd years for the Railways as a Station Master, I INTEND TO BE ON THAT TRAIN!!

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post Posted: Today, 08:20 AM
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has anyone actually sent any info to the cancer council? Might be worth an email to get it on their radar at the very least?

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post Posted: Today, 08:14 AM
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In Reply To: Dr Wally's post @ Yesterday, 11:47 AM

How about this for the final slogan ... "One 'S' to rule them all, Scenesse". Call channel 7 news and put this last nail in the coffin of Skin Cancer.

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post Posted: Today, 07:32 AM
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published on 8 december 2019: Scenesse has been approved in the US!!

"In Sweden, TLV (Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency) has not yet approved Scenesse. Today, RMP (Swedish Porphyria Association) has a working group that works to influence TLV and to get approval in Sweden.

Are you interested in helping? Get in touch with RMP. Together we can make the difference!"

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post Posted: Yesterday, 05:45 PM
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Chart is starting to look interesting. The ducks are starting to line up again. Train may be about to leave station.
Think we may be in for a xmas/NY rally. $25/26 appears to be bottom for this cycle.

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Dr Wally
post Posted: Yesterday, 05:00 PM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Yesterday, 04:19 PM

Sh1t Billy! I wouldn’t dare bring politics into the forum mate. I wouldn’t want to tarnish my high standing here at the sharecafe, you know what I mean?

It just p1sses me off so much every summer when we get bombarded with these BS so called health messages. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that these bozos are actually receiving money from the sunblock industry.

There’s a long proven drug that’s been sitting around for years that would 100% turn this cancer epidemic on its head but it’s still struggling in most regions to break through the unjustified and idiotic “tan” stigma that’s deeply ingrained in most people’s minds.

Photoprotecting people’s skin from the damaging effects of overexposure to UVR via their own natural EUMelanin, at the same time giving them what they've always wanted (tanned skin) without the damage is genius but 30 plus years later the world still waits and burns and dies from unnecessary skin cancers. It’s complete insanity.
and prevent deadly carcinogens, eliminate the burn and protect the collagen, and prevent the wrinkles. Crazy right!

The never ending quest to have Afamelanotide (peptide) accepted for its potent ability to stimulate a natural photoprotective,cancer preventative, therapeutic “tan” was accomplished in 2019.
post Posted: Yesterday, 04:54 PM
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From Twitter:



In an upcoming interview with @CommSec, CEO Philippe Wolgen highlights that CLINUVEL is focused on equality and transparency with its global uniform price policy.

More to come, stay tuned.

Hope they don't take too long with the "More to come"

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