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post Posted: May 21 2009, 10:26 AM
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post Posted: May 5 2009, 10:31 PM
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This one crossed my radar this morning.

Big increase in volume today, maybe an announcement in the making (or an ASX query).

Anyone have any news on this?

post Posted: Feb 28 2008, 08:41 AM
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In reply to: fifty50 on Wednesday 27/02/08 09:48pm

I think the $38M loan simply pays out the current debt holder (notes and facility) - not new debt

post Posted: Feb 27 2008, 08:48 PM
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In reply to: mokpty on Wednesday 27/02/08 02:40pm

Too much confusion here. One would think that if these guys were in so much trouble. and that Octapharma and Hemopharm offers were genuine. Then you take the offer, and be done with it.
At least the shareholders get something.
We have no idea what Kedrions role here has been. We should have sniffed a rat when half the board effectively resigned immediately.
Also the initial valuation of $1.65 per share was misleading at least.
Where is Kedrion? I think the sting here is that with Hemopaharm being a subsidiary, they are playing a veiled game of putting offers in, infering a value, and then using the current debt crisis to effectively drag the price down, much in the way hedge funds are doing.
They offer LFE 38 MILL LOAN, load the company with further debt, then aquire the assets at a fire sale.
Shareholders beware, when Australian companies make deals with overseas companies, they generally get shafted.
For some examples look at ABI, OIL, PSD. AVT was a classic example of those that thought an Australian company had any chance of fractionation in China.
As an aside, our friend Rob Lieb was flagging China as a play for GDP. Yeah, right.
This play is a classic play of irresponsibility by management.
I agree with rose0402. class action may be the only way.....

post Posted: Feb 27 2008, 02:40 PM
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In reply to: thegman on Tuesday 26/02/08 07:30am

so does lfe forego any income generated from the plasma centres in the next periods , as they have foregone the management rights?

If so , then why wouldnt they just sell the centres , and get the 48 mil now .

I cant work out why they would sell the management rights , a period of up to 5 years , just to secure a loan facility , that is paid back out of the agreed call price of 48 mil when they actually sell.

Or are they saying they are selling the rights for the income generated over the next 5 years and an agreed sale price , for the 38mil?
All very confusing.

post Posted: Feb 26 2008, 07:30 AM
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but also subtract any interest to Octo from the $9M yeah?
and who believes they will get $55M, more like $20M max I reckon.
Current mkt cap is about $20M so hope it doesn't go down, but probably will.


post Posted: Feb 26 2008, 07:19 AM
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In reply to: fifty50 on Monday 25/02/08 06:30pm

I think there are still residual assets...refer to the earlier announcements... but you are correct the company will have US$9M and be DEBT free.

On the 18th Sept 2007, they claimed the residual assets were worth US$55M. Not sure whaich of these have since been sold.

Where is Kedrion gone? Bidders , directors neglecting their duties, insolvent trading?, announcements that are now simply not true....

Class action - this one is a gimme!!

post Posted: Feb 25 2008, 05:30 PM
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In reply to: juke on Friday 15/02/08 11:13pm

What has frightened them.... DEBT. Mind you, I think the directors have done OK with
their Sydney habour mansions at the sucker shareholder's expense.
I gues in my past life, I probably bought some snake oil claiming some obscure medicinal miracles.
So we have gone from a bidding process to aquire LFE, to essentially a life saving loan of
38 million for expenses- armani suits, high class hotels, expensive restaurants, good wine...

Can someone out there simplify this financial spin. 38 mil loan, 47 mill option deed.
Does this simly mean that when all things are sifted out, LFE VALUE IS $9million, equating to approx 9 cents per share.

Manusu et al, didn't just resign, they ran like rats from a sinking ship

post Posted: Feb 15 2008, 11:13 PM
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The announcement of a new director now warrants only a two sentence statement and he has to have little more qualification than being an Australian resident. The turnover in directors and key staff in the last six months has been a revolving door. There is no old blood left except Brown who is desperately looking for an out. I have been fearing this for the last year. The new people know nothing of the company or of loyalty to its shareholders. Exactly what is it that frightens people from being LFE directors? What horrible thing do they discover once there? All the seats have a cancer cluster contagion?

Does Kedrion know who they are negotiating with when there are new faces at the table every time?

However LFE must be close to finalising the two way choice to be put to shareholders shortly. Will there be sufficient background information to make an intelligent choice? Why did Brown resign as chairman only just before the proposal is put?


post Posted: Dec 24 2007, 04:02 PM
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In reply to: fifty50 on Tuesday 04/12/07 09:18pm

Well, I'm gonna put my sunglasses on and enjoy the Summer.
As for the LFE team, I guess their sunglasses are an essential tool to disguise the lies in their eyes.
Many posters (myself included) have at times given this hopeless team the benefit of the doubt. However, with continued project failure, the only thing one can conclude is that this team will spin out stories/raise funds by spurious SPP, entitlements, issues, to keep themselves accustomed to their corporate life styles.

The previous board had their binge, moved over to NSP to create another public company funded cash cow, while leaving another set of corporate sharks to feast on the carcass of GDP.

These words may not be in the christmas spirit, but I challenge anyone out there to change my mood. The SP is the proof in the pudding.

Not one word on large scale gradiflow........


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