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post Posted: Today, 03:14 PM
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In Reply To: FarmaZutical's post @ Today, 03:06 PM


But did the man who shall remain unnamed really think US pricing would remain confidential? Actually, come to think of it I shouldnt be surprised...

post Posted: Today, 03:06 PM
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In Reply To: PunkassDerm's post @ Today, 12:07 PM

Indeed. I have no issue with Clinuvel doubling the price. Its still reasonable considered its an
orphan drug. The question remains, though, if they intend the jack up the price in
Europe as well, to preserve the uniform pricing model ? I guess the British wont like that.

I think this is the reason why the person who cannot be named is so
keen on shutting down access to patient testimonies. Its not about
privacy. Its about avoiding talk about the price difference.

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post Posted: Today, 12:07 PM
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In Reply To: FarmaZutical's post @ Today, 11:49 AM

The beautiful thing is that drug is being covered, patients have been treated.

Why is there no press release or news clip proclaiming this milestone? That would be fantastic to see.
EPP sufferers no more, happy tears at a beach or a family picnic.
Shadowchasers no more.

For Patients, freedom under the summer sun
For Clinuvel, US rollout a success en route to new indications
For Shareholders and stock price, soon to follow.

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post Posted: Today, 11:49 AM
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From the official, open, accessible for everyone and hence
totally legit to link to APF FB:

Again, how does the company explain a US price range of 38k - 48k per implant ?
Do they still stand by the uniform pricing strategy ? And how is a more than
double price per implant not material and price sensitive information ?

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post Posted: Today, 11:43 AM
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PW and team should be moving heaven and earth to get Scenesse into the hands of patients in Columbus and Boston.

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post Posted: Today, 11:09 AM
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In Reply To: PunkassDerm's post @ Today, 09:04 AM

I give you a like just for quoting John Adams!

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post Posted: Today, 10:04 AM
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I wonder if wed get in trouble for contacting Joe Rogan and Richard Hammond to let them know about a revolutinary vitiligo treatment....

Member of the “ALL-IN” club 2018.

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post Posted: Today, 09:48 AM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Today, 09:12 AM

When I first invested it was owned by epitans and when it changed over to clinuvel, the stock changed to clvlf.. should I change them to clvly? I did call clinuvel back when the change took place and the person I spoke to said f was no different than what I previously owned.. maybe y wasn't available yet?

Johnny H
post Posted: Today, 09:12 AM
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In Reply To: Kalaz's post @ Today, 07:50 AM

CLVLF is broker sponsored, as opposed to an ADR. (I don't know which broker). If the exchange rate adjusted share price is out of parity, it would be corrected by removing CLVLF shares from the US OTC market, and repatriating them to the ASX. The price is now out of parity, so if there is a correction, it will take place next week.

Each foreign-domestic stock is different, and the correction would be based on volume and transaction costs. CLVLF is very thinly traded and has high transaction costs, so it would be unlikely to see a correction until there is a 5-10% disparity in share price.

For a stock like Volkswagen (ADR in the US, 100k shares a day) you'd see a correction at 1-2%.

I don't think we'll see a cross-border correction as things stand now.

"In today’s world some shareholders enjoy complaining to Board and management but then they do not sell their stock, they hold on and sometimes buy even more."

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post Posted: Today, 09:04 AM
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The more I think about it, the more I feel this was an issue about price disparity per implant. They wanted this information squashed. Conjecture only.
It was the cornerstone for a company with core values and mission.
38KUSD vs @22KUSD

Thrilled to see the reimbursement and I believe it is fair given ultra orphan disease and the US market on average enjoys 2-4x the price per given drug.
I would like to see that price go down when the treatment population incases significantly, ie Vitiligo and someday photoprotection (an accessible cash price akin to botox).

I will enlarge no more on the evidence, but submit it to you, gentlemenFacts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence: nor is the law less stable than the fact.
-John Adams 1770


CUVs strategy differs from most pharmaceutical companies, and perhaps we are even the first to adopt a policy alien to the US payors:
< we anticipated in 2014 a political climate change to pharmaceutical drug pricing, since one most controversial individuals representing a US pharma company had attracted the attention and ire of regulators, the general public and politicians. >
As a reaction, CLINUVEL set out to lead the sector by demonstrating publicly that a pharmaceutical company can price its drug fairly and transparently, taking into account the societal and budget impact, while providing comfort to its own shareholders that the company would be able to stand on its own legs.
In late 2014, we established a Global Uniform Pricing Policy. We analysed the global landscape, political backlash and the carousel of industries attracting negative attention in global press. Following the turmoil and crises in banking, the upheaval in big data management and use of social media to influence democratic elections, we reckoned it would be a matter of time before US politics would make healthcare and drug pricing the main part of their manifestos. We had foresight and conviction that changes would be forthcoming and the attitudes of insurance companies towards pharmaceuticals would change dramatically.
For personal use only
With the nominations for the US elections in 2020 gathering momentum, we can surely say that CLINUVELs policy fits the current political debate on drug pricing in the US, precisely at the time that SCENESSE is entering the US market.
A Global Uniform Pricing Policy implies that SCENESSE is to command the same price in the US as in the European Economic Area, treating the American payors equitably and fairly. This novel approach befits the times we live in. The reception from the US insurers, the US financial community and our peers have been positive.

Respect & Appreciation

We are conscious of the privilege to be productive during our professional lives. We appreciate the significance of being able to function in good health and we value this gift every day. We aim to be sincere in our approach and represent data and facts. We act respectfully and do not harm others. We value our colleagues and co-workers and cherish diversity, equality, respect and harmony. We are passionate towards our objectives and share empathy and compassion for all those we work to serve.

People & Environment

We work for patients, physicians, consumers and our stakeholders. We are selective and invest time in the talent we employ. We aspire to create an environment where professionals are able to develop and grow. We aim to present skilled talent with early opportunities, responsibilities and accountability as part of training the next generation. We strive to build international teams and operate on the basis of gender and ethnic equality. We wish to set an example of excellence in our industry.

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