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Easy (silly) questions, easy to answer
post Posted: Sep 12 2017, 04:47 AM
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Hi everyone,

I've recently joined an aussie-based stocks forum as well but it doesn't seem very actively i'm posting here instead. Glad to be a part of Share Scene smile.gif

As an international student new to Australian stock trading here. I've recently open a commsec account with both ASX and international trading.

  1. I believe the minimum investment for ASX is $500 for shares that you'd never owned, is that right? Is there a minimum for international stocks as well? Particularly for stocks in the US.
  2. I'm currently banking with commonwealth and hence, it was an easy decision for me to open a commsec trading a/c. However, I am aware that commsec isn't particularly the cheapest with its brokerage fees. I basically created the account conveniently since I have bank a/cs with you recommend that it would be better for me to open one at a cheaper, online trading platform? Would it be still as convenient?

Thanks in advance and see ya around!


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