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G dawg Delaney
post Posted: Today, 03:13 PM
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In Reply To: Crembo's post @ Today, 03:09 PM

Other than pandemic fears of CV outbreaks right? sad.gif

post Posted: Today, 03:09 PM
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The Quarterly Cash Flow due July 31 had better report US sales revenue, though there are plenty of red flags in the latest newsletter.

'Waiting for the FDA to review the post marketing plan' makes me uneasy, as is the mention of waiting for the 'threat of viral infection to ease off' so there are caveats already in place against the notion that we are selling to people who are 'flying in from all parts' to seek treatment; and that we sorted the bulk of the insurers 6 months ahead of time.

Any revenues that demonstrate Scenesse has begun selling in the US on top of our already consistent European revenues (and with spending seemingly well in hand), mean there are no excuses for this not to take off.

G dawg Delaney
post Posted: Today, 02:55 PM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Today, 01:55 PM

I appreciate how incredibly frustrated you must be after all these years waiting on this safe cancer preventing drug (thats been severely needed by our sunlight overexposed society for decades) to be accepted and available to the masses for photo protection like the inventors first envisioned but don’t give up now.

The unjustified and idiotic government backed (with suncream industry millions playing a part) stigma and confusion surrounding “tanning” and anything and everything related like healthy amounts of sunlight exposure is at the heart of the glacial progress of this soon to be great drug. Those with the power have held Scenesse down till the science (and long suffering EPP community) could no longer be denied.

As for the shorters,I believe their relying on a few things: CV flare ups and the hysteria that will bring to the market, the fear that the unproven MT pill is causing and the uncertainty of some investors I’m sure they havnt accounted for their own ignorance ( is going to be very painful lesson) in regards to how beneficial and widespread the use of Scenesse will be and how fast, with US usage, the understanding of its cancer preventative qualities will be understood by a country coming out of a CV pandemic BUT still in the midst of an ever growing skin cancer epidemic.

Don’t give up after all the years you’ve invested. Shorters might be in control still but their days are numbered.

post Posted: Today, 02:54 PM
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In Reply To: Billy Boots's post @ Today, 01:55 PM

I'm right there with you, and just as infuriated with the shorters, but stocks don't go up perpetually. It'll likely test the prior resistance levels around 22, maybe 21. It would be nice if Clinuvel management bought some shares on the market, especially ones who thought it was necessary and appropriate to talk sh#t towards shareholders. The weekly chart still looks bullish; it needs to get past that 24.17 resistance.

Surely you can't be serious?
Billy Boots
post Posted: Today, 01:55 PM
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In Reply To: G dawg Delaney's post @ Yesterday, 12:39 PM

BUT THE SHORTERS ARE MAKING MONEY EVERY DAY..........In case you haven't noticed WE'RE NOT?? Yeh Nah? All talk no action on this board. You can say how good Scenesse is till kingdom come but that is NOT making the share price go higher!!!! FACT?

G dawg Delaney
post Posted: Yesterday, 09:29 PM
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In Reply To: xray's post @ Yesterday, 06:30 PM

WTH X?? Any chance of getting back to topic. All this gibberish about ghosts and Wallys past is freakin me out.

Care to discuss the once unholy but sadly still murky (to some) subject of “skin tanning” or “tan” that inevitably (thank god) comes from Scenesse use and how that incredibly protective tan could possibly be considered “cosmetic”?

If you can explain to me how a real photo protective cancer preventative Scenesse tan could possibly be considered “cosmetic” I’ll sell you my stake in CUV for $50AUD per piece. You of all people would know that that would be the deal of the century.

I’m expecting either crickets or some nasty words from a few hyperventilating ignoramus tan nazis . Chirp !...... Chirp!.......Chirp!

Any news on the takeover maybe?? wink.gif IM me bro! laugh.gif


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post Posted: Yesterday, 06:30 PM
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In Reply To: G dawg Delaney's post @ Yesterday, 12:39 PM

Ghosts of Wallys past....

Said 'Thanks' for this post: Johnny H  macgyver  
G dawg Delaney
post Posted: Yesterday, 12:39 PM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Yesterday, 10:29 AM

Hell yeah! This prophylactic, incredibly photo protective (DNA reparative) Scenesse stimulated “TAN” is going to significantly change (in a number of ways) the lives of many millions of vulnerable people.

Your still amazed after 10 years knowing so much about this tanning drug (I’m still amazed too tbh). Can you imagine the excitement when the rest of the world is informed that the ultra safe photo protective TAN that they’ve heard mentioned here and there over the decades has finally been understood and accepted by most levelheaded regulatory authorities and within a couple years will be available to them to protect themselves from the devastating effects of constant UVR overexposure that leads to disfiguring and deadly skin cancer.

Call me crazy but I’m of the opinion that super safe EUMelanin stimulation via implant, cream, patch?? is going to be way bigger then Botox. I don’t consider a photo protective cancer preventing tan as cosmetic at all (many people don’t like the look of tanned skin so how could it be considered cosmetic??) but preventing premature skin aging (wrinkles) could certainly be considered as a cosmetic effect of Scenesse no?

Sunny days ahead for those that believed in and understood the safe tanning qualities of this beautiful drug when others were stupidly crapping on about “barbie dolls” and other BS. cool.gif

It’s been a disturbingly long journey to get to this point but it’s assured that the impact on human health that Scenesse will make over the next decade plus will be legendary and well worth the wait, even for those poor people that understood the benefits of a photo protective TAN and invested their hard earned all those years ago, congrats!.

To all those that hated on, irrationally misrepresented, were ignorant in regards to and unjustly resisted and stalled the progress of this stunningly safe Scenesse TANNING drug for many many years for no good reason: THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A SAFE TAN!!! It’s called Scenesse!!!

Oh and you shorters. When will you realise that the CV won’t save your sorry asses from what’s coming your way!! I feel sorry for you guys, yeh nah!! devilsmiley.gif

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post Posted: Yesterday, 10:44 AM
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Still #9 on the most shorted....but coming down slowly. CUVCLINUVEL PHARMACEUT. ORDINARY9.15%

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post Posted: Yesterday, 10:29 AM
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In Reply To: Johnny H's post @ Yesterday, 08:23 AM

BTW, this guy is still phenomenal. This stuff turns EPP patients tan. Pretty amazing.

Said 'Thanks' for this post: Johnny H  royco  

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