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post Posted: Today, 07:13 AM
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In Reply To: seeva222's post @ Yesterday, 09:14 PM

All patents for the 3D printable artificial bone held by University of Sydney have been purchased by AMT. Results from the large animal trial should be released soon which will lead (if reported as successful) to the first human spinal implant. The CEO. Told me at the 2018 AGM (only 2 shareholders present) that they have patents over virtually every bone in the body. I was allowed to hold the Sr-HT-Gahnite spinal cage that will be used in the first human trial. The trials have been designed in conjunction with the FDA.

“ The medical device is a 3D printed bioceramic scaffold with outstanding potential for supporting bone regeneration in load bearing applications.
Current synthetic bone substitutes, of over 150 products, either regenerate bone or weight-bear. Sr-HT-Gahnite is capable of doing both!”

Artificial Bone video

post Posted: Today, 02:07 AM
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How a skin tan, especially a supercharged Scenesse skin tan (providing the ultimate cancer preventing photoprotection) could be considered cosmetic is totally mystifying but at the same time it goes someway in showing how much ignorance and hysteria is really at the heart of the great photo protective skin tan denial debacle over the past decade or two. As a shareholder of Clinuvel since 2010, watching all the years waste away for no good reason at all is beyond absolutely Fking frustrating,its absolutely disgusting to be completely honest.

I realise some believe that PWs management is 100% behind the glacial pace of proceedings but it seems they’ve forgotten why the company had to literally leave The US in the first place with their utterly safe drug with all of its game changing potential to try their luck in The EU, OR the way NICE has treated the EMA proven safe drug Scenesse by manipulating the data so that they had some grounds to deny it or the unjustified red tape and stonewalling that’s been applied by many other countries over the years to waste away years of precious time (some crazies might think thumbdown.gif ) to hopefully grind the company down and the drug out of existence.

Then again maybe all this regulatory resistance and is a figment of my imagination and PW and crew are complete morons that couldn’t run a chook raffle. One self proclaimed Clinuvel guru (JH) once stated that the regulators have been dying to approve Scenesse, implying that PW is the only reason we continue to wait and doubt and wonder and hope. JH has been selling and buying Clinuvel for some time now. Does that make the guy long? or short? Hes doing nothing illegal obviously but his thoughts (posts) over the years have raised a few eyebrows just saying.

“”Risk of getting melanoma. Melanoma is more than 20 times more common in whites than in African Americans. Overall, the lifetime risk of getting melanoma is about 2.6% (1 in 38) for whites, 0.1% (1 in 1,000) for Blacks, and 0.6% (1 in 167) for Hispanics.Jan 8, 2020””

In 2020, the death and destruction continues to grow unabated.

If only there were a completely safe way to supercharge the skins natural (99%+ effective) cancer preventing sunblock skin tan: Eumelanin.

A safe drug that could lower the devastation of skin cancer by even 10%, would be seen as an incredible leap forward. Even 10% would save 10s thousands of lives each year.

Imagine a safe drug that could lower these growing skin cancer rates by 50-60% easily. A revolutionary, safe product that would save millions of lives and billions of dollars in a short timeframe has been needed and dreamed about for decades now.

Obviously the regulators and the authorities we rely on to protect us would fast track such a drug (if ever a important drug like that became available) that would put an end to the unnecessary death and destruction of skin cancer: wouldn’t they?? mellow.gif

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post Posted: Yesterday, 09:14 PM
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In Reply To: juxtaposer's post @ Yesterday, 05:11 PM

What was the news?

post Posted: Yesterday, 05:11 PM
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Allegra Orthopaedics (AMT) jumped 502% today.
Good luck to all those who bought it.

post Posted: Jul 4 2020, 02:47 AM
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Copied and pasted from Apf facebook page

Day 43 on Scenesse (yesterday)

Drove home from 5:00 to 6:00. Sun on driverside. Windows down, tunes up. Sleeveless t shirt, shorts and sandals
Trying to get direct and indirect light on any white skin. Face, ears, neck, hands and arms are really dark. When I got home I walked around the yard in the sun. Stood in the driveway and sat on our brick wall with my shoes off. (Never done that before) untill the sun went down behind the trees. 7:30 ish

Pain level is low from elbows down. Shouldn't miss much sleep tonight.

Every day is getting better.

Day 44 on Scenesse

Day 44 wouldn't of ever happened after what I did on day 43 if it wasn't for Scenesse.

Woke up late. 7am out of bed at 8am headed out to the garage to install some new accessories parts on the Jeep. Looked nice outside so I decided to work outside. 68° and climbing. Sun and some shade mixed. After that I decided clean the engine compartment and then I decided to detail the outside, tires and rims. More Sun less shade. Got up to 86° at 10:30 and I was getting hungry for breakfast.

Things I've noticed and sometimes always knee.

Morning sun is way different then evening sun.
Yesterday I did well. Today I had to put a hat on and my arms are sunburned. Feels good tho.
I had on almost the same as yesterday. Sleeveless T-shirt, shorts and crocks. Legs are fine, feet, face, neck and ears are fine.

If I didn't watch the news or look at my weather app all this week I would have never known it was in the high 80° to low 90° everyday. (I work inside so I'm talking after work) I'm telling you that you normal people have so easy. YOUR PRIVILEGED! SO LUCKY!

If there is a breeze or some shade I really don't feel the humidity and heat. I don't get overheated like before. I don't sweat the same as before.

Oh and I don't have to take hot showers anymore. Cold feels better.

Also I can't use my pain scale. It doesn't relate.

Enjoy your day. I know I am.


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post Posted: Jul 3 2020, 04:16 PM
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In Reply To: LJS's post @ Jul 3 2020, 01:23 PM

OK fair enough. BUT WHEN!!! LOL

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post Posted: Jul 3 2020, 03:38 PM
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In Reply To: Zodiac1's post @ Jul 3 2020, 01:55 PM

Tks I see now!

post Posted: Jul 3 2020, 01:55 PM
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In Reply To: LJS's post @ Jul 3 2020, 01:23 PM

I figure don't bite the hand that feeds and we might be better rewarded. GLTA

Yep, I had that in my signature for awhile.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot, it might ricochet and hit me.
post Posted: Jul 3 2020, 01:23 PM
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All quiet on the home front (bit less stressful!!). Hopefully only a couple of weeks till some good news flow from the company. I believe the analyst reports are fairly current now but you have to subscribe to the provider. End of month financial report should provide some guidance on future revenues -at least in the EPP space. Might give some support for re-rating -hopefully up. It will be interesting to see what direction they take once USA distribution is in place and Singapore Lab is fully staffed and operational- Vitiligo, OTC, DNA repair, new indication ?? I like to think after the FDA approval we start from scratch and there is a new environment for the company to explore and manage. Jury is out if they are better at the next phase but so far so good IMO. A better than expected uptake in the US under Co-vid is a big plus if they pull it off. As far as discussion on pricing, I think it a pipe dream that individuals all around the world will be out of pocket the same- of course the standard price is good for CUV and (relates to the gross price I guess) given it's far higher than we expected and hence will pay back the $150 million + we all spent getting here quicker. I have to trust the company they distribute taking into account individual countries and regions medical re-imbursements and individual assistance where appropriate. Good luck working that out around the world. Hope alls well over at the new site for those on both. I think CUV could be feeling "damned if we do damned if we don't" in terms of information. I figure don't bite the hand that feeds and we might be better rewarded. GLTA

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post Posted: Jul 3 2020, 07:40 AM
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In Reply To: btron3000's post @ Jul 2 2020, 06:07 PM

"For that reason, I have registered for the new board. I hope it is objective and balanced. I fear with contents on the originallly linked page like "the publc company that doesn't want to be", "you can't handle the truth" and "would you like a condo with your implant" that it may get too negative over there towards management. If so, that will fly in the face of what people are complaining about - that they want fair and balanced facts and opinions. But, one can only see how things go."

Looks like your voice has been heard and that site has been cleaned up

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