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post Posted: Today, 03:44 AM
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My thoughts are that the recent SP decline has nothing to do with our prospects for FDA approval.

Have a look at Nearmap who are another recent ASX 200 entrant. They’ve experienced nearly identical SP / shorting action in the last 6 months including; a doubling of SP since Feb, all time high in mid June, followed by a 30% decline on increasing short positions since then. Their net short position has also just reported a sharp decrease..

I’m guessing it’s a set play by some big fish to short stocks that’ve had a stella run, and are seemingly overvalued due to artificial buying on ASX200 inclusion.

The global downturn in markets has played into this strategy perfectly, and has led to a much larger % decline then would have been the case.

The good news is we have FDA approval around the corner, and it’s just a matter of days / weeks before it starts to be priced in. End of year results next week showing a 60 -70% increase in profit should also help.

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post Posted: Today, 12:14 AM
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I hope you all are right and we have seen the bottom. Picked up a few more ADR shares at $16.99.

post Posted: Yesterday, 09:07 PM
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In Reply To: johnnytech's post @ Yesterday, 07:10 AM

This does ring a bell for me thanks johnnytech. We have so much (mostly useful) information posted on this board it hard at times to keep track of it all.

The statistics you have provided do add to the growing list of reasons we should maintain confidence our long wait will be rewarded.

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post Posted: Yesterday, 08:59 PM
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Is the recent slippage in price due mainly to short selling? How much is down to just regular closing of positions?

post Posted: Yesterday, 06:18 PM
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In Reply To: Frogster's post @ Aug 18 2019, 09:43 PM

Parallel fronts will begin after FDA approval. Clinuvel first needs to know exactly where it can sell it's drug before it can prioritize what fronts to pursue. If it is to be a Europe-only drug, then the fronts it pursues could be different than if it is a US/EU drug.

post Posted: Yesterday, 06:15 PM
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In Reply To: macgyver's post @ Yesterday, 04:53 PM

To me it seems like a turning point in sentiment among big players. No matter how it happened it required a big shorter to think "not much more downward pressure, so better close" and it required a big buyer somewhere to think "it's a good price probably going up from here".

Hopefully we get more positive sentiment change.


post Posted: Yesterday, 06:14 PM
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In Reply To: bretto32's post @ Yesterday, 02:45 PM

The positive news is that a huge shorter now things most of the drop is gone. Hopefully it will start reversing. As to why there is no comparable volume the only thing I can think of is that volume is not reported if it occurs at the same brokerage.

As to why it would occur within 1 brokerage it could be either than the shorter had 1 million shares and covered their short with their own shares. In this case the short would have been a hedge. Though, it does not make much sense. If you are to cover the short with your own shares, then why not just sell the shares and avoid all the shorting fees? The only plausible reason would be to avoid any disclosures of changed shares for significant holders. However, that seems like a pretty big loophole in the disclosure law if true, so I doubt it is that.

A better possibility is that the shorter realized it is too illiquid to close the short on the open market. And, the broker knew someone that wanted to buy a lot of shares. So, the broker matched them together, so that they could both get what they wanted with minimal slippage.
Both of these theories depend on the idea that transactions within a broker can be off-market and not reported as public volume.

post Posted: Yesterday, 04:53 PM
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In Reply To: Verharven's post @ Yesterday, 01:39 PM

That’s rather striking, with the number of open shorts likely being reduced after today’s trading the shorts are wisely winding up their efforts (I hope). If this continues is it reasonable to expect positive upswing next week or so?

post Posted: Yesterday, 04:50 PM
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In Reply To: royco's post @ Yesterday, 04:22 PM

We are all tired of waiting. No reason to get ready for another delay yet. No evidence, so try to relax the last few weeks.

CLINUVEL's SCENESSE Potential: 1.)EPP 2.)Vitiligo 3.)SUN Protection and skin cancer prevention

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post Posted: Yesterday, 04:23 PM
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Question please for the wise amongst us. If CUV shares keep dropping at this rate ie. approx $1 each three day period and we still have 7 weeks to go before FDA approval??? I DON'T WANNA THINK ANYMORE!! graduated.gif


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