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post Posted: Nov 22 2020, 04:37 AM
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One from Sharetease:

From what we know now 7.5 BN market cap is at the lower part of the spectrum in my view.
At the end of 2021 with all the first news from those trials out including that nr VI indication and OTC launched we could be worth North of that already. PW has known this a long time ago. WB and PW will make a lot of sh into millionaires and themselves into billionaires. I really hope scenesse manages to improve outcomes for xp patients. This drug platform is going to save lives, improve sun related skin damage and become part of any household's medication stock. Cuv is no longer a biotech with some ongoing trials or a one trick pony biotech. It is a diversified and vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with a profitable and globally distributed first-off commercial product. Scenesse can become the 21st century aspirine, clinuvel can become the apple computer of cosmetics and pharma. Peter Thiel and Sean Parker had understood a long time ago. Only showstopper can be a take over. Nobody will want to sell under 7.5 BN aud until 2022. After that and if all goes well the mega pharma and cosmetics suitor might need double digit BN aud. I wouldn't mind at that stage as long as the strategy is kept. These product lines should stay available for all.

post Posted: Nov 22 2020, 01:40 AM
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In Reply To: paul jackson's post @ Nov 22 2020, 12:18 AM

BS or not, if the speculation is right or wrong let’s hope we find out some definitive answers to this great mystery early in 2021. The more I learn about Afamelanotide and Scenesse the more questions I have.

Bringing out OTC Afamelanotide laced lotion even at minuscule levels would surely leave everyone scratching their heads wondering what the F all the fuss, resistance and BS was all about over the past 2 decades. It makes little sense (safety had to be and was eventually proven I guess- why don’t toxic suncream ingredients suffer the same scrutiny??) but for Clinuvel to bring out some kind of suncream without the skin tanning molecule would also make no sense to me.

3 things that I’m sure we can all agree on (even most regulators it would seem) would have to be:

Scenesse is even better than extremely safe: first class prophylactic and therapeutic.

Scenesse is life changingly effective.

Scenesse is a very rare blockbuster (in 2020 nobody knows about still) that will one day be one of the most widely used drugs, bringing groundbreaking results in multiple areas of medicine, saving millions from disease, further injury and death.

paul jackson
post Posted: Nov 22 2020, 12:18 AM
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In Reply To: Ozdronetech's post @ Nov 21 2020, 03:29 PM

The OTC product scheduled for launch in 2021 will have a very difficult time breaking through on the market IMO. That one does not produce a tan. I'm not sure if they are just trying to get their feet wet in
OTC distribution or not with that product. It's the later OTC products that would tan.

My optimism for the company is very long term - but I'm not excited about the first OTC launch. They can market it as a DNA protectant, but again, how are you going to break through all the sunscreen product claims that are on the market with that first product?

A lot of folks I know don't even wear sunscreen.

An OTC product that tans the skin, producing BOTH a skin protectant AND a tan would be a blockbuster. When that arrives, who knows.

The speculation I read that the first OTC product tans is just BS. Later versions, but not in 2021.

post Posted: Nov 21 2020, 03:29 PM
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FFIW, 15 years of constant Afamelanotide/MT2 experimentation (that frustratingly continues to this very day) along side scores of others experimenters over that time

(with varying degrees of success due to fellow experimenters limited understanding of the drug, the level of effort needed to enable success and the tedious processes involved)

has emphatically revealed to me that you can use micro amounts of this drug to produce a light natural skin tan that even with plenty of sunlight exposure it remains light.

(High level of MT2 (16mg implant level) combined with a couple hours sunlight over 3-4 days and your skin tan is extreme brown (I’ve seen black).

This light tan could easily be considered cosmetic simply because, even though it 100% systemically stimulates the natural skin tan the photo protective qualities are on a extremely low level when compared to implant and sunburn is definitely possible at these low levels.

If I ever overexposed myself to the point of sunburn I’d just take multiple small doses over 3-4 days and I swear to you all that even though the sunburn was at times very red: my skin never peeled. 15 years ago (pre MT2) it would have peeled severely and the tan would have completely gone along with it.

Consider different densities of shade cloth for a dodgy analogy. Minimal screening of UV for light tan to absolute blockout of UV via extreme dark tan.

16 mg has proven itself long term (multiple decades) to be ultra safe, so you’d have to think that significantly smaller amounts used over a longer timeframe might possibly be so insignificant that it could satisfy the OTC regulations.

Why the hell not? Toxic, ineffective, endocrine disrupting chemical suncreams enter the bloodstream and they flog that garbage OTC.

When you take large amounts of Afamelanotide (16mg implant ) your photo protection level is literally bulletproof.

Long story short. I felt the incredible power of the drug when first experimenting 2005. 2 daily injections above the knee caps so any bruising was inconspicuous over approx 21 days (moles facial hair pitch black) then out into 40 degree heat for at least 4 hours straight. I have to admit I was extremely worried but I needn’t have been as there were no signs of overexposure only a deep brown tan.

Afamelanotide/MT2 was most definitely a life changing experience. Can only imagine what EPP sufferers must experience when they feel full summer sunlight on their skin

Seriously If Clinuvel have spent multiple decades developing these molecules for systemic boosting of the natural tanning system and they end up turning out some kind of dopey garbage suncream it will be a complete laughable disaster for us all.

The safety is indisputable, the efficacy is undeniable, the therapeutic value is ridiculous! 2021 Clinuvel reveals itself fully and steps out from the shadows! cool.gif

paul jackson
post Posted: Nov 19 2020, 10:31 AM
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I really like the much improved tone of the Chairman in today's Chair Letter. Much, much better tone.

I hope the Company is as aggressive in 2021 as the Chair indicates. 17 years is a long wait.

And for what it's worth, the pitcher / catcher American baseball analogy in the letter was quite a surprise. If it
was an American company, it wouldn't have been.

Let's get cracking, CUV biggrin.gif

San Diego
post Posted: Nov 18 2020, 11:31 AM
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In Reply To: epimatic's post @ Nov 12 2020, 12:57 PM

I’m baffled why an unsubstantiated claim of company corruption remains on this site, yet well articulated criticisms by shareholders that want nothing more than to improve management’s policies such as investor communications, compensation packages that are in line with shareholder’s interests and the implementation of stated goals end up being censored.


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post Posted: Nov 14 2020, 07:39 AM
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Part 1- wink.gif

Here’s a little story of a very lucky CEO of a very small Ozzy biotech that spent a quarter century on a humble vision that would one day (in the not too distant future grrr.gif ) see people naturally tan their skin without overexposing themselves to damaging and eventually deadly UV radiation.

(This “glacial” story is still playing out for those that have just joined in.)

The most fortunate of new CEOs (lucky enough to possess a “slippery tan”) knew exactly how enormous the photo protective gold mine he had stumbled across, and was now in absolute control of, would be worth one day. He grinned!

In the beginning the young naive CEO was all for stimulating human skin tans with the super safe Scenesse because he knew from the data already gathered that EUMelanin stimulation would eradicate deadly skin cancer from the world but little did he know of the toxic (multiple decades long) resistance and skullduggery that lay ahead.

Part 2 coming soon!! ph34r.gif

post Posted: Nov 14 2020, 07:04 AM
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The shorters / day traders (if anyone hadn’t noticed yet??) are in complete control here. I get the feeling some days that they allow the SP to end the day 1cent up just to annoy and for a laugh. They don’t seem at all worried about any earth shattering news coming from Clinuvel this year.

Hopefully these Aholes shorters get it absolutely wrong and Clinuvel do reveal some earth shattering news very soon (like safe systematic skin cancer prevention via a boosted natural skin tan -photo protection- isnt’ insanely ground breaking enough already right!!) and the team can “form a vision” in a timely manner this time and actually get something of significance to market before the end of the century or before we all die of skin cancer!!

post Posted: Nov 14 2020, 03:39 AM
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Wow. It seems like the shorters are getting desperate. It used to be the case that they developed some logical-sounding criticisms of the company and its future. Perhaps, they're rapidly running out of significant risks they can claim which would bring down the company.

Hint: the feigned indignation and overuse of punctuation is very telling.

post Posted: Nov 12 2020, 09:53 PM
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No I think he’s simply come to the realisation (like myself) that the unjustly biased regulatory system (that initially rejected the safe natural skin tanning drug on several occasions disturbingly NEVER for any safety reasons) AND inept lethargic fearful management team (that took 25 years after proof of technology “to form a vision” wtf! Seriously??) have seemingly worked in conjunction to waste away at least 5-10 years through unmatched ignorance and stupidity on this extremely safe and incredibly effective drug that the world has been in need of for decades now.

Scenesse holds records for the time it’s taken to reach regulatory goals, how? why?

Promises promises promises of great things to come, don’t tell me: maybe possibly another 3-5 years away!! Woo hoo! Same timeframe I was hearing about 10 years ago. What’s the holdup?? Safety??

I’m absolutely filthy after 10 years of being led down the rotten regulatory pathway to a semi acceptance approval (drug locked down in specialty centres) then left floundering along now working on random pie in the sky diseases, conditions and the sixth indication that will be revealed some time soon (can’t wait PW) I can only imagine the anger and disappointment of 15-20 years of this to then be disrespected by that sleepwalker of a . What planet is he on!!

If I didn’t know personally the power of this drug first hand I’d have bolted years ago on Clinuvel and invested my coin elsewhere. Sorry but we should’ve been on top of the world with this safe drug many years ago.


Yes I know!


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