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post Posted: Nov 1 2004, 06:34 PM
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Smith Barney have them at $3.12 from the 16 sept 04


post Posted: Nov 1 2004, 05:50 PM
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Does anyone know what sort of share price targets brokers / analysts have for JST?

post Posted: Oct 22 2004, 03:24 PM
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another example of how i get things wrong. i only have a few left.

a sterling move ex-div for those very quiet people here that hold.


post Posted: Oct 21 2004, 11:48 AM
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sold another 5k @2.79

ex-div......shoulda held on for the div on the first lot.


post Posted: Oct 12 2004, 01:22 PM
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lightening into today's strength sold 6k @ 2.65

just to keep things honest around here.


post Posted: Sep 16 2004, 06:57 PM
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Ferret's Stock to Watch: JUST GROUP LIMITED
08:20, Thursday, 16 September 2004

Sydney - Thursday - September 16: (RWE)


Almost a month ago The Ferret wrote up Just Group as a Stock to
It has made modest progress since in the market but traders so
far have not appreciated its potential.
Reason for the previous review in mid August was that the Jean
specialist, maker and retailer of young women's wearing apparel - The
Just Group - was about to purchase all the trading assets of the Dotti
fashion business.
The stockmarket was mildly supportive and the shares edged closer
to their peak price since listing in May.
The company has described the deal as a conditional agreement.
Dotti is a retailer of women's fashion apparel targeting the
teenage market and its stores are located in prime retail spots in major
shopping centres.
If the acquisition is finalised in October as indicated, it will
add another 10 stores to the Just Group which already operates 676
throughout Australia and New Zealand.
The Dotti brand has one of the highest levels of awareness in the
youth market and will form the basis of a significant new national chain
for the Just Group.
Meanwhile yesterday the Just Group But reported a stunning profit
result, lifting earnings 76.8 per cent to $39.96 million in the
53 weeks to July 31, 2004.
The result compared with a net profit of $22.61 million for the
52 weeks to July 26, 2003.
The record result was 22.6 per cent above prospectus forecast.
Earnings before interest, tax and amortisation of $75.3 million
represented a 53 per cent increase on the previous year's result and was
16.6 per cent higher than the prospectus forecast.
Revenue rose 10.2 per cent to $622.48 million from $564.94
million with comparable-store sales growing 5.8 per cent.
Earnings per share were 18.19c.
Final dividend is 3.5c, fully franked, payable on November 17 to
shareholders registered October 27.
This is 25 per cent better than the 2.8c forecast.

Shares of the Just Group yesterday closed 3c lower at $2.46 after
touching a record $2.54 in the morning session. They have
traded as low as $1.87 since listing on May 7. Issue price was $2.10.
The shares stood at $2.34 when the company announced its decision to
buy women's retailer Dotti which will form the basis of a new national
chain. Final payout of 3.5c is the full dividend for the year, currently
yielding 1.42 per cent.
Managing director Mr Howard McDonald said the group had enjoyed
robust trading conditions over the year.
"We have invested $17.6 million in capital expenditure to
upgrade 163 stores and open 48 new stores.
"An additional $7 million has been spent on a point-of-sale
upgrade and on our new distribution centre at Altona, which commenced
operation in January this year.
"We also closed 16 underperforming stores.
"We believe this commitment to continual investment in our
brands, with a drive to deliver what we call 'affordable fast fashion',
have contributed significantly to growth," Mr McDonald said.
All Just Group brands recorded sales levels above prospectus
predictions with the exception of Urban Brands.
Mr McDonald said given the absence of scalability, and an
inability to fully leverage the group's supply chain capability, Just
Group would exit the Urban Brands business next month.
"In combination with the sales coming from Dotti, the exit from
Urban Brands will not have a material effect on the group's revenue or
profitability in 2005," he said.
The group's womenswear businesses delivered a "standout
performance", achieving an EBITA of $21 million, surpassing the
prospectus forecast of $13.6 million by 54 per cent.
"On the whole, we enjoyed buoyant trading conditions in
Australia and steady conditions in our New Zealand operations," he said.
Mr McDonald declared the Just Group was well-positioned for a
continuing strong performance in the current year.
"We have opened the new season well and feel very confident
about the first half-year's result.
"On this basis, we believe the 2004/05 full year EBITA will
exceed $80 million, well in excess of the prospectus forecast of $73
million," he said.

The Just Group was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in May
this year.
But the company opened its first store in Chapel Street Prahran
as Just Jeans in December 1970.
The group was founded by the Kimberley family and the company
claims the name Just Jeans became synonomyous with growth of denim jeans.
Business has grown dramatically in Australia and New Zealand over
that period and now operates 676 stores.
Chief executive Mr Howard McDonald says the company's new name
reflects its portfolio of brands.
The portfolio of brands includes Just Jeans, Jay
Jays, Urban Brands, Portmans, Jacqui E, and Peter Alexander.
The Just Group specialises in "fashions of the moment" which
means fast execution of designs to garments and into the stores within a
three month period.
It specialises on younger female casualwear with 90 per cent of
apparel sold under its own label.JST intends to open 20 net new
stores in 2004 and 14 in 2005, driven by Jay Jays and Portmans brands.

Just Jeans is the flagship brand, providing casualwear targeting
the 16-39 age group. It mainly sells company-owned brands, with some
third party stock. Product is largely sourced from Asia. The Group
does not intend to open many more new stores.
Jay Jays, acquired in 1993, offers casualwear targeting the value
conscious 16-24 market. The brand has been repositioned away from its
original focus on discount merchandise. Jay Jays only sells company-owned
brands, and product is largely sourced from Asia.
Urban Brands is a portfolio of street-fashion concept stores that
sell branded apparel. JST is also trialing Supermarket, a new
multi-format store, which will sell a range of street-fashion brands
targeted at the higher-end spend market.
Portmans, acquired in 2002, offers office and casualwear
targeting value-conscious 20-26 year old women. Portmans only sells
company-owned brands. Product is primarily sourced in Australia.
JACQUI E: Acquired in 1994, the brand targets 30-35 year-old
women. Jacqui E only sells company-owned brands, and product is
primarily sourced in Australia.
Peter Alexander offers sleepwear, fitness apparel, bed linen
and accessories. Sales are via the Internet and mail order, with one
outlet. Additional sales are generated through licensing


post Posted: Sep 16 2004, 06:52 PM
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JST reported a big increase in profits, up 77% on last year, dividend not so great though. Article in yesterdays paper.
JST article

goes exdiv 21st Sept Div 3.5/share fully franked


post Posted: Sep 16 2004, 03:08 PM
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In reply to: wolverine on Thursday 16/09/04 02:16pm

I do not hold -but if it helps I had a look over a mates shoulder today , wink.gif

He had a Rivkin report update and it said hold for more upside a good result.

Sorry I can not post it ,good luck . biggrin.gif

post Posted: Sep 16 2004, 02:16 PM
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anyone else in ??

good result previously flagged in a positive profit warning a few weeks ago came out yesterday.

sold off initially, i presume will run further as the result gets some research coverage.

$2.55 bid atm


post Posted: Jun 22 2004, 05:20 PM
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