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post Posted: Sep 4 2019, 11:22 AM
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Noticed this one received a "Please Explain" from ASX - responded this morning with a stock standard "I know nothing" Had a quick look at HC - the place you go to see who is ramping what biggrin.gif Seems Tolga Kumova bought a swag @ .004c - "I bought a swag at .004c on a tip from a guy who knows what he is doing a few weeks back. Hadn't paid attention and now think I should actually do some homework haha". - and the troops are excited.

Tolga Kumova tweeted earlier today that he has bought in! Giddyup!


This might explain some of the buying:

[u][b]Mr Deep Pockets + Friends have had quite a few big run ups (SYR, BGL, NCZ, etc[/b][/u]).

Plenty of significant activities/newsflow coming up.

Yeah, but Mr Deep Pockets + Friends have also had a number of duds which are not mentioned - all of which did indeed run hard on the back of his involvement, but sadly also came crashing back down to earth when the hype did not match the results.

The project that is getting people excited is subject to a "dispute"

Dreadnought Resources Ltd (“Dreadnought” or “the Company”) wishes to advise that a notification
of a claim by Arrow Minerals Ltd (“Arrow”) relating to the Company’s recent acquisition of the
Illaara Gold Project has been received. Arrow has claimed the misuse of confidential information by
Dreadnought in relation to the acquisition of the Illaara Gold Project.

Based on that claim, Arrow has sent correspondence to the Company stating that Arrow believes
they are entitled to claim the Company’s interest in the Illaara Gold Project recently acquired by
Dreadnought. Arrow has informed Dreadnought that they believe the Illaara Gold Project is now
held on trust for Arrow. No formal court proceedings have been instigated by Arrow. However, Arrow
has threatened to commence proceedings if the dispute is not resolved.

Dreadnought strongly refutes Arrow’s claim. The Company is seeking appropriate legal advice and
will vigorously defend the claim should the threatened proceedings commence.

As advised in the Company’s June 2019 quarterly, target definition exploration at the Illaara Gold
Project is expected to commence in late August 2019.
On behalf of the Board,


Arrow Minerals Limited (Arrow or the Company) refers to Dreadnought Resources Limited’s
(ASX: DRE) (Dreadnought) announcement “Claim by Arrow Minerals Ltd.”, lodged today.

Arrow confirms that it has sent letters to Dreadnought and Ironringer (Illaara) Pty. Ltd. (Ironringer)
requesting a meeting to discuss Ironringer’s acquisition of the Illaara Gold Project and subsequent
assignment to Dreadnought.

Ironringer and Dreadnought have not responded to Arrow’s request. Arrow reserves its rights.

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