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lord elpus
post Posted: Mar 30 2004, 07:36 PM
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I dunno. If you hang on because you have a belief the company is going to give you some good capital gains and/or dividends then sure hang on. If you simply hang on because you'll get the 50% tax rebate then that could be self defeating.

Let's say you're in the top marginal rate which we'll round off to 50% for simplicity then you'll pay 25% of your gain in tax. If you hold for a really long time you may find it is marginally more beneficial to use the indexation method calculation. ie no discount but you get to allow for inflation, sometimes this works out better.

OR you could do it the easier way and form a company. Will cost you about $1,000 or less and some $300 - $500 per annum in accountancy and government charges.

Then you have a fixed tax rate of 30% with no 12 month discount so no benefit in holding longer other than that associated with holding a company which genuinely should be held longer.

OR you could make the company a superannunation fund and therefore there is only a 15% tax rate but you can't touch the money until retirtement without penalties.

OR you form the company and make it the trustee of your discretionary family trust in which case you can distribute profits to the company or any members of the trust depending on which combination will incur the lowest tax.

It all depends on how much tax you're paying. If you're like SandyBeaches or Haspete and earning 10 or 12 million bucks a week from trading then you should consider it. If your total market stake is 20 or 30 grand then don't bother.

With any of the above your company costs, internet, computer, phone, vehicle, stationery, travel (to AGM's), accomodation, vehicle hire, literature, subscriptions, swedish masseuse etc become legitimate deductions for your company before you determine what your "profits" are and therefore taxes owing.

I'm not an accountant only a humble Engineer but it seems to me that it may be worth your while talking to your accountant about these options.

post Posted: Mar 30 2004, 06:36 PM
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How long term? Well i really cant answer that...but long term to me usually means AT LEAST 1 year (for discounted capital gains tax).

As todays price action showed, doesnt take much to move this up or down significantly...but its hard getting out...or in.

If you really want some, id be putting in a fairly low bid and in the absence of any announcements hoping you get them...then it might fall further but at least you got in cheaper.

But yeah like i said, this goes down another stock goes its a zero sum game...until one hits the big time.


post Posted: Mar 30 2004, 09:42 AM
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Thanks for your feedback .Must say you dont seem too wacko to me!
I checked out the current projects on the webpage and have decided I will buy in.My decision was certainly helped by knowing they now have $2,500,000 for project development.
How Long Term do you consider RMS to be?

post Posted: Mar 29 2004, 08:39 PM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY jonasx, Mon 29/03/04 08:22pm

hi jonas...firstly, as you probably know from all my posts on this board, i am a investor with a very long term horizon...i dont like paying tax to the ATO.

Secondly, i own 13 mining stocks at the moment, so this is just one of many.

Thirdly, given the current depth, if you are a short to medium term person, you;d probably be slightly insane to be buying right now laughingsmiley.gif

The market depth is shocking (though much of that is due to cancelled buy orders due to rights issue)...i expect those to get filled up again soon.

Anyway as to why i like it as a LONG TERM propositon.

Firstly, it fits my requirements, i have a few VERY Safe mining stocks that are going aces for sure, and i need a few SPECS some of which will provide me huge multiple returns (hopefully).

RMS fit this latter category.

It has a number of quality exploration projects, that jeff houldsworth smartly snapped up during metal price bottoms frm companies that were either going tech, giving up on mining, or had no cash to progress.

Included are two 'small resource' gold mines...which i expect will be feasible at higher gold prices (and we will have higher gold prices) which will provide IMPORTANT cash flow to fund exploration of other projects. Black Cat was recently shown to have marginal return... but that was at a sub 400 gold price and a post 78c XR.

ITs other projects, well theres too much to cover as to why i like them...but ill cover two key ones briefly:

1/ Hilditch: currently being drilled with results expected in two lots, first, shallow drill results in april, and if justified deeper drill results in may. Hilditch is both nickel and gold...its located between various nickel depostits and so is veRy prospective for my opinion, there is nickel, its just a matter of how much, and what grade.

2/ Blue hills: company very excited by this...low background gold values, but huge area and consistent, which makes it very prospective.

I suggest going to the webpage and checking the various PDFs available on each project which gives great info.

But yeah like i said, you'd have to be slightly insane to be buying RMS with the current market depth...funnilly enough i did get some more wacko.gif


post Posted: Mar 29 2004, 08:22 PM
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Was aware of this company because I used to have shares in Beach Petroleum until the frustration of the lack of recognition caused me to bail out.
RMS seems a good buy at this price (today 12 cents ).I was very tempted when they floated but am obviously glad I didnt get any because the share price retreated almost immediately ( from 20 cents )
The timing of the float was terrible because no one was interested in new exploration companies then.
How quickly things change!
cdchi1 Is there any reason in particular you are so confident about RMS ?
Must admit they seem to have a lot more going for them than most of the current IPO's and are about half the price.Very limited downside and potentially huge upside ( look at DEG)
Am thinking I should bite the bullet and buy in.

post Posted: Mar 26 2004, 10:30 PM
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bit of rights selling today i think...

RMS rights issue finalised and new top 20 which makes for interesting a google search on some of those mining companies in the top 20 list and you will see some interesting things.

Also very tightly held, over 64% with top 20...which is quite high...though i expect some rights selling to change that.

Interesting also the number of super fund holdings...not the tyope of stock id be betting with super money unless i was REALLY confident (which i am)

IVe posted the latest top 20 below.


No: Ordinary Fully
Paid Shares Held
% of Total
Issued Capital
Beach Petroleum Limited 13,400,002 22.71
MAPD Nominees Pty Ltd 4,091,531 6.93
Mandurang Pty Ltd 3,148,600 5.34
Joseph Fred Houldsworth 2,620,000 4.44
J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 2,000,000 3.39
Killoran NL & Kurana Pty Ltd 2,000,000 3.39
Pitt Capital Partners Limited 1,818,456 3.08
Aurelius Resources Pty Ltd 1,610,000 2.73
Far Corners Minerals NL 1,000,000 1.69
Mr John Roberts McIntosh & Ms Melanie
Sarah Hughes <The Chattan Super Fund a/c>
950,000 1.61
WHI Securities Pty Ltd <Nominee a/c> 906,536 1.54
Toltec Holdings Pty Ltd 720,000 1.22
Persal & Co Investments Pty Ltd 650,000 1.10
Kinver Mining NL 500,000 0.85
Pacific Strategic Investments Limited 454,615 0.77
PCP Securities Limited 454,615 0.77
Pethol (Vic) Pty Ltd <a/c Macdy No. 5 Super
454,615 0.77
Burnal Pty Ltd 400,000 0.68
Push Button Pty Ltd 365,700 0.62
Dr Richard Kenneth Hart & Ms Lynette Mary
Hart <Hart Super Fund a/c>
350,000 0.59
37,894,670 64.22


post Posted: Mar 20 2004, 11:03 AM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY jsm, Sat 20/03/04 10:41am

See their recent announcement, available at

Its not as simple as a date, theres shallow drilling then deeper drilling after.


post Posted: Mar 20 2004, 10:41 AM
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IN REPLY TO A POST BY cdchi1, Sat 20/03/04 11:39am

When are the drill results due? Any idea?

post Posted: Mar 20 2004, 10:39 AM
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Breakaway resources yesterday had good drill results from their mining area in Spargoville...this gives further support to my proposal that RMS have a good chance of encountering mineralisation at their Hilditch project (currently being drilled). Hilditch is also in the Spargoville region.


post Posted: Mar 2 2004, 05:12 PM
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good announcement today, just before rights issue recipients (like me) get their shares...should limit any downside (will stop some from selling out).

PLENTY of upside if they hit nickel...those interested should see the ann and the embedded map jsut to cehck where they are drilling.




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