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post Posted: May 23 2005, 12:45 PM
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In reply to: herger on Monday 23/05/05 10:16am

Hey Herger,

I like the story too, also I`ve been told that all is fine with company , just that

'as you mentioned' no money & not sure where the next lot money for the coffer`s is

going to come from ,and with specky bios not been flavour of the month and recent

investors being burnt big time I think RBY will find it hard to find a substantial investor

{although stranger things have happened} I agree it could be worth a punt for the brave

but I said that at 4c as well, but how much lower can it go?

Anyways as far as I`ve been told is a very motivated team of people involved with RBY

just not 'Share Market Street-Wise' if you Know what I mean , has been on the watch

list since 8c and I still don`t hold yet ,but I believe they have potential. PDYOR.

Cheers Radd. biggrin.gif

All things are difficult before they are easy,Keep your mind focused on your goals and you will acheive them!
post Posted: May 23 2005, 12:16 PM
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Delayed FDA approval has sent this stock plummeting on concerns it might not be able to raise enough funds to keep doors open.

However for the brave this could be a worthwhile punt. Their test looks okay from a layman's point of view with similar mechanisms (using an ELISA based technique with specific antibody reactions) to some of the profitably produced diagnostics on the market today. Potential market is huge, I read somewhere that 10 to 20 million women visit their doctors for Thrush each year. Assuming a 1 dollar profit margin and 25% uptake by GPs there's at least 2.5 to 5m profits already (?!).

They are also working on a saliva based test so women can self administer a test for Thrush - over the counter sales could end up well above 10 to 20 million a year, I think.

Richard Pratt's investment vehicle has taken up 7% of this company in a recent placement at 5c, as has QIC although QIC has sinced sold out at a substantial loss.

Thrush can often be misdiagnosed without lengthy tests at the doctors so I think there's a ready market for this product. I did read somewhere that women can just apply anti fungal cream (I've heard yoghurt works too) indiscriminately whether they think there's thrush there or not so there's a real argument against the product.

Faces huge risk going forward but looks like it's worth the rewards at a market cap of 3m

I'd be interested in hearing other's views on this, as I really have no idea on working out if a rapid self administered, saliva based thrush test will be readily accepted or rejected flat out by the women out there.

post Posted: Jun 9 2004, 01:06 PM
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any ideas on this one anybody

post Posted: Apr 28 2004, 02:58 PM
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