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post Posted: Oct 12 2020, 09:55 PM
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In Reply To: surandy70's post @ Aug 11 2020, 11:52 PM

Pieces are finally starting to fall into place for RGI after a slow grind.

Plenty of non-binding agreements awaiting that final signature to get things really moving.

A funding arrangement has been made which with the current cash burn keeps RGI's head above water for the next six to nine months. Funding approved by shareholders at an EGM last Friday following an agreement to enter into an arrangement regarding perishable foods (aka think vertical farming but with a rotating drum instead of flat beds).

A licence approval in Canada to complete the deal with CanniFarms for a 51/49 joint venture partnership to grow cannabis in Ontario, Canada could come any week now.

There is talk of a deal possibly being imminent in Europe with a Portuguese medicinal cannabis company flagging the use of RGI's growing technology.

post Posted: Aug 11 2020, 11:52 PM
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Great volume on this stock today, highest for over 12 months with the share price up the last two days.

post Posted: Aug 7 2020, 11:50 PM
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CanniFarms Cultivation Licence Imminent

Reviewing the quarterly tonight and noticed that it states that:

"...the principals of MCCF have maintained a continuous dialogue with Health Canada and have advised that its licence review is progressing"

I might be reading a bit too much into this use of words however the use of the word "review" matches the final stage of the licence application process indicating that the application is complete and no further evidence is required, just awaiting final review and security clearance, a process that HC aims to try and complete within 30 business days.

With the funding agreement announcement RGI will be holding an EGM to vote on the issue of tranche two of the Convertible Notes which are due to be issued 7/10/2020.

Given that they need to give 28 days of notice of the meeting means they must issue the Notice of Meeting no later than 8/9/2020. I expect, for the purposes of drafting the Notice of Meeting that RGI would be expecting the CanniFarms licence to be granted within the next two weeks.

From the Health Canada website:
7.2.1 Application screening
During screening, the application, attached documents and, if required, the submitted site evidence package are assessed for completeness, legibility and ability to be further assessed. For Processing, Cultivation, and Sale for Medical Purposes Licence applications there is a nonbinding 30 business day service standard for completion of screening of the application by Health Canada. Please note that application screening cannot take place until Health Canada receives the site evidence package (not applicable for sale for medical purposes without possession licences). The 30 day service standard will commence following payment of the applicable cost recovery fee for application screening and upon receipt of the complete application submission.
7.2.2 Review and security clearance
Once an application has passed the screening stage, and security clearance applications are being processed, the application will undergo a detailed review of both documents submitted through the CTLS and, if required, visual evidence submitted as a part of the site evidence package to verify that the requirements are met. Health Canada will work with the RCMP on security clearance applications.

post Posted: Jan 21 2020, 09:24 PM
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Great to see actual performance of RGI's patented Rotational Hydroponic Garden Systems living up to and exceeding their performance in testing with these results from a second commercial grower:

Oakum Cannabis Harvests First Commercial Crops


• Oakum successfully implements commercial operations at its state-of-the-art facility
• Harvested crops focused on optimizing the resin content and cannabinoid profiles
• First crops consist of 26% THC on average and present a pristine microbial profile
• RotoGro’s turnkey technology provides industry-leading yield and quality at lowest
operational costs

Roto-Gro World Wide (Canada) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roto-Gro International Limited
(“ASX:RGI”, “RotoGro” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce that Oakum Cannabis
Corporation, formerly Frozen Penguin Medical Industries Inc. (“Oakum”), has harvested its first
large scale commercial lawful cannabis crops, cultivated with 48 of its recently installed and
commissioned RotoGro Rotational Hydroponic Garden Systems (as announced on 6 November
2019 and 27 August 2019).

Oakum has successfully initiated and conducted commercial operations at its state-of-the-art
facility, recently harvested its first crops which have met and exceeded Oakum’s expectations. The
recently harvested crops focused on optimizing the resin content and cannabinoids of each plant to
optimise the extraction output. Oakum is extremely impressed with its current protocols utilising
RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems, cultivating lawful cannabis crops consisting of 26% THC on
average and presenting a pristine microbial profile.

Oakum’s Master Grower and Co-Founder, Anthony Charles, states, “After receiving our test results
from the laboratory, we are extremely pleased with the THC and Cannabinoid levels. Our laboratory
technicians also advised us that the crop samples displayed the best microbial profiles they have
ever seen. In my opinion, the RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems are clearly the best technology
available in the cannabis space, cultivating plants of consistently, high-quality at the industry’s
lowest costs. We look forward to our continued collaboration with RotoGro as we expand the
awareness of our "Moment" and "Discovery" brands and refine our growing and extraction
protocols over the coming months. Overall, we have had remarkable results and we could not be
happier with RotoGro as our facility and technology partner.”

Chief Executive Officer, Adam Clode, states, “We are extremely pleased with both the qualitative
and quantitative results of Oakum’s first harvest. The team at Oakum are very experienced in the
cannabis space and have taken the step change from pilot facility to commercial operations in stride.
We will continue our collaboration as Oakum further refines its nutrient profiles while using our
automated software and integrated fertigation systems to economise and optimise nutrient
delivery and product quality outcomes. Our collaboration with Oakum sets the foundation for other
near-term projects such as Siksika Herbz GP Inc. (as announced in our Q3, 2019 Quarterly Activity
Report) as well as the opportunity to establish numerous micro-cultivation facilities.”

post Posted: Dec 22 2019, 11:12 PM
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On 31/10/19 RGI acquired 51% of Medicinal Compassion Cannifarms Inc, a late stage applicant for a Health Canada Cultivation & Processing Licences for C$100,000 cash & 30m RGI shares at an issue price of $0.245 per share. Issue of RGI shares subject to HC issuing the licences and RGI shareholder approval. 55k sq foot facility located in Guelph, Ontario with the 1st phase consisting initially of two grow rooms followed by the progressive build out of further cultivation rooms with RGI units covering 25k sq feet with 1st crop cultivated within 6 months (expected Q3 2020) of the issuance of the licence. Phase two build out expected to start Q4 2020.


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