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The top of this cycle for ASX200, cash is king ?
post Posted: Jun 17 2019, 07:48 PM
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Howdy ...

I noticed something, a while ago ... In USA stuff which was obvious. If say i called an Indian a Pakistani, or say a Mexican a Canadian, totally different cultures, religions and so on. It is VERY clear out of Trump and the Bolton and Pompeo they are blissfully aware.... OR UNAWARE .... Iran is a separate faith. It is NOT an ARAB state and does NOT speak Arabic there other than around 5% of the people.They are Persian majority.
Accused of some armchair warrior or whatever, Here is .... I suspect one of the top military analysts and with vast experience.
former Israeli Intelligence Boss Yakov Kedmi and jis view ... is identical to my own.
Israeli Intel Boss Claims US Will Lose War With Iran
Then again for some, anyone's view no matter how vastly experienced they are ... is an aside.Similar points about SIZE of IRan, geography and so on.
I found another classic and WHY we went into Iran in 2002 ?
Look at this classic ... standing next to George W bush JUNIOR ... the guy with the WALRUS mustache is none other than John Bolton the man that time claiming WMD in Iraq, not Iran...
Goes into some depth, not completely accuracy but with pictures of the players speaking, lying ... and is amusing and well ...

Corporate News Pushes Iran War For Trump

Meanwhile Our PM .... not a word other than the two pies he scoffed at once were not enough.
Enough on this topic, just fingers crossed, but sadly, history and same players .... Trump is the new boy all the rest of the gang ... still there ...

Are we at war YET ?

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.

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post Posted: Jun 17 2019, 11:53 AM
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In Reply To: kahuna1's post @ Jun 17 2019, 11:51 AM

Alarmist ? Opinion. yes, emotional ? Maybe, sad and deeply so, yes.

Part 2 .....

It is about investments actually. Not WAR.

There is no single wealth destruction event that can be predicted with some accuracy ... OR Risk off the table if your saneOTHER than a looming a war OTHER than a looming war .. which usually can be seen well prior it.

Yes if one could predict an earthquake or volcano or natural disaster with accuracy, a WAR ... say like 1939 and prior to that which was WELL telegraphed, saw equities in UK, USA and elsewhere, logically Fall and FALL like stones after some events like Pearl Harbor when the threat was direct.

I am not suggesting Iran is blameless, NOR not guilty. Its history and factual, is a sad one.
One cannot one day be on the side using WMD's in 1980-88, then NOT ....

I fear, the USA more than most right now.

If one owned say land in the Somme in 1914 worth 2 million, in 1918, well it looked like mud, no buildings left and worth 10%.

I note, and being foremost a forecasting type of scientific analyst, NOT an economist .... well qualified but not ...

Ben Bernanke, and drip down economics claim that supply side works and Bernanke is famous for his 1929 views and delusional ones I might add about markets which ignored, IGNORED ... Germany invading Poland and the slide then, the Dunkirk slide, the Battle of Britain slide and even Pearl Harbor when markets closed for a week and came back 15% lower much like 9/11.

NOTHING .... beats a bloody war. I am not suggesting we go there, I pray we don't.

I note, China basically said get stuffed to USA again and in relation to Iran this time. Over the weekend India said get stuffed USA and imposed its own tariffs, not that that mean much. Russia at the same meeting with Xi head of China and the rest NO USA .... even Iran there ....

Where did the USA send its index UP ....

UP ? near all time highs. China has been forced to invent its own mobile NON USA based software .... Its stopping all Microsoft in Military and Govt uses with good cause ...

Maybe my picture is wrong, but it seems, well .... a time to be a bit more RISK adverse and my whole point on this thread, topic and others about cycles and an insane ability to strangely predict the future is LOOKING back and then going well .... its common sense to be more cautious.

A best time to do this is WHEN irrationally markets are going one way, and RISK is going the OTHER. Or value is going the other way.

Iran and what occurs will happen. I think, well potentially China will go get stuffed on USA ruling no more imported Iranian oil Mr China and we have this exponentially going into global stuff. Even without that, if USA is so arrogant and they are that, so self centered and one can see despite very bad announcement sand indications for USA and its tech side and equities via China and its actions, it defies even all logic and is UP. Likely it just wants to go up and up and up.

I am happy, as always to reduce risk and stand back into, well .... IDIOTS. Not suggesting USA on the main is that, love them, appreciate their role, but right now, its the sad fact that the lower 70% hold 4% of the wealth, and well 70% held by the top 1% and 40% of that the top 1%.

What the lower say 80% wants, needs or desires, like universal healthcare, decent costing, decent education and things we take for granted, they are labelled via the USA media as Socialist or communist when ... we enjoy them, as do 60 other nations yet are we socialist ? Communist ?

Strange world. MY distaste for USA leaders post WW2 and especially as the vast majority got screwed post 1980 Reaganomics and regressive tax and NO tax for the rich ... is ... profound but also tempered by the REAL role to stop idiots with WMD's and Biological weapons or nerve gas. You just don't stand still and support its use either directly or indirectly then ... use it .. as an excuse to bomb the hell out of another ... Libya or Iraq .... not sure about what side USA is on in Syria where used YET again ...

IRAN had them USED on its people, GAS, Toxic agents and so on, NOT THEM, IRAN .... USING them.

These weird projections of the USA accusing the victim of the crime .... let alone Trumps mutterings, Clearly a psychopath or sociopath, likely to end ... well in tears. All around in tears and if Iran is not well prepared then I AM STUPID.
I am .... I am sharing what most would take years to learn for free.
Risk off ... its all time highs for the USA, post GFC for us, eve if wrong, I will i am sure get another bite at adding to the pile.

Take care
Mark K.

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.

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post Posted: Jun 17 2019, 11:51 AM
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From elsewhere /.. ME ... sorry font but this new site ...


Any topic, we will have opinions, and reality unless the evidence is clear and irrefutable.

In some things, science, and experiment conducted 1 million times, same result every time, expecting another result the next time or denying the thing occurred that way a million times is where some people are.

We did not go to the moon, the earth is flat, atrocities did not occur. Even in finance claiming say the GFC stocks went up post 2007 into 2009.

If one had taken the time, and say 30 others on say science behind a topic, all say 40 issues, and every single one, not any were either fake or not agreed with, delusional theories .... not supported by any factual content, scientific or even logical are presented instead .... well they exist in their own little world. There are several threads here on this site with examples of science, irrefutable incontrovertible facts past occurrence and after 50 pages or so, 100 responses, being polite, searching if one had missed something, one asks ? what of the 40 topics ones with chances of less than one in a million and 50,000 scientists believe and sign off on do you agree with ? If the response is NONE and NOT and all are fake ?

What would you call someone with these thoughts ?

Delusional ? .

I mean no disrespect, they are if given even the time of day in any rational discussion where science logic, fact and irrefutable evidence is to be used, a way for some quite irrational and idiotic theories which are just absurd to enter and cloud the issue.

Would you keep listening with any seriousness if someone told you they were 50 kg when clearly they were 200 kg ? Or say if they presented a car run over by a truck resembling a pancake and told you a leaf fell on the roof, maybe if they were cute you may forgive, but ... well it is what it is.

On Iran.
It is NO saint. I repeat I have NO idea if they did it,
I am very clear and have presented that damage was caused by Limpet mines with 3-5 kg of explosive and HOW and WHY they only could have been placed when a ship is at rest and NOT moving especially the one near the propeller.
Of the 6 damaged ships ... 5 had limpets, NOT SEA mines. Sea mines contain 500 kg or so of shaped charge designed to destroy a ship moving twice the speed of a tanker which is not armored.

For a month, the first 4 attacks, it was implied and sprouted the attacks were SEA mines which I would agree come from likely a nation state due to SIZE. They were not.

they were limpets, weighing all up around 8 kg the size of a briefcase magnetically attached to the hull. I have shared that a 10 year old could build the bloody thing, not with the explosives likely with $500 if they scrounged.

These were attached whilst at rest in the UAE or Saudi waters, where 15 warships, 6 hovering planes, 3 satellites and hives of drones were looking. Possible but, well, given the first clear lie was left lying for a month, I am less inclined, in my opinion to believe.

Second attack, one limpet and some flying object, one ... which which was called a torpedo until pictures came out that the HOLES were above the waterline.

It was NOT a bloody torpedo, unless it FLEW.

Pompeo overnight ... 15th June 2019, actually blamed Iran for an attack that al-Qaeda the ones in 2001 the guests of the Taliban, In Afghanistan and backed and funded the 9/11 terrorist attacks that come from the Majority 90% Group of Islam, Sunii faith, that DOES NOT LIKE the Iranian minority Islam faith Shia faith... The USA secretary of state, such as he is .... he blamed Iran for the attack that the other Al-Quada terrorists had already admitted was THEM.

Accusing say the DEAD Journalist killed inside the Saudi embassy Kashoggi, it was on tape, as he died. A tape released from inside the embassy as he was suffocated .... going and pleading he could not breathe, and now admitted by Saudi Arabia they then chopped him up and disposed of the body.

If Pompeo had claimed Iran did that, it would be about on a par as absurd as his latest claim.

This is the Secretary of state of the USA.
He and the USA responded by selling 20 billion MORE in Arms to the Saudis. Let alone their funding of al=Quada and the 9/11 attacks which I point out Iran had NOTHING to do with.

On intelligence, overnight again Pompeo claimed more had been released. Japan has expressed its disbelief and Germany outright came out with total disbelief. USA, Britain ... of developed nations ... and a total of 12 .... Yes 12 with 10 other EU nations making well ... comments that do NOT support this USA version.

Australia and fathead PM, with forces in the air over Syria, ships I believe still in the Gulf, troops on the ground in Afganistan and with the most important spy base in the region, a joint USA Austrlain one called Pine gap which uses assets from this part of the world, we have ringing sounds of silence.

Israel, similar.

Some history ... or repeat of the play-book USA used in 1988 ?
USA claimed in around 1988 a tanker was hit, sea MINE and used that to bomb Iran and its offshore facilities. Does that sound somewhat similar to current events ?

USA shot down a civilian airliner with I think 290 people on board from memory in 1988.
Prior to that the Iran Iraq war which Saddam Hussein then a ally of the USA was supported as he started and attacked Iran after they removed the similar puppet Shah of Iran that the USA and Britain had installed who ... well made Saddan and say Manual Noriega in Panama and the Marcos puppets and few despots in South America USA installed an supported look like nice people.

Dates me be out ... its from memory.
Iran under the Shah was actually with Ok relations with Israel up till about 1980 and the removal of him.

Then a war, supported by many ensued and roughly 2 million were killed both sides all up.

The fighting was brutal and compared to WW1 trench warfare at times because Iran, was isolated and at times Iran had to use human waves of people, armed with grenades to stop the well supplied Iranian side with allies like the USA and even Russia and most of the majority 90% other faith of Islam states.

It is BEYOND even doubt, weapons of mass destruction, nerve gas and what occurred is a total complete farce on may levels. this war ground on from 1980 to 1988.

Stalemate and the land grab Saddam in Iraq tried to seize off Iran did not work. Saddan 3 years latter, thinking he was encouraged .. to invade Kuwait and threaten Saudi Arabia in 1990 or was it 1991.

All of this was a land grab, about OIL .... and since then, well even since 1980 its been the forever war the USA has been playing with flies ... in the region.

Now, Iran .... a million dead or wounded, in the past 30 years, victim of weapons of mass destruction ... whilst NOT the USA using them, they supported as did the UK the people who ousted their puppet Shah of Iran.

In the midst of this, Israel, and its status of whether the USA is its Allie or foreign policy is Run vica versa via its influence in the USA political side is just an observation .... Iran had a pilot Nuclear plant. French built I think, in 1981 ... Israel flew over 7 other nations and BOMBED Iran .... Bombed the nuclear plant they saw as a threat and hence the part of the animosity and some of where the rhetoric comes from.

I do understand the need to NOT have nuclear proliferation, I do understand why the horrors of Mustard gas and WW1 were banned, so too WMD of biological and toxic nature, YET ... they were used a mere 30 years ago against IRAN. It was NOT them bloody using them, it was Saddam of Iraq, who thought it would be a pushover with Iran ,,, and was loosing ... badly ... used them to STOP human waves.

Be proud .... our closest Allie USA ... rah rah rah. I was living in the USA gulf war 1 .. and I cast you mind back for those old enough to whilst it being a cake walk, Iraq had 1960's mainly soviet tech verses USA ... a flat terrain ... it was pretty one sided. Well ... I suppose another million dead in Iraq ... post then .. with gulf war 2, its hard to contemplate the misery ...

Estimate out of Gulf war one on Civilian accidental deaths from USA was .... 6 ... yep 6 ... From the Red cross its 50,000.

I digress. Iran. Iraq despite the cakewalk ,,, and USE IT OR LOOSE it bombed from above ... the search for hidden scud missile of which were bloody a mere 100 or so ... they were not found in a totally flat country for about a month and some were sent to ISRAEL .... 1960 design .

Iran is NOT IRAQ.
Its already shall we say, shown tolerance. I do NOT know if some branch of their somewhat dual armed forces placed the mines on the ships. It IS possible but so too from a 10 year old and every single nation state on the planet.

IRAN ... already a victim of what I suspect is the worst of humanity over the last 40 years, is well versed mountainous and well aware ... if the USA actually was stupid enough to click it off, its a matter of shoot it or loose it for its massive long range and intermediate missile defenses. All 1,500 of them, 5,000 or so shorter range ones and they ... are NOT 1960;s they are not quite cutting edge but comparing them to a SCUD ... a mere 100 ... would be absurd.

Whilst 3 old larger subs, 4 or so mid sized ones and 23 small ones, and MODERN ... good luck !!
good luck against the smaller anti ship stuff and 2,500 mobile armored tanks or artillery in regions that offer great defense.

That I suspect Iran is assessed to have NO Nuclear capacity is clear. Iraq was claimed to have it or be close to it, and Libya was not thought to have any yet handed over a near complete one, well ... its time to pause ....

Not a debate about the history or versions of it. I don't have AMNESIA or Dementia or some axe to grind.

Iran, is well prepared. VERY WELL prepared and has endured what I would call extreme events post 1980.

I do understand the role, and at times being the police of the world the USA has assumed. Rightly or wrongly installing Anti communist despot dictators in over 85 nations. Dirty tricks and at times wars like Vietnam which were to stop the commies and stop ... nuclear bombs which we DO not want in too many of any hands, so too ... Nerve agents or other WMD's. at times ... harry hindsight can be critical.
I am Not being ANTI USA or anti the role.

Call the police and most scoff at them, until they are needed. Some hopped up drugged out imbecile with a knife lunges, do you stun him via taser which will not work ... or shoot him ? Tough LUCK ... sorry but this is the ROLE the USA and leaders are meant to play globally. NO exceptions NO rules for one as a group and then for the other.

Proliferation is not to be tolerated nor is open and naked aggression. Its blurry and ... in Iran's shoes, he said she said ... as to Nuclear stuff. A valid deal to monitor and NOT allow Iran to enrich and develop a nuclear bomb was SIGNED and being a very VERY good thing for the planet and ALL nations security.

Along comes Trump, with dialogue out of the Regan Era, actions identical and claims identical. Its not 1988, not for Iran. Not by a long shot.

It at times and an opinion, needed for a strong if not brutal seeming Leader or dictator to stop often fractured religions and ones that without suppression of HATE of say inside Iran, and Saddam was NOT a saint, but Minority Kurds in the North, Mainly Shia of which Hussein was and then minority Sunni Islam, without any violence NOT being tolerated and brutally put down, nations which were created not via ethnic or religious lines, as in the middle east but by the UK and USA drawing lines on maps, well ... mayhem would have ensued.

It certainly has post Gulf war 2 inside Iraq. Libya and again a strongman and NO bloody saint, but the people had decent conditions and society. Gadaffi, well removed and the nation is a total war-zone and he, whilst no SAINT ... for his efforts and he was a good boy in the end, eventually he face down died with a bayonet in his behind from one of the ultra religious zealot factions he had to try and muzzle at times by force during his reign.

We are, well not far removed at times from the trees.

I am NOT prepared to believe much of what has been presented for obvious reasons. It is factually inconsistent with evidence. Past claims, WMD in Iraq ... which were myths, makes me less so.

Opinion ? fact ? make your own mind up.

As to history and well documented events, I am Not about to rewrite roles or forget. In Iran's place, a massive oil producer, that lets or has dictated 35% of all oil goes out less than 12 miles off its shore, but NOW it has to watch ... everyone else and their tankers can go through the Straights, expect theirs ?

Hmmm ... All Iron Ore exports banned from Australia. Lucas Heights mainly medical small reactor Bombed, oh 300,000 Australians killed in an invasion 30 years ago, Offshore LNG not allowed to be exported, rest of world must take their iron ore ships 5 km off our shores whilst we can export none, WMD and nerve gas used 30 years against us ...

I do wonder, what preparations we would have in store when its a mere 1,500 KM away to say the person who bombed us in 1981 ?

Iran is NOR Iraq. Its, well ... something I hope sanity prevails and COOLER heads prevail.

I sadly hold not much faith that the USA desperately needs a war to distract from domestic issues. I suspect even beyond well know capabilities Iran has a lot of toys, ones via others, some domestically made that will make the world blink.

Bombing say Libya and Tripoli as they did in the past, is NOT even close to doing it, AGAIN to Iran. Iran in any conflict, has a sad, shameful well documented history.

I sadly hold less faith in the USA or even UK, which has NO leader until they elect a new one than at any time over the last 100 years. USA has had some great, balanced ones who saved the planet despite domestic views say in WW2 and FDR ... he ignored public opinion or ignoring Germany and Japan till, it was dragged in. This, is NOT a great leader, its not even a reality show, this is potentially a debacle with China, India, Russia and a lot of others V USA and maybe UK ... with EU stepping aside.

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.

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post Posted: Jun 16 2019, 05:38 PM
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In Reply To: kahuna1's post @ Jun 16 2019, 04:13 PM

Don't give up Mark, your contribution here is well appreciated.

For those interested, here is summary of how the $22 Trillion in US debt is spread.


The U.S. debt was $22 trillion as of February 11, 2019. Most headlines focus on how much the United States owes China, one of the largest foreign owners. What many people don’t know is that the Social Security Trust Fund, aka your retirement money, owns most of the national debt. How does that work and what does it mean?

Mark, for a number of years I followed your detailed account of why the US was trading whilst insolvent so to speak, due to their unfunded Social Security and Pension obligations, but some how they are still muddling through, and while us Ozzie's are experiencing very sad growth rates some how the US is still seeing in-excess of 3% growth and a stock market that just keeps breaking higher.

It seems there is more money being placed on risk trades right now when every sign says it should be risk off.....but as you have shown that the risk of calling it too early and going against the market can cost you substantially in lost opportunity.....until it doesn't I guess.


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post Posted: Jun 16 2019, 04:13 PM
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In Reply To: kiril's post @ Jun 16 2019, 02:42 PM

Hahah ... no not there .... then again this ... stupid new site and font ... i give up.

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.
post Posted: Jun 16 2019, 03:44 PM
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In Reply To: kiril's post @ Jun 16 2019, 02:42 PM

I haven't noticed the mobilised masses filling the streets, chanting "Death to Iran" recently. Or the Gašt-e Eršād, morality police on motorbikes, whipping any recalcitrants, yet.

"Every long-term security is nothing more than a claim on some expected future stream of cash that will be delivered into the hands of investors over time. For a given stream of expected future cash payments, the higher the price investors pay today for that stream of cash, the lower the long-term return they will achieve on their investment over time." - Dr John Hussman

"If I had even the slightest grasp upon my own faculties, I would not make essays, I would make decisions." ― Michel de Montaigne

post Posted: Jun 16 2019, 02:42 PM
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In Reply To: kahuna1's post @ Jun 16 2019, 12:14 PM

Some interesting posts here Mark, none of which I was aware.

Be careful mate as I fear for your safety....perhaps you should look to see if there are any men in black sitting in a car across the road from your house.

Sounds like you have moved on from analysing markets to US/Iran relations.

I would hazard a guess that you are 100% in cash awaiting for the imminent Armageddon that awaits global markets before you re enter the equity market.


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post Posted: Jun 16 2019, 12:14 PM
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I am not an expert, other than a curious observer with a critical eye and some limited knowledge.
My caveat ...

Well ... its pretty basic stuff ... the weapons ,,, claimed ,,, size of explosive in a sea mine is 500 kg ... v limpet 3-5 kg ...

I repeat ... some limited knowledge !!

The size of blast, damage is consistent NOW with the admitted and accepted Limpet mine. Magnetically attached.

Others can make judgement of evidence presented as I have and 6 others sources I shared.
It is factual, easily observed via grainy video ... or simple searches of the internet .. and NOT emotionally presented.

Now more clear, USA, Saudi Arabia and UK, with Israel being the I told you so and UEA in one side and rest of the logical world being the other in this disbelief and logical examination of facts.

A limpet mine, now clear of the 6 ships hit, 5 were hit by a limpet mine a 10 year old could construct. Its small and size of a briefcase. Cost, and lets go cheap, a watertight likely double gasket, making it virtually unthinkable to ever get water inside, cost about $50- at Walmart or a good hardware store. Powered by NO moving parts, a timer and a countdown one on Ebay for $50- with 365 days and powered by 2 Duracell batteries giving if 3 years life another $50-. Then wires …. BEEP BEEP alarm to not the speaker but detonators and and ON off arming switch between it, utterly foolproof and a soldering kit and chances of any fail less than 1 in a million. This is the 10 year old's built version. So detonators and explosives made into a shaped charge, NOT any difficulty there at all. NONE … longer wires one side and shorter the other to focus the explosion into a shaped charge so the main force goes as a shaped charge in one direction. The same side the magnets are placed. The one up against the hull.

Now explosives and detonators, about 200 nations can get, 100 other groups and yet another 500 or so other groups inside and surrounding governments could get.

Magnets, massively strong ones, well I sent my 10 year old to the tip for old microwaves and removed from 3 for $2. the magnets inside old microwaves, which grip the metal side of a ship with over 25kg force needed to remove them. Or of course like the Ebay electronic countdown timer with 365 days I could buy them there for $20- plus freight. All up, explosives for a govt are cheap and we have a foolproof limpet, utterly reliable, $100- plus say $250- explosives. Well under $500- … but if your buying from a contractor a USA one its $50k. Hardly sophisticated or outside capabilities of my 10 year old nephew and a soldering kit.

Placement, well a moving ship at 15 knots or 25 km and hour I can rule OUT as when it occurred. It is Possible, but Impossible for a lot of reasons. One of the 5 totally impossible. I knew for a month it was LIMPET mines with 3-5 kg explosives NOT naval mines which ARE and could likely only come from a nation state with 500 kg of explosives in a sea mine and it would have broken a tanker in two. A limpet mine, a SINGLE limpet mine on a 50,000 ton tanker would be like trying to shoot a raging Elephant with a 22 gun. A marine mine a real one with 100 plus times force would be a battle tank main gun trying to stop the same elephant.

This aside, USA tried claiming it observed Iranian boats, 20 plus, fast light ones operating in the region. Well since its less than 12 nautical miles and inside Iranian territorial waters the shipping lanes GO to get into and out of the Gulf, of course they operate there. Any suggestion the approached the territorial waters of UAE or encroached or Saudi is absurd. Even the massive bases the USA operates in Saudi, in the UAE there is one with 3,500 personnel an air base the operates drones and maintains a 24 hour a day 6 fighter CAP, Combat Air Patrol and any activity would DOUBLE this with I would say 10 drones, 3 satellites around 15 fighters and then we have the warships USA ones, not the carrier battle group but over 15 operating inside the Gulf which would be, lets say, at battle stations so its absurd this new claim. Let alone NOT recorded in living colour.

As to HOW to place a limpet, firstly, ONE will never sink the tanker. Its merely a harassment. An absurd one. It is maybe possible giving the placement of some for it to have occurred whilst moving, highly unlikely at 25 km an hour underwater and IMPOSSIBLE without a souped up min sub matching speed cavitation and making as much noise as a FOGHORN underwater that even incompetent warships worried about subs, all 15 could hear from 100 km away. IT DID NOT HAPPEN … that way. The ships were stopped and they only stopped inside UAE and Saudi Waters. I can now confirm this from more rubbish released.

Now, one of the 5, it was IMPOSSIBLE to even do it whilst moving. The bombs all placed well under the waterline, U shaped Hull, 4 of the 5 the damage was low down the U shape and 12 foot under water. SOMEONE got wet. Suggesting the grainy photo is a recover of a Limpet a fool knows with NO moving parts, is less than 1 in 100,000 chance to fail, was placed below the gangway, in full sight of anyone looking over the side, exposed when the ship went up and down, exposed when it went side to side, makes intelligence claims even More absurd.

One should never use the words Intelligence with the word Military when it comes to these affairs.

So why do we know with almost 100% likelyhood they were placed in UAE waters or Saudi Waters ? Well tanker number 4 from a month ago, the blast was on the rear, and at the REAR, is a thing called a propeller. You know dummy, the thing that MOVES the ship. Even if remotely possible to place a contact mine on a moving target at 25 km underwater, the force is like sticking your head out of a jet at 500km an hour, possible, I suppose but so difficult and noisy to match pace an absurdity to suggest. To do so and a cleanly placed limpet mine under the REAR of a ship whilst propeller is moving, IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Seriously. What crap. Oh and I might add, to place said mine, despite magnets, bottoms of ships need cleaning with wire brush to remove slime and barnacles so mine is flush against said hull or it WILL bloody drop off. So there is little if any doubt WHERE they were placed. In the most intensely monitored waters on the planet above and to some extent below the water for an incursion. Then again a person in a speedboat and wet-suit and hopefully a re-breather system for no bubbles could do it.

This DOES not rule out IRAN, not suggesting it does. But claimed how put forward is ABSURD and if not insane.

Then the fact its ONE limpet meant to not destroy but, well damage. With a timer I presume if they spent the extra $2- on ebay for their timer has 365 day countdown. The cheaper one has 7 days, so WHY would one set the timer to explode a tanker into YOUR fishing grounds ? Or even time it so its passing close to your own waters, as the last one was, why not set it for say 10 days and its out to sea ? Again does not rule out Iran, but, well, letting it go off near you ? It could be a plot within a plot, but in your fishing grounds ? Oh really ?

An aside. My LIMITED NOVICE … knowledge and I share in memory of friends lost long ago, brave men who gave their lives for their nation protecting it on foreign shores many moons ago. We send brave men to protect us at times, and at others, of late, their sacrifices and misery they endure and inflict, is a disgrace to their past sacrifice for even at times misplaced foreign policy decisions. This, current state of permanent war for 18 years its time to just say NO as a nation.

The again, who cares ? One should.

As somewhat conversant in suspected capabilities, if it came to all out, I suspect prior to Iran being bombed from above, its naval side and more to the point missile capability would likely see 30 plus outright tankers sunk if not more, several massive oil refineries and pipelines destroyed, likely a few precious USA warships overwhelmed and if the Chinese have lent a few toys as I suspect they may have, like EMP and enhanced EMP missiles, the grainy 2 MP pictures will be replaced by phone cups with strings and even hardened EMP circuits will fry and look like plastic exposed to fire.

That is not suggesting a free ride for Iran even if it was them. It would seem, being fair its unlikely from evidence present if not absurd it WAS them. Maybe that is the devious scheme, and it was them. Not however from evidence and claimed course of events or claims it was technically only possible for it to be Iran. It was my mythical 10 year old nephew, and there IS no 10 year old Nephew. Building a waterproof container with a 265 day timer and wining with magnets, less than $100- , wiring up to the detonators and explodes simple. Foolproof uttery reliable and to suggest it fails ? Or is SET to explode in your backyard ? Your main fishing grounds ? A tanker filled with oil ?

Iran is seen in the region as a moderate state. I include another decent view from another.

Saudi Arabia has invited all skeptical journalists to any of its embassy offices to discuss the matter and be enlightened.

Am I being a know all ? I think NOT ... or claiming expert status ? Or being emotional ? Or not logical and critical ?

Whatever !! Factual, clinical and presenting it as best one can a complex situation and ... yep ... a more than passing knowledge which can be easily verified by a mere google search as to what a limpet mine bloody is .... and the rest is COMMON sense. Not some gibberish of emotional illogical conspiracy theory.

The mines were limpets. Placed whist ships were STOPPED almost assuredly.

Anyhow that clip ...

"No one else wants war": Vijay Prashad on U.S. aggression toward Iran

Make of it what you wish. Capabilities of Iranian Navy already given.

ASK more Questions. GET MORE facts ....

Oh and I found this amusing ...
Anyhow, USA admitted in back channels the reason for the poor quality was they used USA made technology without Chinese parts. So it looked like a 2 MP resolution v 100 MP the drones HAVE and at zero Optical zoom v 50 times they HAVE and at 5 times Digital zoom verses the 500 THEY actually have. Oh and colour let alone black and white.

Australia is like a spineless toad of the USA I might add. An opinion. The main part of the rest are facts.

One cannot place a limpet mine on the rear of the ship, near the propeller without the bloody thing not turning.

Make of all of it what you like. I would PREFER not to follow the USA. For obvious reasons.

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.

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Well here are some more rational clips about this incident.

<h1 class="western">Vijay Prashad: U.S. Rushes to Blame Iran for Tanker Attacks as Much of World Pushes for Diplomacy</h1>

<h1 class="western">Japan Says Trump Admin Is LYING About Iran Attack</h1>

the last one its not going to be Iraq 2.0 ….. Iran is TWICE as bad as Iraq and Afghanistan potentially.

See the above link on its navy.

But the Japanese are saying they are lying, USA, the damage to the Japanese ship came from the air, outside the gulf …. outside the straights of Hormuz just where the USA has a carrier force sitting there with a hive of drones above it, a permanent 24 hours a day 4 fighters in the air, off said aircraft carrier AWAC radar planes and 3 satellites let alone the escort of the carriers assets looking at this region …. the attack on this Japanese ship, clearly from the air, I doubt a bloody person flying a kite near the USA carrier force sitting just outside the gulf would not be MISSED.

This is not an unreasonable, nor illogical nor even a stretch of a basic knowledge of what happens with naval operations that anything is NOT recorded or missed.

USA wants war, so be it. Vietnam and Every drubbing the USA has had since then times about 3 is the outcome. Korea 60 years latter is still a mess. Cuba well that went well. Bay of Pigs a classic.

Heaven help us !!

I note the UK is backing these absurd claims. Are we, as Australians yet again at war ?

<h1 class="western">Witness Exposes Pompeo's Lies About Iran Incident</h1>

On this last one … Japanese calling USA a liar. Hit by a flying object, NOT a mine or Limpet mine to be exact, one that's magnetically placed on the side of a resting ship as opposed to a naval mine which is 100 times the size.

Japanese ship hit ABOVE the waterline, by flying objects. UFOs ?

FBI has been called. X files re opened and Scully and Mulder called in. Another TV series.

Clearly the Japanese hit NOT hit by Limpet mine nor a naval mine, NOR a torpedo but a flying object. One I might add encroaching upon USA carrier task force with 50 planes and 15 escort ships, 3 AWACS land based radar in support, 5 Naval versions of it, around 50 drones, 15 helicopters via escorts and 3 if not a lot more satellites looking down from above.
Oh really ... tell me another lie Mr Trump ?

Are we, as Australians yet again at war ?

Are we, as Australians yet again at war ?

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.

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It now has been revealed, the ship and video in question was the ONE not attacked via Limpet or magnetically placed mines but the Japanese one where Iran rescued the sailors, when it was attacked from the air, above the waterline and NO limpet was seen below the waterline.

USA clarified this first lie, Not Trump who still claims it was them removing a mine. what a dummy .... Japan the owner of the tanker has come out and called it a LIE.

here are a few other views and balanced ones.
First … is the best one.

Where Are the Skeptics as the Drums Roll for War with Iran?

"Zero Credibility" Progressives Rip Pompeo For His Shameful Press Conference On Iran

Trump Faking Iran Tanker Evidence?

A shot out of a drone via the first camera inside a phone …. is the line I love in this one.

All views expressed are my own opinions. While I take every care when posting no guarantee to the absolute veracity of the postings is given or implied. Please do your own reseach and consult a professional investment advisor before investing.

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