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SMX, Security Matters Limited
post Posted: Jul 29 2020, 02:47 PM
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Security Matters Limited (SMX) is involved in the commercialisation of its patented technology that uses a hidden chemical-based "barcode" to permanently and irrevocably "mark" any object, be it solid, liquid or gas. The barcode is read using the company's unique "reader" to access the corresponding stored data, recorded and protected using blockchain technology.

Reader: A Reader is a patented wavelength spectral profiling system that ‘reads' Markers by detection of energy from the ‘read' object in response to an energy-ray applied to it. The Company is currently utilising a generic x-ray wave reader that is altered according to the Company's specifications to convert it to a Reader. These changes made by the Company to the reader and the Company's algorithm make the Company's detection method a unique method.

Marker: Markers are embedded sub-molecular particles applied to any raw material. Markers are embedded in the material and can only be read by designated Readers. A Reader scans for the existence of Markers. If the reading satisfies a pre-determined condition set by the Company (which can be programmed), the reader identifies the marked product and can convey information about it.

Blockchain Technology:
A ‘blockchain' is a continuously growing list of records (or blocks), which are linked and secured using cryptography. The Company can record a Marker manifestation on the blockchain and stores this information in ‘cloud storage'. Blockchain is becoming software as a service (SaaS), supplied by the leading IT companies globally.

....In news that has out a bit of a kick under the shareprice
Formation of trueGold Consortium
Mine-to-marketplace gold supply chain assurance solution
 SMX has entered into agreements with a wholly owned entity of Perth Mint to form the trueGold Consortium.
 trueGold will utilise SMX’s unique molecular marking technology and blockchain platform to launch what it believes to be, the world’s first fully transparent mine-to-marketplace ESG focussed gold supply chain assurance solution

"Every long-term security is nothing more than a claim on some expected future stream of cash that will be delivered into the hands of investors over time. For a given stream of expected future cash payments, the higher the price investors pay today for that stream of cash, the lower the long-term return they will achieve on their investment over time." - Dr John Hussman

"If I had even the slightest grasp upon my own faculties, I would not make essays, I would make decisions." ― Michel de Montaigne

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