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SOHN HEARTS & MINDS 2019, Investment tips from some of the top investment minds
post Posted: Nov 23 2019, 08:25 PM
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SOHN HEARTS & MINDS is where the biggest names in Australian Funds Management pitch their best investment ideas for the coming year
Below is a table showing the performance of the investment ideas from 2018 in Aussie dollars.(courtesy of Livewire Markets) There is also a thread for 2017
Attached File  Screen_Shot_2019_11_21_at_7.50.33_pm.png ( 211.66K ) Number of downloads: 3

This year"- ASX stock picks
Tribeca Investment Partners portfolio manager Jun Bei Liu picked A2M
Airlie Funds’ Emma Fisher’s picked MIN
Regal Funds Management founder, Phil King picked NIC as his LONG, and PNV as his SHORT

Their charts are shown below. During the course of 2020 I'll update these charts to see how each tip is travelling. May the best fund manager win biggrin.gif
Attached File(s)
Attached File  a2m.png ( 122.68K ) Number of downloads: 5
Attached File  min.png ( 100.19K ) Number of downloads: 3
Attached File  nic.png ( 91.49K ) Number of downloads: 7
Attached File  pnv.png ( 89.65K ) Number of downloads: 4


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